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transfer data from iPhone to android-How to


How to transfer data from iPhone to android

How to transfer data from iPhone to android
How to transfer data from iPhone to android

How to transfer data from iPhone to android-Don’t think of losing your data which is in on your iPhone and you need to transfer it back to android and you have to search for ways how to get it done but confused on how to get it done, you can get all the details which will help you get this very simple and easy.

Moving of data through your iPhone to your Android gives you a lot of tough time also if you need to get rid of this you will need to follow this below step to get it accessible if you don’t want to lose your data.

It very easy task you can complete easily, this so interesting that they are new equipment also strong trust with goggle service through the iOS side at this time.

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Maybe you need to get your data transfer from your iPhone to a new android phone, you can get OEM-specific tools from the choice of Oneplus also Samsung which streamline the process straight forward. In cases like this, Oneplus switch and Samsung Smartswitch will be make used of that will enable you to transfer your SMS messages.

Now goggle has made this very easy by using the google drive. It the most comfortable and easy step which is very straight forward, it helps to secure all your important data in a one-easy-to-manage place. Back up can be done for your entire data one after the other between each corresponding google app which you want such as goggle photos, Gmail.


Step to set up your iPhone to transfer to android

How to transfer data from iPhone to android
How to transfer data from iPhone to android
  • You will need to go to your Apple store from your iPhone to get your Goggle drive
  • Now you will need to sign in to your google drive account
  • You will need to backup your content by following this step: menu-settings-backup
  • Now select the file which you need to back up like: calendars, contacts, photos & videos
  • You need to tap on the start backup


These steps won’t take your time at all it just in some seconds you can get this done, it might take up some minutes depending on the amount of data that you are backing up also your Wi-Fi which should be very fast. Please ensure that you get your phone plugged in to ensure you don’t have any interruption.

Caution: ensure that turning off iMessage will allow no more issues are gotten with SMS messages when transferring to your new android phone.

How to restore your data on your android phone

  • Now you need to put your android phone on.
  • You will need to sign in your google account
  • Your entire data will now e found in your contacts, google photos and calendar


You get surprised how easy your full data will get transferred from your iPhone to your Android, now this looks easier to change as expected also if you are embedded into Google service, you will get closer trust with those when making use of an android phone.

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