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Copy websites locally |offline browsing

Copy websites locally for offline browsing using Cyotek WebCopy software.

Copy websites. This is a tutorial post that explained how to copy websites locally for offline browsing using a software called Cyutek WebCopy. Cyotek WebCopy is a free tool for copying full or partial websites locally onto your harddisk for offline viewing.

WebCopy it will scan the specified website and download it’s content onto your hard disk. Links to resources such as stylesheets, images, and other pages on the website will automatically be remapped to match the local path. Using its extensive configuration you can define which parts of a website will be copied and how.

What can WebCopy do?

WebCopy will examine the HTML mark-up of a website and attempt to discover all linked resources such as other pages, images, videos, file downloads anything and everything. It will download all of these resources. And continue to search for more.

In this manner, WebCopy can “crawl” an entire website. And also download everything it sees in an effort to create a reasonable facsimile of the source website.

What can WebCopy not do.

WebCopy does not include a virtual DOM or any form of JavaScript parsing. If a website makes heavy use of JavaScript to operate. It is unlikely WebCopy will be able to make a true copy if it is unable to discover all of the website due to JavaScript being used to dynamically generate links.

WebCopy does not download the raw source code of a website. It can only download what the HTTP server returns. While it will do its best to create an offline copy of a website. Advanced data-driven websites may not work as expected once they have been copied.

How to Download Cyotek WebCopy.

Below is the link and the instructions on how to download Cyotek WebCopy Software. Before we download. Note that there are Specifications and System requirements needed before using this software.

System Minimum Requirements.

Click on the link here to download the current version of the software.

Does WebCopy respect robots.txt rules?

Yes, by default WebCopy will not copy content that is disallowed by a site’s robots.txt file. You can override this behavior on a per-project basis from the Advanced settings dialog, accessible from the Project menu.


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