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Nairabet – Nairabet Registration | Nairabet App

Nairabet – Nairabet Registration | Nairabet App

Nairabet Registration – Nairabet is a Nigeria company for sports betting, it is the first sports betting site in Nigeria and the most visited sports betting website in Africa, and on the top 10 sports betting site in the world, it deals with all forms of sport betting, unlike the 9ja bet which is for football alone. Apart from football it has other interesting sport like rugby, basketball, baseball, tennis, golf snooker, badminton, hockey and so on.

Importance Of Nairabet

Nairabet is a website that makes you predict the game of our choice on all forms of sporting activities. It allows users to do all form of betting online as and funding of account as long as the user is registered. Funding of your account allows you to start placing your bets online.

How To Register On Nairabet

Nairabet Registration – To register on nairabet is very easy, for you to register on nairabet you will have access to many things like placing of bets, funding your account, withdrawal of money from your bank , and so on.

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This is a guide on how to register on nairabet Registration:

  1. Open the nairabet website on any browser of your choice and type in www.nairabet.com
  2. Click on register and fill in the necessary information. Note: fill in your necessary details because if it is filled in wrongly you will not be paid.
  3. Then click on create account. After that you are on it already.

During the registration period you will see a box to fill in AFFILIATED CODE this is how to go abaout the code.

Nairabet Affiliated Code

This is a must use code during registration for you to start placing bet online. Nairabet affiliated code is a new platform added to nairabet  registration most of the new users of nairabet will be asking of the meaning of  nairabet affiliated code or what to fill in the box ( don’t also think it is  zip code ).

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Nairabet affiliated code is a code that is a code used for giving rewards to customers who introduce nairabet website to families and friends. Meaning is that when you are introduced to nairabet by a friend and you decide to register, that friend of yours will be given an affiliate code which he will give you for you to use during registration, it is easier to say that he is referring you for him to be rewarded and he will be rewarded with certain percentage of cash, this is to show appreciation to the user for promoting their company.

How To Fund Tour Account On Nairabet

Nairabet – Nairabet Registration | Nairabet App
Nairabet – Nairabet Registration | Nairabet App

There are 4 easy ways to fund your account on nairabet, for you to be able to place your bet online you need to fund account for you to access it easily. These are the 4 ways:


You can fund your nairabet account by going to a nairabet shop and give your customer ID to the agent and the amount you want to use to fund your account and he will fund your account immediately. NOTE: please don’t give the agent your password for the safety of your account. Your nairabet customer ID is your username which will be displayed to you at the top right corner of the nairabet website; it is also your username.

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Bank deposition is another way which you can use to fund your account on nairabet. It is also easy to use the bank deposition method. Go into any of the underlisted bank and make payment via paydirect online. The banks are listed as follow:

  • Firstbank
  • FCMB
  • Fidelity Bank
  • Access bank
  • Sterling bank
  • Stanbic IBTC bank
  • UBA
  • Union bank

When you get to any of the banks you will be handed a deposit slip and you will fill the details below in the deposit slip.

  • ACCOUNT NAME: nairabet
  • ACCOUNT NUMBER: your nairabet customer ID
  • DEPOSITOR`S NAME: your name as you filled it in your nairabet registration
  • AMOUNT: the amount you want to use to fund your nairabet account

After following those steps your nairabet account will be funded instantly


This method is also easy to fund your account. It requires your ATM card, the cards accepted are Interswitch verve card, master card, and visa card, it does not require using of the teller, for you to use this method please follow this steps:

  • Make sure you have any of the above-listed ATM cards.
  • Visit nairabet website and click on DEPOSIT, it will take you to a list of payment options, click on mobile phone click on `Webpay`, and n computer click on `Pay with ATM`.
  • Type in the amount you want to use to fund your account and click on the payment option. You will be directed away from nairabet page and to a payment page.
  • On the payment page enter your card details and your pin and click on proceed.
  • After that, you will be directed to a page to show the status of a successful transaction.
  • If it is successful you will be directed back to nairabet page and your account will be funded instantly.

That’s all about the card payment method.


If all the above-listed payment method is somehow difficult you can go with the ATM method which is a bit easier. This payment method can be done irrespective of where you are, internet or no internet as long as there is an ATM around.

This is how to go about the payment with the ATM method:

  • Go to the nearest ATM where you are and insert your ATM and type in your pin.
  • Select quick teller option on the screen, look for pay bills or fund wallet.
  • After that the list of merchant will appear just select others.
  • The machine will request for merchant code and the merchant code depends on the amount you want to use to fund your account. Below are the list of merchant code you will use regarding to the amount you want to use to fund your account.
  •  55601 – N1,000
  • 55602 – N2,000
  • 55603 – N3,000
  • 55604 – N4,000
  • 55605 – N5,000

NOTE: for payment above N 5,000 use 55606 as the merchant code, you will be asked to type in the amount you want to use to fund your account, type in the amount, and proceed.

Then enter your nairabet customer ID, after that, it will bring out your name. Please don’t do a mistake because if it should bring out another person’s name then you will have to start all over again so take note as you type in each letter.

Having followed these steps correctly your account will be funded instantly.

Out of these available payment options you can choose the one that is easier for you and make your payment instantly.

There are other payment method not listed here, you will see them on your account as you log in and click on the deposit

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