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Free Tools | 5 Tools Everyone in Tech World Be Using

The Free Tools | Five tools for everyone

Free Tools | Five tools for everyone – There are quite a many digital tools out there available in the digital world.

Among these, I recommend everyone should be using five digital tools which they cannot escape. What are they? Read on to find out.

Among everyone I mean grandparents, great grandparents, truck driver, waitress, inn keeper and all other laypeople included., should be singing this free tools that you are about to know.

The 5 Free Tools Everyone in Tech World Be Using

1) Viber: Cell phones should have the free tool installed. Then you can use the cell phone number on any digital device such as laptop, iPAD, TAB and others, provided Viber is also installed on these devices. It is meant for making free phone calls where there is also the option of video chatting.

2) Gmail: You should access this email client via the internet on your cell phone and other digital devices. This is a free tool as well.

You should sign up for this service and start sending out formal or cordial emails as you wish. Along with Viber, which is actually used for making phone calls, you can use Gmail for sending out emails to people with whom you think you can better communicate by using this tool.

Free Tools | Five Tools Everyone in the Technological World Should Be Using


3)  Google Search: This is a free tool used widely all over the world. You can look up the meanings of words or any information you would like to know by typing keywords on the Google search bar and hitting the enter key on your keyboard. And there you go: you will have information page links coming up.

4)  Facebook: This is also a free tool where you get to post, like a post, comment, and network with friends. You can also upload photos on albums and access as well as view your friends’ photos. Limit access to your Facebook account to friends only for security reasons.

5)  LinkedIn: This is also a free tool where you get to upload your CV and other profile information about yourself. You get to network with professional people, chat and discuss issues related to work, projects, and otherworldly issues. Even if you retire, your professional network stays intact and you still get to keep in touch with professionals.

In summing up, these five free digital tools are what you should retain for keeping in touch with friends, acquaintances, and professionals and grow your networks to a large extent gradually and feel further
inspired and empowered.

However, please keep their usage to a balanced level. Because you need to work, laugh, play, cook and hang around with Mother Nature. So keep using the digital tools at a balanced level and you will have managed everything up to the mark.


Q: What are the five digital tools that everyone should use?

A: The five digital tools that everyone should use are Viber, Gmail, Google Search, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Q: What is the purpose of each tool?

A: Viber is used for making free phone calls and video chatting. Gmail is used for sending emails. Google Search is used for looking up information. Facebook is used for networking with friends and posting photos. LinkedIn is used for networking with professionals and keeping in touch with work contacts after retirement.

Q: How can I balance my use of these tools?

A: You can balance your use of these tools by using them at a balanced level and not letting them take over your life. Work, play, laugh, cook, and spend time with nature. These things are just as important as using digital tools.

Q: What happens if I use these tools too much?

A: If you use these tools too much, you may find that you’re not spending enough time on other important aspects of your life. Work and play are important, as is spending time with nature. Too much use of digital tools can lead to an imbalance in your life. Thanks for reading! I hope this was helpful. Please like and share if you found it useful!

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