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How to send an attachment on Gmail

How to send an attachment on Gmail

How to send an attachment on Gmail
How to send an attachment on Gmail

How to send an attachment on Gmail-It has been announced by Google about its new features for Gmail users, which is the attachment in your Gmail. Now you can now forward an email to ensure you send it to a group or a lot of people. Its characters are now turning out to G Suite users also are available for all users soon.

Most people having an issue with sending an attachment to their email, now you can now get how to attach files on your emails which is now having a lot of sense rather than sending different emails just like sending off a lot of multiple messaged similar to the main topic. The help of this attachment will help you get this done. Transferring of emails such as attachment gives you to type a summary email message to your receiver also attach the set of bearing emails that the receiver can access it directly in their mail.

How to send email as attachments

  • If you get the new characters, you will find out that a new “forward as attachment” option which is at the three vertical dot menu. Tap on this and send an email attachment.
  • You will need to locate the “To” field and add recipients’ email IDs. Now you have the option to send attachments to people which is the BCCed or CCed.
  • Now you will draft your email along with the message and subject line.
  • Now tap on send

Ensure you will find attached email is converted into an EML file. If the users that tap on the EML file, this will open in a new window.

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How to reply with an attached email

  • You will need to access your email and tap on “reply
  • Now you will tap on the pop-out image or icon which shows at the top right.
  • Then, select the email which you need to attach with your reply. Move the mail into your message.
  • Then click on “Send


How to get the characters

The company of Gmail has now started to turn out the features to G suite users also should be available in the next two weeks.

Ensure that the features are coming up step-by-step. You will found out that the “Forward as attachment” will be available in the three-dot which is vertical at the more menu added to Google.



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