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How to see Facebook follower

How to see Facebook follower

If you need to see who is seeking a way to know your Facebook follower, we don’t know who is following, it not all we know on Facebook are our friends, now let check how to see our Facebook follower.

How to see Facebook follower

How to see followers on Facebook

  • You will need to go to your friend tap which is on your Facebook profile page, next, you will need to go to the followers in the sub-tab to check the certain followers. This can be done for a lot of accounts if it is personal privacy settings on the profile page of the person allow you to.


  • When you are not able to see the Followers tab, move your mouse over the More tab also followers must view the show up listed below. Tap on this also as you will be at the spot where the picture shows.
How to see Facebook follower
How to see Facebook follower
  • If you need to see the entire number of followers also see it quick, you can check the left side of the profile page and check the intro.




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Or try this step

  • Go to your Facebook account then log in to your account. The next arrow down allows you to see the followers which you have. Though sometimes it not there, you can check the below step
  • Tap on the fall button which you get in the picture stated below.
  • Make sure this give you some image just like the below picture. Now tap on settings as stated below.
  • Then,  you click on the settings, you will find a page which you will see a pop-up. Then tap on the public posts.
  • When you are done with the fourth step, you see similar stuff which you have found before, this image below will say more about it, in the red box position area, you will find your magic followers’ number effective to your name.

How to see Facebook follower

Here is another step


  • Go to your Facebook
  • Tap on the arrow showdown or the slide bar
  • Click on public posts
  • Now you can make your decision on who can follow you.





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