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Lock WhatsApp App With Your Fingerprint, Face on Android,iOS

Lock WhatsApp App | How to Lock your WhatsApp with your fingerprint or face on your android or iOS

Lock WhatsApp App: Having security is a deal of security to your personal information, especially in this era of Whatsapp Hack that is going viral worldwide.

When one Whatsapp got hacked, the affected victim is prior impersonated which can ruin one’s reputation. However, thanks to software developers that have put up security software like a fingerprint scanners.

With the Fingerprint software locker, you don’t need to bother about registering for your face ID or fingerprint anymore. Now, this app has allowed this setting ready for both iOS and Android for your security purpose.

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How To Setup To Lock WhatsApp App With Your Fingerprint, Face on Android or iOS

Lock WhatsApp App With Your Fingerprint, Face on Android or iOS
Lock WhatsApp App With Your Fingerprint, Face on Android or iOS

The function of this App is very comfortable. It’s also very reliable on the system based biometric authentication. You can get this done in an easy way and steps, just follow the guidelines below to see how to get this

  • Go to your WhatsApp which you downloaded on your device
  • Now you will find three dots in a vertical line at the top right corner of your WhatsApp, click on
  1. Settings
  2. Accounts
  3. Privacy
  4. Fingerprint lock
  • Now turn on the unlock with fingerprint toggle.

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Now this option has been enabled, you will now be required to authenticate your personal face ID all time whenever you open your WhatsApp. The steps which will allow enabling your Face ID in case you have a touch ID that was built with your phone. it will be stated below in this post in an easy and comfortable way.

How To Lock WhatsApp App for your iPhone (iOS)

  • Go to your WhatsApp which you have installed on your device
  • Now go to your:
  1. Settings
  2. Account
  3. Privacy
  4. Screen lock
  • Now turn on your Face ID.

Now with this step, you can add your Face ID which you help you get your WhatsApp chat get more secured and protective from the third party. Please, your friends and family need to know about this because you need to help them secure their privacy, make sure you this by making use of the share link or button to use this privilege to share it with them.

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Make use of the subscriber box by inputting your email address in the box so you can get yourself updated. You also need to get all the information that will help you secure and saves a life.

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