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Delete Mercari Account 2022 – Follow Guide to Do it

Do You Want to Delete Mercari Account? | See How to Delete Mercari Account Guideline for 2021

Delete Mercari Account with ease in this guideline that you are to discover. If you want to delete your Mercari account after you have become a successful online business person is cool. The reason is best known to you and you might decide to have your own dropshipping business after all…

Knowing fully well that how Mercari works. As a seller on Mercari, you might have been putting your Mercari account on vacation mode whenever you want to have a break online. But since you have already become an online guru, making a decision to delete your Mercari account is not a big deal.

Nevertheless, in this post, you will be provided with step-by-step guidelines to follow whenever you want to delete Mercari account. In case we have some folks that do not know what Mercari is, don’t bother, We will also give a recap of what Mercari platform is all about for better understanding.

How Does Mercari Platform Works

Mercari is an online shopping platform like I said simply like another online shopping platform simply like Jumia, Amazon, AliExpress, eBay, Alibaba, Wish, Jiji, and so much more. So many people have not heard of Mercari, and as the name implies.

You will imagine that the name Mercari is another platform that isn’t of the shopping website. Be that as it may, I want to tell every one of us today that Mercari is also an online shopping platform similarlMercari is very similar to Amazon & OfferUp that provides users with an online platform for buying and selling many household items, used items, or new items.

This online shopping platform was first founded in japan in the year 2013. And it has grown to become the first country’s biggest network-powered marketplace. It has over 10 billion JPY transactions that are carried out by them each month. The founders of this platform are Shintaro Yamada, Tommy Tomishima, and Ryo Ishizuka and it operating in Japan and the United States currently.

Marcari is also known as a selling app, which means that it also has an app that can be downloaded into a smartphone or into your iOS device. At the present time, let examine how we can sign up for an account because that is what this article is all about.

How to Sign Up an Account on Mercari

To sign up or create an account with this platform. There are some steps that you as a person who is eager to create an account with them need to follow. The steps below, are the steps on how you can create or sign up for an account with Mercari online shopping marketplace.

To begin with, you need to visit their website by going to https://marcari.com utilizing your web browser.

When you have visited their website, you will be landed on their homepage. Where you need to click on the profile icon at the top of the homepage.

Then click sign up, enter your username, and then enter your email address. The next thing to do is to create your password and after doing that. Click the sign-up interface below the case to proceed.

After following all the steps listed above and you have successfully filled in all the requirements and immediately after you click the sign-up connect. You will be informed to verify your email; a verification message will be sent into your email inbox.

Visit your email account, and go to your email box, and click on the new message sent to you by Marcari. Open the message and click on the verify email interface you see on it. Immediately after verifying, you will be directed back to the site and you can start shopping on it.

What are Marcari Product Categories?

There are so many product categories that Marcari’s online shopping marketplace offers. They have products for:

  • Women
  • Men
  • Toys
  • Kids
  • Electronics
  • Home Appliances
  • Beauty Cosmetics
  • Sports
  • Vintage,
  • Handmade and so much more.

Having seen what Mercari is all about, the category, and how to sign up account, let us head straight to our main headline for this post ( How to Delete Mercari Account ).

Guideline to Delete Mercari Account

In this part of the post, we will be discussing the methods involved to delete your Mercari account. For the purpose of this post, you will see three (3) Methods:

  • a. The Use of Android or iPhone device
  • b. Through the use of Computer/Desktop devices
  • c. Using your Email account to delete the account

Let us pick the method according to their hierarchy.

Delete Mercari Account through Android or iPhone Device

However long you have your Mercari account login details it’s quite simple to delete a Mercari account. You additionally need to have all your forthcoming orders processed, clear the deposits in your account, and delete all items from your store list before Mercari management can accept to successfully delete your account.

Additionally, make sure you have no cash left in your Mercari account, and request an immediate deposit for any leftover equilibrium on your Mercari account.

Are you sure you have followed all protocols carefully? If yes, then just follow the guidelines underneath on the best way to delete your Mercari account.

  • On your mobile telephone, you could either open your Mercari account through the mobile app or sign in to your Mercari account application on your mobile telephone’s web browser.
  • Explore My Page on your Mercari account landing page.
  • Next, select Settings from the drop-down choices and afterward tap Delete Account.
  • At long last, round out the Delete account form and click Submit. Your submitted structure will be audited by the Mercari support group, and they will erase your account within 48 hours of submitting your request.

You can utilize the steps above to delete your Mercari account on your android or iPhone only if all protocols are duly followed.

Delete Mercari Account on Computer/Desktop

If you do not have an android device, there is no way you can delete your Mercari account. Moreso, in a situation where you do not have the Mercari app installed on your android or iOS devices.

If you rather not prefer to download the app on your devices, you can request for the Mercari account deleted by sending an email to the Mercari support management team. Send an email explaining why you wanna delete your account.

Delete Mercari Account Using Email

You can only use this method to delete your Mercari account using the registered email. If you are sure that the email used for Mercari is still active, then you will have to use it to send an account delete request to the Mercari customer support management following the simple guides below:

  • Step 1: Open your email account and tap new email.
  • Step 2: For the email subject, you could use ”Request to Delete my account”.
  • Step 3: Make a short email and incorporate your Name, Username, and the email you have used to make your Mercari account.
  • Step 4: At the point when you are finished creating, send the email to; contact-us@mercari.com. You will get a reaction within 48 hours of sending the email to tell you that your account has been erased.

Some of us might not be convenient with the method and you will rather prefer to call and speak to the management directly. If you are the type that wants this direct method, then you will like to next paragraph of this post.

Mercari Contact information

Don’t worry, do you know that you can use Mercari’s direct contact information to request an account deletion?  Yes, you can. Use the provided details below to request instant account deletion.

Mercari customer service phone number and email are:

Call the Mercari customer support team at (888)325-2168,

Email: contact-us@mercari.com.

The management has made all questions simple, there are premade FAQs you can use to get an explicit idea of what you are planning to do.

Cancel Mercari Order

Do you wanna cancel an order on the Mercari platform? This part of the post also covers the topic in question. You can cancel an order easily without any stress as a buyer. This is not the same scenario as in the case of delete Mercari account.

Also, as a buyer on Mercari, you can request to drop a request any time before the seller confirms shipment. As indicated by Mercari support.
You can drop your request immediately as long as there are no tracking updates for at least 7 days regardless of whether the seller confirms that they have transported the item.
However, to check if you are eligible for an item cancellation, what you have to do is to follow these simple shortcut steps to know your status:

  1. Visit Mercari profile
  2. Navigate to Buying button

At this point, you will know your eligibility. If it shows still ‘In Progress’,  You are eligible to cancel an ordered item otherwise, you will see the state of the item whether it has been shipped, dispatched, etc. If it is in the Progress stage, you can cancel your order.

How to Uninstall the Mercari App?

Since you have deleted your Mercari account and you may say, there is no point keeping Mercari app anymore. In this case, you will decide to uninstall the Mercari app immediately, to do so, follow the steps below:

  • Go to your mobile telephone and locate the Mercari application.
  • Press and hold the Mercari application on your telephone, you will see 3 spring-up alternatives.
  • Tap the alternative to uninstall the application from your mobile telephone. Click OK to uninstall the application from your mobile telephone. This ought to uninstall the application from your mobile telephone.

You have just uninstalled Mercari app on your device. Finding difficulties doing this, you can ask questions in the comment section and one of our teams will be glad to assist you with that.

Frequently Asked Questions About Delete

Mercari Account

We had mentioned earlier that the management had made the platform easier for both Seller or Buyer. We have compiled some of the major FAQs that can help you solve some challenges you might be having regarding Mercari shopping platform. Some of these Frequently asked questions are:

How do I Reactivate my Mercari Account?

After you delete Mercari account and in the future, you might at the same time decide to come back to Mercari. The Mercari management didn’t want you to go as.

So at the time you deleted your Mercari account, they didn’t wipe off all your data immediately and this gives you a second chance to come back to reactivate your account.

Therefore, to reactivate your deleted Mercari account, what you have to do is:

Just log in to Mercari using your previous username/email and password.  To your surprise, your old Mercari account will be reactivated.

Is it Possible to Create More than one Mercari Account?

Since the day you delete your Mercari account, is there a need to come back? This is best known to you. However, thinking to create more than one account as a person relates to the art of FRAUD.

So, Mercari currently limits accounts opening to one per person.  But if you eventually believe you can use a different email to create multiple accounts, my dear, you may risk having all active accounts deactivated or banned without notice by Mercari customer support.

As all platforms own a term and conditions, also Mercari Terms of Service exist and it only allows one account per person.

Nevertheless, customers with more than one account are risking having all accounts suspended/banned/closed without notice, and this action can lead to either temporarily or permanently being banned from Mercari’ss marketplace.

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