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How Does Recurring Affiliate Programs Works?

How Does Recurring Affiliate Programs Works? Yes, we need to understand this! We make the mistake of opt-in for affiliate programs that pay us a FIRST YEAR commissions [360 days/12 months].

At times you – the writer put more effort to make sure that the written contents put together to get to the right customers. In this sense, some of us see all processes as a huge effort and difficult to achieve while other writers see the affiliate marketing concept is very simple and easy to accomplish.

Above all, affiliate marketing to some of us a huge effort and stress while some other publisher is an amazingly simple concept to do.

DISCLOSURE: This article herein contains affiliate links through that I earn a small affiliate commission from qualifying purchases, at no cost to you.

Affiliate marketing is when you place a product or service on your website and you refer customers to the partner product/brand or site and then you get paid a commission if the referred customers make a purchase.

Nevertheless, as I already mentioned just in the paragraph earlier, I believed you didn’t skip forward and missed any of it?

Illustration of How the Affiliate programs WorkRecurring Affiliate Programs Works?

At times, the name sound too difficult to achieve to some beginners. Let us look at it in a simpler dynamic for better understanding…

The majority of affiliate programs work like this:

Affiliate Link [got clicked?] >>>>program cookies store on his/her computer [In days 1-10, 10-20, 20-30days] >>>>> Users purchased affiliate services/products >>>> publisher got PAID [some $$]

Efforts put together no waste and all effort working well for you. Congratulations!

You get commissioned for effort.


Affiliate Link [got clicked?] >>>program cookies store on his/her computer [In days 1-10, 10-20, 20-30days] >>>>> Users didn’t buy any affiliate services/products >>>> publisher didn’t get PAID [No $$] >>>> Affiliate link ignored for zero penny.

Efforts put together to become a waste and all hope lost. Publishers won’t get a commission for failed or no purchased action.

In a case where you didn’t get any commission, you will think you not doing it right. That is not the case. It just that more users will definitely purchase and your monthly commission will continue to flow in no time.

All these said and done, if you get paid in the first instance, all will be well with your effort.

If in any event, the referred customer(s) makes additional purchases outside your referral period?

That means you will not get a commission for it.

With the scenario explained, you will see that due to your effort, a customer or some customers become frequent customers to the affiliate product and service owner or website owner while you are left out of the Game.

In a scenario where you have some affiliate programs that pay you a commission repeatedly every month – this is a recurring commission that you are about to be revealed to.

In summary, with the listed affiliate programs, you will receive residual payments every single month for that same customer, because the affiliate product or service has a monthly subscription fee.

With this kind of residual passive income, you don’t have to worry about your house or any of your monthly bill for this give you a predictable income you can rely on.

Being a happy online businessman, the question is, would you prefer to stick to a product with FIRSR YEAR commission or LIFETIME commission? This led us to the next heading…

FIRST YEAR commission or LIFETIME Affiliate Commission

Would you prefer to stick to a product with FIRSR YEAR commission or LIFETIME commission?

Now you are inquisitive to know further what these two options can bring to your table.

Anyways, as for me, I will rather go for a LIFETIME commission affiliate product.

So that all sounds great, right?

In any product you marketing, there are some PHRASES you need to watch out for in their TERMS and CONDITIONS that state either they are giving out a LIFETIME commission payment or a FIRST YEAR commission before you begin any affiliate marketing for that product/service.

With a lifetime affiliate program, PUBLISHER will get paid a recurring commission every month for their referrals for as long as their referrals pay for that particular product or service.

In addition, some affiliate programs will only pay you recurring commissions for the first 12 months [a FIRST YEAR payment]…and then that’s it.

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we recently wrote an article – Get List of Recurring Affiliate Programs You should Opt-in for! It will interest you to go through those recurring affiliate programs you should opt-in for to earn passive recurring lifetime commissions.

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