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Download YouTube Playlists |Steps to Download

How to Search and Download YouTube Playlists.

Download YouTube Playlists. While there are multiple online services available that can fetch videos. They are often filled with ads, have limitations on downloads and quality, and overall provide a bad experience. Moreover, only a few of them supports downloading YouTube playlists. As such, the 4K Video Downloader does a fantastic job of downloading videos and playlists without any constraints.

Download YouTube Playlists |Steps to Download

What is a YouTube Playlist?

YouTube Playlist is a simple collection of videos on a topic stitched together. Once you start a video from the playlist, it will automatically play the next video relieving you from the manual task of searching and playing again and again.

Anyone can make a playlist as they are a convenient way to organize videos. All you need is to use the “Add to” button at the bottom of the video to create or add that video to a playlist, then use this page to edit the name, description or privacy. Apart from creating your own playlists, YouTube also gives you the ability to save playlists created by others.

How to Search and for YouTube Playlist?

Generally, when you search for any video, YouTube often shows you a playlist in the results with the number of videos in the list. To specifically search for only playlists, use the operator “,playlist” along with the search query or apply the filter along with the keywords on YouTube.

Searching is very useful for instances when you want to watch videos in a consecutive manner. For example, playlists for tutorials or lectures – a bunch of different playlists with how-to videos and talks on certain topics will immediately pop up and you can continuously learn.

How to download YouTube playlists?

4K Video Downloader is a unique tool that downloads YouTube playlists with one mouse click. It’s a free desktop application suitable for Windows, Mac, and Linux, that downloads sole YouTube videos, playlists with subtitles, and even whole channels in high resolution and various different video and audio formats.


Just copy and paste the link to a YouTube playlist of your liking and the app will get all the videos from the list to your computer in seconds

Why do we like 4K Video Downloader?

The tool is packed with features that make it a great choice among other similar tools –

  • You can directly download public playlists with any format of your choice.
  • The tool allows you to download subtitles or closed captions along with the video in a separate (dot)srt file.
  • It even works with streams from YouTube Gaming.
  • You can subscribe to channels right from the convenience of the tool.
  • It works for YouTube channels as well. As simple as entering the channel URL and selecting the videos from the channel to download.

There is also a Smart mode which will help you download video with just a single click. You pre-select download format, quality, and the folder where the video will be saved and these settings will be applied whenever you download videos.

Credit: gtricks.com.

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