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Stop Google Plus Users from sending email to Gmail

There are lots of new features that are been introduced frequently. Google plus users can now send email to your Gmail inbox at any time. One thing that I really don’t like about this feature is that even unknown users can also send email messages to your www.gmail.com inbox.

This is as a result of the integration of all Google account to one account. Google plus works with other Google services like www.gmail.com web services. This is an activated feature by default that is enabled for Gmail.com user on Google plus network. To always receive any email on their Gmail inbox.

Stop Google Plus Users from sending email to you Gmail Account

There are inbox like spam filter in Gmail.com that are very active in detecting spam email and saving them off your primary inbox. But this feature gives room like a loop hole to spammers to send unsolicited emails. For users that really don’t make use of Google plus it is advisable that this feature has to be disable. Follow the below steps to disable Google pulse user from sending email messages to your Gmail account.

  1. Login to your Gmail account or you can read our Gmail login steps on how to login.
  2. When you have successfully login to your account go to Settings at the top right corner.
  3. On settings menu under General setting tab. Go to emails via Google+ and select No One from the dropdown list.

Google Plus Users

You have to click the Save Changes icon at the bottom to save all changes done. This is the section where you can select the category of users you want to be able to send you email via Google+ profile. There are various options such as.

  • Anyone on Google+
  • Extended Circles.
  • Circles.
  • No One.

By default its set to Anyone on Google+ can send you email message in respective of who the user is to you. Once the above changes are done no Google pulse user we be able to send you email messages.

For active Google+ user that make user of this platform for personal or business purpose. Disabling user Google+ users from sending is really not ideal. Because this is a way of reaching out to your audience on Google plus. You can click select Extended Circles or Circles to allow only selected group or users to send you email.

User under both Extended Circles and Circles are usually close friends, family Business partner and love once. They can’t use this features for spamming. But if you notice any user in your circles that’s sending spam messages you can remove the user from your circles.

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