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Download Paylater Mobile App For Iphone, Android To Get Loans Fast

Download Paylater Mobile App For iPhone, Android To Get Loans Fast

About Pay later App Loan

Download Paylater Mobile App  – This is one of the online platforms for lending money which enables users to gain more short-term loans also long term loans which you will need to pay back in a specified time.

After all, it is online your process to complete this is also online, if you need to get the online loan from paylater this will be through their official site also this can be done on the site mobile applications.

This paylater platform is a Nigerian site which allows brokers/lender to borrow money from their mobile devices. You don’t need to submit any useful or relevant documents physically before the application of this loan, all this process are been done online.

This is not about fraud or scamming anyone, I was given the privilege to get the loan of ₦100, 000 which is easy.

Download Paylater Mobile App | Reason For Paylater App

It is owned by one finance limited. This company started its establishment in the year 2016. It perfects due to its great job of you not visiting the bank by tendering your credentials of you showing yourself physically also documents.

This is one of the first platforms which are design for Nigerian to lend money from just a mobile app. To get the wide it is one of the companies that beat up the Nigerian market.

Download Paylater Mobile App | Benefit For Pay later App

This step to get your loan is a minor process this just like you Facebook which you get access to always but a bit different. Read More; Download Pay later Mobile App For iPhone, Android To Get Loans Fast

What you imply as the first step, what you can borrow as the less amount is the sum of ₦ 1000. This is for the first users, the highest amount which can be borrowed is ₦ 10,000, this will be payback in the next 30 days, your time of loan which you borrowed the money will be calculated to 30 days, an interest of 1% will be added per day. What is meant is that you will have to pay ₦13,000 in 30 days.

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This is perfect, if you make payment for your loan very early, the more you get access to getting another loan higher than the first one.

What have to do is simple just go to their official website by clicking on this link or copy and paste this link out on your browser http://www.paylater.com/. The form will be obtained which you will need to fill.

Now all this process have been done when you have filled the form, on this form you will have to fill in your full details and correct information also the amount you need to borrow and lot more, just read the terms and condition then tap on submit.

Message notification will be received for confirmation, to update you if you are qualified for the loan or not qualified. It depends on how it goes this might take up to 3 days before you will b notified, this site has to go through all your details carefully. Need This; How To Upgrade Infinix Note 5 & Note 5 Pro Stylus Android 9 Pie

Now loan has been lent, a date for the payment had been stated. The payments will be paid back depending on the amount which you borrowed.

If you are making loans of the sum of ₦ 10, 000 payments will be paid back in a month. A payment that was borrowed at the rate of ₦100,000 will be paid back in six months; payment of ₦21,667 will be paid back in every month before the completion of the payment. If we try to get this calculation done this is up to ₦130,000. It not okay when examining it.

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It a business in which profit has to be made on, charges of interest will be done on this loan.

Depending on how you use this, the interest depreciates.

Just like a user gets is the first loan of the amount of ₦ 10,000 through the app in July 2016. The user has to pay back the amount of ₦13,000. Then from this, the user rates grow low where he was charged ₦12,250 when the user is paying back the sum of ₦10,000.

At the same time the user got ₦50,000 from this app then pays the sum of ₦55,000 back. The user friend who was a first-timer had to back the sum of ₦ 60,000.

If registration is been done on paylater, your BVN, your full name, and address will be requested. Due to security reasons for permanent use. This is better, this won’t be done.

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Loans that are from ₦10,000 – ₦40,000, the ID card will not be tendered. If you are making a loan from the amount of ₦50,000 and above your means of identification will be tendered.

Download Paylater Mobile App | Documents Which Paylater Requires

  1. Users Voters card
  2. Users Drivers license
  3. Users National identity car either NIMC/NIN
  4. Users International passport
  5. Users staff ID card
  6. Users employment letter
  7. Users tax ID
  8. Users’ pictures which should be accredited to a specified document.

Download Paylater Mobile App | Classification Paylater Loans

This site has two types of loans

  • The first loan is the paylater loan which is present for everyone who receives money every month.
  • The second loan is the paylater plus loan this is for the full salary earners.

Qualified people who are applying for pay later loans can borrow loans that are up to ₦ 500, 000. You will have to pay back in about 3-12 months where a planned monthly installment will be added.

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The paylater plus is for qualified salary earners. If you applying for this loan, the applicant for paylater plus will need IDs before the application of these loans can be approved. IDs such as:

  1. ID card
  2. Statement of account
  3. Employment letter
  4. Also any other means of accredited ID which are listed in the site.

Download Paylater Mobile App | Steps To Download The Paylater Mobile App On Your Phone

This site has various mobile platforms like android, blackberry also iPhone. This can be downloaded on all stores on every device. If you are using an android tap on this link or copy and paste this app on your browser https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lenddo.mobile.paylater&hl=en

If you are using your iPhone, Ipad goes to your Apple store and search by the name on the search page.

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If you are using blackberry go your blackberry store and search for it using the name “paylater” this might be difficult to get just follow this process:

  1. Go to your Apple store or click here directly to download paylater app carbon app on iPhone just sign in with your number and pin password
  2. Use the search button and input Paylater
  3. Now you have installed this, access the app. Go through the terms and conditions the tap on accept then continue.

Download Paylater Mobile App | Guidelines You Can Make Use Of Paylater Application On Android, iPhone, Blackberry

Full guidelines on how to get this done, if you need to sign in then apply for this loan on paylater.

  1. Launch the app, now sign up then fill in the application forms along with your information.
  2. Now all this has been done, sign up then apply for the loan and the real amount which you need. Be assured that money can’t lend as a maximum of ₦ 10, 000for first users. Go to the loan calculator to check when your payment will due.
  3. Be patient till when your loan is been processed. This might take up to 3 days before the approval of your loan.

What you can do again in paying back the loan is by sending this to paylater account. This is the account paylater make use of:

  • Account name: Paylater
  • Bank: Guaranty Trusty Bank {GTB}
  • Account Number: 0217599035

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You will need to attach your full name also ID which is on the transfer details. This might be up to 1-2 days for the approval of your payment.

Download Paylater Mobile App | What To Know About Paylater

  1. This help student to get their school fee before the end date of the closure.
  2. This can also help students who need to complete their projects with some token of money.
  3. To solve bills for salary earners who need to settle bills all time.
  4. Maybe you need to get a new smartphone or laptop the site is the best for you.

Download Paylater Mobile App | Steps To Make Payment Through Quickteller

Payment of your loan can also be made on quickteller, this company has cooperation with a quick teller for allowing customers to make payment of their loans.

Download Paylater Mobile App | Step To Get Your Payment Done On Paylater

  1. Go to their official website by clicking on this link or copy and paste this link on your browser https://www.quickteller.com/onecredit
  2. Tap the pay later option
  3. Put in your pay later ID, your email address, your phone number also the amount of payment you want to refund.
  4. Tap on continue
  5. Put in your card details then click on pay.
  6. One time password will be sent to you for approval of the payment, this will be sent as a text message, put in the number which was sent to you in the space given then tap pay.

Download Paylater Mobile App | Make Your Payment With Card Which Is Not Place In Your Account

Payment of this can be paid with debit or credit card which was not added to your paylater account

  1. Go to the pay later app
  2. Tap on pay now then put in your amount
  3. Tap the amount which you are paying back
  4. Tap on make a one-time repayment
  5. Tap on continue
  6. Tap on pay with card or pay with bank
  7. Put in your bank card details if you want to make payment.

Download Paylater Mobile App | Customer Care For Paylater

If you need to forward any complaint to them if you have any difficulties, you can try to chat with them through the app.

  • On social media get in touch with them on
  • Facebook: facebook.com/paylater
  • Twitter: twitter.com/paylaterng or @paylaterng
  • Through email: customer@paylater.ng

You can get in contact with them by dialing there contact number +234-16311215.

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Try to get yours so you won’t lose any benefit from this company, if you try to make payment of your debt quickly you will be entailed to a lot of advantages, don’t be left behind try to get yours done immediately.

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