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Installing Joomla Part 2 |Free tutorial

Installing Joomla Part 2.

As we had in the last instructional exercise Installing Joomla which we said is entirely simple to learn and convey. Inside 3hrs, you can comprehend Installing Joomla Part 2 and get a Joomla site reasonably running. So you don’t should be an accomplished site designer to learn Joomla, novices can convey a Joomla site inside a day.

In the previous tutorial Installing Joomla. We stop at where we already Installed the joomla Package. And we completed the installation and had some articles on the main page. Also had some Menu items (About, Home) to the right of the page and also archived articles etc.

So for Installing Joomla Part 2 tutorial. The requirements to be in this class? None! Anyone who can read the Installing Joomla and can also read this post here and is willing to learn Joomla, can grasp it.

Pay attention to Installing Joomla Part 2 as we continue the discussion…..

  • Administrator End.

This is the backend, the engine room where a Joomla website is configured.

To access this backend: enter the URL below into your browser:

localhost:8080/JoomlaTraining/administrator or the URL of your own online Installing Joomla that we had in the previous tutorial.

Others may be:


However yours is, after entering the above, press Enter. You will be prompted to enter:

1. User Name.
2. Password.

Remember our Admin User Name and Password during our earlier configuration? Well, here they are:

1. User Name: admin.
2. Password: user123.

Now, click LOGIN.

The environment as shown in the image below is the Adminstrator end of a Joomla. Whatever you see in a Joomla website (front end) is done from here. Take a moment to appreciate this beautiful layout.Installing Joomla Part 2

3. A tour of the backend (Administrator Panel of Joomla) .

This is where a Joomla site is put together and all the changes are made by the minute when you run a site that requires regular updates.

As part of  Installing Joomla Part 2, let me briefly introduce you to the basic configuration of the administrator’s end.

Global Configuration for Joomla.

Click Global Configuration on the left side of the administrator ‘s landing page. It is under SYSTEM.

The Global Configuration setting is grouped into tabbed menu items. They are Site, System, Server, Permissions, Text Filters.

The selected item here by default is Site:

Site Setting: You may not need to do much here save you need to change the Site Name or Put the site offline, you may leave other settings as they are. Metadata Settings Here you can input some meta tag parameters to optimize your site for search engines. You may also write your Content Rights here.

You can leave any other configuration here (Site) just as it is.

The next tabbed menu item is SYSTEM:
You can leave the configuration for the System just the way it is.

The next tabbed menu item is SERVER:
Here, you can view your database settings. The whole site will stop working if you make any changes here that you are not certain of.
You can as well leave the default settings here just the way they are.

The next tabbed menu item is PERMISSIONS:
You can leave the default settings here just the way they are.

The next tabbed menu item is TEXT FILTERS:
You can leave the default settings here just the way they are.

If you made any changes in the Global Configuration, the click SAVE & CLOSE else click CANCEL to exit this page.

Watchout Istalling Joomla Part 3 …

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