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Create Google Email Address – How To Register your Google Account For Free

Create Google Email Address – Register your Google Account For Free

Create Google Email Address – Register your Google Account – Let’s take a gander at the different simple steps to create a Gmail account rapidly and in a few minutes without hassles. However, google email account is free for all users that intend to create a google email address.

You all know how important it is to own an email address, it is used to receive files, documents in any format and as well as to host some files in your Gdrive account

To create a Gmail account you simply need a system or phone with internet access and afterward, you’re ready.

How To Create Google Email Address Or How To Register your Google Account

The steps and guides require to own a google email address or to register your google account are highlighted in below step by steps guide:

Step 1: To Create Gmail Account, First navigate to Gmail Homepage

Open your browser and navigate to Google homepage @ the URL www.google.com and admire the correct corner of your screen and click Gmail and the sign-in page will open

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Step 2: Create Email Account Address

Since you don’t have an account with Google mail yet click on the Create an Account alternative to have one!Create Google Email Address – How To Register your Google Account For Free

Step 3: Fill your personal Bio-Data to be identified by Gmail service

A registration page to fill your information will appear after the previous step above. Here you are required to enter your name, email address of your choice (Google will verify if the email you choose has been chosen by another person and furthermore suggest unused email address for you).

Enter a solid secret phrase or password for your new email, Google will demonstrate to you how solid whichever secret phrase or password you choose is.

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Enter your date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy), and after that your gender (Male or Female).

You are then required to enter your phone number (make sure to enter a legitimate phone number you are currently utilizing because it will be used in verification of your account later). Read more here!

After filling the above info on the Gmail registration form click Next below.

Step 4: Verification of your new Gmail Account

Once have succeeded in filling your form the next step is to verify your account.

In other to verify your account look down the page appeared to you after the previous step and click I Agree to accept Google terms and condition for Gmail.

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After that Google will then request that you verify your account by text message or voice. Select the choice you need and click Continue.

In the event that you choose the text message choice, Google will text you a code to use and verify your account yet on the off chance that you choose the voice call alternative Google will call you with a number and once you answer the call the verification code will be called out for you. Enter the verification code and click Continue.

Step 5: Google mail Dashboard Setup

Your Google Dashboard will appear and you would then be able to customize it to your taste.

Close the spring up that will appear and on the left side of your Google mail Dashboard, you will see choices like Compose (to Send message), Inbox (messages sent to you), Sent (emails that you have already sent) and others like Draft, Trash.

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To set your Google mail profile picture to follow the step below

Step 6: Setting Google mail profile picture

Take a gander at the upper right corner of your Google mail dashboard and click on it and afterward click on Change a spring up will appear for you to select you’re the picture you need from your computer or to snap new picture with your WebCam, basically select the picture your desire from your computer and afterward click Set Profile Picture.

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You Google mail account is currently set, you can begin receiving and sending letters or files across the globe.

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