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Youtube Go For PC | Youtube Go


YOUTUBE GO is an application for downloading videos including music videos, unlike the other YouTube application used only for watching videos alone.

This application is to ease you and make you download the videos including music videos of your choice after or before watching it. This application has all the videos you wish to watch or download including music videos as that of the other YouTube application, the only difference in them is that the other YouTube application don’t let you download any video, you just have to watch it alone and forget it or missing the video but this application called YouTubego helps you to download it even before or after watching the video of your choice.

Youtube Go For PC | Youtube Go
Youtube Go For PC | Youtube Go

This application is good in the sense that it will show you the amount of megabyte you will use to download any video or music video of your choice and it won’t go beyond what it has shown you.

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If you use this application you will not have any regret of using it, on YouTube go you can find new and popular videos from all over the world, watch when there is no internet and share favorite videos with nearby friends and family.

How to download YouTubego application

YouTube go is very easy to download just like other application. For you to download the YouTubego all you need to do is to follow these steps:

1.      Open any browser of your choice (Firefox, chrome, opera mini etc.)

2.      Go to Google and  type download YouTubego apk

3.      Click on one of the pages on the wall.

4.      You will be directed to where you will download it showing you it`s logo.

5.      Then click on download and it will be downloaded successfully.

You can also collect YouTube go from your friends phone that already has the app using xender. You can also download from Playstore.

How to use YouTubego

YouTube go is very easy to use, after downloading and installing the application on your phone, you will have to accept the terms and conditions and also add your update your Google account then Google will send you a one-time password to confirm your number it will direct you to a page where it will show you a reference code which will be saved automatically, you can check the reference code in the settings. After that process you are free to download any videos or music video of your choice.

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This application called YouTube go will also show you the list of all the videos you have downloaded which means that you can watch the video anytime; you will not see the video there again if it has been deleted from the YouTubego application but without it being deleted you will definitely find it there.

How to download video on YouTubego

To download video on YouTubego is one of the easiest things to do; it is even easier than downloading video from the internet. Follow the following steps on how to

Video on YouTube go.

1.      Open the YouTubego application.

2.      Click on search on the application.

3.      Type in the title of the video you want to search for.

4.      Click on the video.

5.      Then click on download.

After this procedure it will start downloading the video and will show you the amount of megabyte you will use to download each video.  You can also download as many video as possible at a time but the other video that are after the one you are downloading will be waiting but after one has downloaded the next one will be downloading  automatically.

Before downloading any video on YouTubego you can take a brief look on the video you want to download if it is the actual video you are looking for.

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YouTube go has daily unique visitor of 650, monthly unique visitor of 19,500 and daily page viewers of 1,040 (1.60 per visitor). You can log in on YouTubego application on your phone without using data or Wi-Fi and that is to view the videos you have downloaded before which will still be there but you cannot download any video without data or Wi-Fi.

Note that the videos you downloaded on your YouTube go can only be viewed in that application; the video will not go to the videos on your phone but will remain on that application that is why you can view your downloaded video without internet connection.

YOUTUBE GO is the easiest and fastest YouTube application to download.

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