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Gmail Email Login Page – Delete Old Details

Gmail Email Login Page – Delete previous login Name, Photo and Email ID
If you have been making use of Gmail.com for a very long time with two to three users account on one web browser. You must have notice that whenever you are trying to login to your real account. The name on the older account shows up on the Gmail Email Login page.

What’s Gmail Email Login Page

Most users have been finding it very difficult to remove a previous Gmail Email Login details from showing up whenever they want to login to their Gmail account. One thing users should understand is that. Google has unveiled a new login page.

With Gmail login, you can access all your Google account. This login page happens to be the default login page for all Google account. Irrespective of any Google service you sign up to. There are multiple Google services that make use of one account. A user doesn’t have to sign up twice if they have already created or sign up to Gmail. Services like Youtube.

Why Previous login information Always Shows up on Gmail Email login Page

Due to the multiple services. Google has decided to have only one login page for all account. On the Gmail email login page setting information’s are displayed. If you have logged in to any Google account even when you are logged out. You still have your account information on the login page. All you need to do is click on it and enter your password to login to your account. You don’t need to enter your user ID anymore on the account page.

How to Disable Gmail Auto Login Feature?

This page always saves information of the last Google mail account that was logged in. information’s like name, profile photo and email ID. This is as a result of the Stay Signed in features you checked when signing in an account. This feature keeps your account information so you don’t have to enter them again when trying to login.

There are no settings available to disable this features. But users can delete the user information that has already been saved in the login page. One thing users should always take note of to prevent their previous account information to display even when they have logout. Is that you have to take note of the box that says Stay Signed in. always uncheck the box before clicking on the sign in icon.

How to delete previous Login Information’s on Gmail Email Login Page 

  1. Using any internet web browser enter the URL gmail.com or accounts.google.com to access Gmail Email login page.
  2. Click on Sign in with a Different Account icon that is below the sign in icon. This we open a page where you can remove any account that has already been signed in.
  3. You we see the previous account details such as name photo and Email ID Click on the Remove icon at the lower right corner and click on the X icon close the user account you want to remove and finally click Done to complete the process.

You can always uncheck the box that says Stay Signed in. so that your login details won’t be saved or don’t show up whenever you want to log in.


How do I delete a Gmail account?

You can’t delete a Gmail account without deleting your entire Google account.

Can I have two Gmail accounts with the same phone number?

Yes, you can create multiple Gmail accounts with the same phone number. You will need to use different mobile numbers for each account.

How many devices can be used with one Gmail account?

There is no limit to the number of devices that can be used with one Gmail account. However, each device must have its own unique email address.

How do I remove my name from the Gmail Login page?

In order to remove your name from the Gmail Login page, you will need to delete your entire Google account.

Can I have two Gmail accounts with the same email address?

No, you cannot have two Gmail accounts with the same email address. However, you can use the same email address for multiple Google accounts.

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