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Mygroundbiz | Mygroundbiz FedEx | Mygroundbiz Login Here!

MyGroundBiz | My GroundBiz | Mygroundbiz FedEx | Mygroundbiz Account | Mygroundbiz Login Using Mygroundbiz Com Portal Here!

Mygroundbiz Login Account process is best explained here and you will be able to access the mygroundbiz FedEx account while you will get yourself, acquaintance, with the Mygroundiz account .com portal.

Before we begin with the Mygroundbiz com article in full detail, there are certain questions that are going on in your mind. Such questions are:

Are you looking for an online portal where you can transfer goods from one country to another country? Do you wish to send gifts or items to your loved ones overseas or locally?

Here is the most popular courier services platform that can help you do that. In this article, you will get to know the services rendered by MyGroundBiz, how you can log in MyGroundBiz account and so much more!

GroundBiz is an online International delivery site owned by FedEx. FedEx is an American multinational Shipping and Air delivery Services. This is a reputable institution famously known for its excellent Air delivery service.

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FedEx aims at creating stress-free avenues where you can easily transfer your goods to other countries. GroundBiz is a website where organizations, family, friends business partners, and individuals can easily move their goods from one country to another country. Choosing Air delivery or Ship delivery.

Are You Wondering What is FedEx?

FedEx was founded on May 5, 1971. FedEx was one of the first major logistics companies that offer shipping services and also offer overnight goods and items delivery.

FedEx also started FedEx Supply Chain, FedEx Freight, and various other services. They also assist in transporting Postal Service packages for the United States through its service FedEx SmartPost.

Why is MyGroundBiz FedEx the Best Platform for International Delivery?

Mygroundbiz | Mygroundbiz FedEx | Mygroundbiz Login Here!

You might be asked why is Mygroundbiz the best platform for international delivery just because there is another delivery company like DHL etc. The fact remains that with Mygroundbiz FedEx, there are superb qualities that make Mygroundbiz FedEx stand out among others. Some of the outstanding facts about Mygroundbiz FedEx are:

Track Your Items

MyGroundBiz Account allows FedEx users to track items that have been ordered from FedEx. Once you are a subscriber of the Mygroundbiz account, you can track an item by yourself.

You will be provided with a tracking number when you register the package, this gives you the power to track your items.

Get Updated

You get the latest updated news and details on various services and how this may help improve their services to their users

Encrypted Personal Information

MyGroundBiz is highly encrypted. They ensure that every information stored about their users is well protected and is not leaked to outside sources.


It is quite worrisome looking at the alarming rate crimes keep persisting in our society. Robbery, Theft, Impersonation, and Fraud at their peak.

Investors and business owners are really careful about who to have a business deal with. Mygroundbiz is owned by FedEx. FedEx is a courier service company that has been in existence for over 50 years and has created a name for itself in the Labour Market

Access From All Around The World

MyGroundBizz is a platform where you can process your delivery from anywhere around the world. Apart from that, they offer international service. The good news is that they also offer local courier services. Whether London, Germany, South Africa, Nigeria, China, just name it.

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Having stated all the superb features that make Myground FedEx unique among others, we will be proceeding to the next paragraph of our article on how users can log in to Mygroundbiz account easily.

How to Log in MyGroundBiz Account & How To Register for MyGroundBiz Account

I have provided the steps involved to log in to the MyGroundBiz account or better still the login process to my ground biz account portal. These are very simple steps that get you logged in few seconds. But first, you have to open and register MyGroundBiz account.

How to Register MyGroundBiz Account

Before anyone can log in to a portal, there should be the first step. This first step will have to be that you either register or create an account on that portal. You will have to follow the steps below to first all register for mygroundBiz FedEx account. thus;

Have A Good Internet Connection

Once you have a good Internet connection, go to any of your Internet browsers on your android device or PC, e.g. Chrome, Opera mini, Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer

Use The Search Engine

Enter the search engine and type www.MyGroundBiz.com and search or access here!

Load URL

Allow the site to load, then fill the fields provided in the box correctly. Enter your Name, Country, City, Email Address, Phone number, Language, Business type, User ID, and password

Click Submit

Once you have entered the fields provided correctly, click the submit button and wait for a confirmation message that will be sent to your Email address

Subscribe Now

To confirm your subscription to MyGroundBiz FedEx, open the email and click on the confirmation link. Note that it is only when you subscribe do you have access to log in to your account.

MyGroundBiz Log in Account

Since you have created an account with MygroundBiz Com Account, you should already have your login access details that were sent to your email during Mygroundbiz account registration. However, to login to my ground biz account portal, follow the steps guidelines below:

Ensure you have Registered And Subscribed

After subscription to MyGroundBiz, you can have access to MyGroundBiz. To make it easier, use your Internet service provider on your browser, e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera mini, etc as I explained earlier

Use The Search Engine

Enter the search engine and type www.MyGroundBiz.com and click the search button

Load URL

Allow the site to load. Enter your User ID and your password in the boxes provided

Log In Now

Click the Login button to my ground biz account portal and boom! You are in


Addresses And Location of My Groundbiz Account

Here are some addresses and locations of Mygroundbiz FedEx Services provided for you for reference purposes or to report a complaint.

You should use these addresses to address an issue whenever you encountered any. Some of these addresses will give you clues about the contact addresses of the Mygroundbiz FedEx brand.

Nigeria Address

70, International Airport Road Mafoluku, Lagos.

Plot 787 Malumfashi Ibadan, 8888823412715670 EXT

942 South Shady Grove Road, Memphis, Tennessee 38120

Republic of Benin Address

Quartier Zongo Entre Carrefour Cheminots et Carref Cotonou, 99999

China Address

S18 No3286 Yan Xing Rd Lanzhou, China 730000

USA Address

312 S. Liberty StCherryvale, KS 67335

2700 W Main St. Independence, KS 67301

If you are out there worried about how to ship your goods from China, Malaysia, Canada, or anywhere in the world and locally. Or you want to send gifts, money, or goods to your loved ones. This is a recommended delivery site for you to just do that. Try MyGroundBiz today!

www MyGroundBiz Com | My GroundBiz Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

There are some questions that the customers of the Mygroundbiz FedEx brand have in mind to ask. We took some survey and we were able to gather some FAQs that we believe it will help our readers. Some of those questions are:

What MyGroundBiz.com Portal is?

www.MyGroundBiz.com is an online portal for representatives serving FedEx (R&D) and Linehaul delivery and pickup services. This portal gives already enlisted users a wide scope of services.

How do  I Register My Account With www.MyGroundBiz.com?

The portal is simply available to representatives of FedEx (R&D) and Linehaul delivery and collection services. What you will have to do is to visit the website address www.MyGroundBiz.com to enroll and pursue your MyGroundBiz Account.

MyGroundBiz Fedex is an online portal where enrolled users can get the most recent news and information, vehicle deals, supplier links, examples of overcoming adversity, selective information about their organization, like billing, rate structure, electronic structures, and so on.

The portal is explicitly dispatched to make the existence of individuals simple. It is important to enlist on the official portal to benefit from the services presented by this portal.

How Can I Reset My Account Password?

Indeed. You can undoubtedly reset your account password if you forget it. We have disclosed the means to reset the account password in our article.

In case you are using FedEx and you gotta look further into the organization, you can just counsel the particular suppliers and get the organization’s details.

Moreso, www My GroundBiz Com is one of the most incredible online portals subsidiaries to FedEx where users can sign in to their account and check the most recent news and details about the organization. This online portal has given a wide scope of employment to enlisted users. MyGroundBiz Login portal has made lives simpler for individuals.



MyGroundBizz is the best platform that offers you high-quality courier services. It is owned by FedEx. FedEx is a reputable legal organization known for its excellent courier services. The company has its headquarter in Memphis, Tennessee, USA.

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I hope you enjoyed this article as much as I do. And I hope this article helps you so that when next you are planning on sending or shipping your goods and items, you do not hesitate to open www My GroundBiz account to process your delivery.

If you have MyGroundBiz account already, you have made a good decision. But if you are yet to, do so now! Kindly drop your comments in the comments box section and let’s hear from you.

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