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Academy Credit Card | Apply For Academy Credit Card

Academy Credit Card is available to all residents in the united state of America. The reason, why you found yourself on this page, is because you want to apply for the academy credit card or you want to learn more about the card. If so, this page is for you.| Apply For Academy Credit Card

Academy Credit card is strictly issued by Comenity capital bank and only to the people based in the U.S. If you are interested in applying, you can go ahead and apply today and at the same time, you will get approved on the same day of application. This is the best card that is useful to those that shop online often and those that hate carrying physical cash around. This card can be used to purchase in the store or online.

However, as said earlier, you can apply for the card today and get your application approved on the exact day for your Academy credit card. It is the best Academy sports and outdoors card for making an online payment. Nevertheless, the credit card program application is currently not accessible for people that live in California. The Comenity Academy card comes with a lot of special offers when you apply for it.

In the process of application, users get at least $15 dollars immediately after the application is successful and approved by the comenity academy. the academy sports card gets approved with an instant $15 offer when you spend more than 15 dollars on your first purchase.

Academy Card Benefits

Having mentioned one benefit users derived, there are tons of benefits attached to this card that you did not know. This is the reason why the Comenity academy card is one card that is unique and full of benefits. Going further, let me highlight those other benefits you can get from the usage of the card.

The benefits of Comenity Academy Card

Before we begin in details, let me point out the first two important benefits you get:

  • 5% benefit offer to any purchase for online purchase or in-store purchase.

  • Free Shipping Benefit

Having seen the two points, you will ask yourself how do I get the benefit I pointed out above?

You will get 5% on your everyday online purchase or store purchase. This is different from the future for free shipping benefits

You will also get free standard shipping when you spend 15 dollars or more on the academy store.

However, if the items purchased are few and not up to that standard amount required, you can not benefit from the free shipping offer on the academy store. Also, if you purchase bulk items that are very huge, you can not redeem the free standard shipping on the academy credit card store as well.

Note: To receive the 15 dollars offer, it is the only one-time purchase offer, i.e you only get rewarded on the first purchase you make after your academy credit card application is approved. Also, the application process must be approved on that day of application before you can get credit with the $15 benefit.

Academy Comunety Credit card Application process

How you can apply for the academy card is explained in this paragraph.  To Apply for Academy Credit Card is no big deal but it will highly interest you to get approval the same day to be rewarded with 15 dollars gift offer.

How to apply for the comunety credit card, you will have to follow the guidelines stipulated below for quick and fast approval.

Before then, there is some mandatory information you must provide before you get approval. This information involves two major parts:

  1. Personal Information part and;

  2. Contact information

Under Personal information

There is some information that is required from you. Such info is: First, middle, and last name. Your last 4 digits of your Social Security Number (SSN), date of birth, and your  Annual Income.

Under Contact Information

There is some information that is required from you. Such info is your street address, your suite or apartment details, your city, state, and zip code. Also, your email address will be asked, and confirmed. You will have to provide a mobile phone number and an alternate phone number.

To begin your Academy sports and outdoors Card application, follow:

To Apply for Academy Card:

  1. First, you will have Go to the Application page for the Academy card “here”.

  2. Click on the “Apply Now” button.

After you get approval and get the $15 benefits, there is a lot of offers while on the way to come as you keep making use of your Academy credit card. You can manage your Academy card, check your Comenity card account balance or payment history when your login to your Academy account.

Academy Card Rate/Interest Rate

It might interest you to know what rate of interest the Academy card. As a matter of fact, I have here below the interest rate and also the interest charges that attributed to the academy credit card after you have gotten approval.

Base on that, I have separated the charges and rate to the card and the fee you will pay as time goes on.

Interest Rates/Charges

The interest rates or charges that are attributed to the card are:

>>> Every interest charge given to Academy credit cardholder is lesser per $2 credit plan.

>>> For every yearly rate for purchase, it all relies upon the great rate available in the market.

>>> The interest rate may not be applicable to you if you consistently pay up your academy card bill yearly before it expired.

Let me proceed to the card fee.

Academy Card Fees

You are here to see what fees attached to the academy card. Anyway, the academy card issuer does not have any hidden fees. See below for yourself:

>>> The returned payment fee is up to $40.

>>> But if you failed to annual fee before expired, the late payment fee can be up to $40.

>>> There is ‘‘No Annual” hidden fee charges

That is all you need to know about the interest rate and fees.


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Academy Credit Card Login

You can access your Academy credit card account through the Comenity capital bank website or make use of Academy.com. Follow the below steps to log in to your Academy credit account. To login to your card account online, I have categorized the login into two MAJOR ways:

Let me use the two methods to access the login and choose the one you most prefer to login…

Login Using Academy.com Portal to log in

  • Visit the Academy Sport and Outdoors card webpage.

  • Click on the “My Account” button, located at the top right side of the page.

  • Input your registered Email Address & input your password.

  • Tick on the I’m not a robot challenge.

  • Then lastly, click on the “Sign In” button.

Login Using Comenity Capital Bank

  • Go to the Comenity Capital Bank Academy login page “Login”.

  • Enter your Username.

  • Enter your password.

  • Then click on the “Sign In” button.

After you sign in to your Academy sports credit card dashboard, you can make a payment from that point. You can purchase online and get your request from any of the Academy stores close to you. Or on the other hand, you can check up or find your request through my account/orders page. By entering your request number and billing zip/postal code.


Academy credit card is a credit card offered by Academy Bank. It is a rewards credit card, which offers a cash back on purchases, many purchase protections and other rewards.

The Academy Credit Card offers 1% cash back on every purchase without exception. You can get up to 5% cash back on gas stations and grocery stores with the right category of purchases, up to 1% for other eligible purchases.

Academy Credit Card offers many purchase protections such as extended warranty, price protection and travel accident insurance. They also offer deferred interest option for cardholders who do not pay their balance in full each month.

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