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Send Money Across Africa | Send Cash From UK, US & Canada On Wave App

Send Money Across Africa | Send Cash From UK, US & Canada On Wave App | Send Money Across Africa:  Are you searching for a way to send money to Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya from the UK, US, and Canada without paying much on money transfers but have the assets hit their respective accounts in 30 seconds or less? Are your foreign currency account managers charging you so high on exchange rate differences? On the off chance that your case is “YES”, then you really need to take a step forward by attempting an easing approach to send money to Africa. However, this article is headway to find everything you need to know regarding the download of WaveApp money transfer to your smartphone.

Wave Money App | Send Money Made Easy App Review

This review is about the Wave money transfer application, an international and world-leading money transfer application that lets users in developed countries like the UK, US, and Canada send money to East Africa countries.  An astounding piece of this application is that money sent is received right away from send’s smartphone to recipient’s mobile wallet with easy terms and at no extra charge.

The Facts About Wave Application for Money Transfer to Africa

This is an astounding application that makes you cheerful by offering you the easiest, cheapest, and fastest money transfer service compared to other comparative applications. Let us go straight to the points and features of Wave App, thus:

Send Money Across Africa | Send Cash From UK, US & Canada On Wave App

  • on the Wave application, you can easily send money to your loved ones in East and West Africa. For example, you can send money from the UK, USA, or Canada, etc. to your friends and family in any nation in these regions. Unlike other remittance applications, the money sent on this application is credited to your mobile wallet in 30 seconds.
  • At every point, the Wave application shows the latest currency exchange rates so you can see the neighborhood currency equivalent of your transfers; at any rate for transparency.
  • Due to financial and banking regulations in the senders’ nation, new or unverified users on the application can just send a limit of $999/£750/€750 per day and $2,999/£2,500/€2,500 per month. This utmost must be lifted if the users present his government ID photograph to the Wave team and whenever verified, the point of confinement can easily be raised to $2,999/£2,500/€2,500 per day and $12,000/£10,000/€10,000 per month. Use the ‘Raise Limits’ on the settings page to do this!

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  • The future of money is security. This is exactly what Wave offers to enhance trust, usage, and user experience. When you register on the application, your personal information is encrypted to ensure all information and money sent are just known to you and the recipients.
  • This application will enable you to contact their customer bolster numbers whenever you need them. On the off chance that you have any questions and concerns regarding money transfer, you are free to get in touch with them. They have a responsive team of dedicated employees that are available to serve all of you the time.
  • Another most distinctive feature of this application is that it enables you to follow the status of your payments. Furthermore, you will receive consistent updates regarding your payments and transfers on the Wave application.

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Instructions To Download the Wave money transfer application & Send Money to Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya

The Instructions below give full steps and illustrations on how interested users can download the wave money transfer application and how to send money to Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, and all other Africa Countries.

  • After a successful installation, dispatches, or launch of the application from your home screen, you will see two alternatives to either join or sign-in to this application.
  • In the event that you already have an account, you can just use your username and secret word to get access to your account. On the off chance that you are going to use this application just because, you should register it.
  • While registering as a first time user, ensure you choose a solid secret key for security reasons. This is critical to ensure the integrity and security of your application. Along these lines, nobody else would use this application to transfer money without your consent or permission. Try not to share your secret key with anyone else.

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However, once you open this application, you will see every one of the features to transfer the money to anyone you need.

Wave Money App Founder & Leadership Team 

The wave was founded by Drew Durbin and Lincoln Quirk, two engineers from Brown University and Harvard University who love and live in Africa.

The Chief Compliance Officer is Michael Luebbert, who used to run compliance at Western Union and CitiBank. The Finance lead, Sid Sridhar, came from Treasury at Uber and Google before that.

Wave Money App has it’s African Operations lead, name Hassan Kimani, who ran the money transfer department at Chase Bank in Kenya. Hannah Quashie, is also an African Banking lead, was CEO of a Ghanaian investment bank.

The International Remittance branch of Wave is led by Will Fogel (Head of International Remittances) and Ruthie Byers (Head of International Remittance Engineering). Maggie Beddow, the Head of User Experience, started at Wave by answering every help call herself and went on to construct a help team from the diasporas they serve.

For more details on how the Wave application functions, go to the FAQ section of the remittance application.


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