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Battery Draining Apps You Must Not Install On iPhones

All said and done. there are numerous apps that drain up your mobile phone battery. Yet, on this page, I will be imparting to you all the Battery Draining Apps you must avoid on iPhone Devices. So, therefore, when you know these applications, you will know how to oversee them in other to lengthen the battery life of your gadget.


The following are the main battery draining applications you must not install on iPhone gadgets. Do have confidence that information on this issue will truly put you in good shape.

1. Google Search

It’s significant I make it known to you all that the Google Search application you make use of day by day on your iPhone device can actually cause great damage to the battery of your iPhone Gadget.

This app is also tagged ”Battery draining apps you should avoid.”

Do you know that the Google search app actually has some heavy features that were packed with during development which leave you with 2 hours 24 minutes or less leading to the battery life consistently, which alone will run down your battery?

2.. Google Maps

We all know what Google Map actually is. The work alone this app that was developed by Google does can let you enjoy less of your device in nom time.  Google map application truly manages the battery life of your iPhone without permission. However, more often than not, it won’t diminish your battery life regardless of the amount of time you spent using it. I strongly advise you to Archie the app immediately you are done making use of it otherwise, it will lengthen the life span of your iPhone battery.


3. Facebook Messenger

If you make use of this app, you will know very sure that it reduces the hours you meant to enjoy your iPhone battery. Without you know, anybody that sends a message on Facebook to you, the app often displays a notification even if you ignored or closed the app, it keeps popping up and in the process, your battery life reduces. Have it at the rear of your brain that once you have Facebook Messenger on your iPhone, It drains your battery life by 1 hour 24 minutes.

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4. BT Wi-Fi

As we all know what the app does. The BT Wi-Fi happens to be an application that permits users to make use of free BT hotspots across the country.  This app is also tagged ”Battery draining apps you should avoid.”

Note that everything it does is convey Wi-Fi pings to know whether you’re by a BT Wi-Fi zone for a simple connection.

At the point when you make use of this, remember that your battery runs down because BT Wi-Fi leaves you with 1 hour 42 minutes less battery life consistently. Other Wi-Fi hotspot apps may be comparative.

5. Facebook App

Facebook is another application that can deplete your iPhone battery. As I mentioned under the Facebook messenger app, is essential because the Facebook application has a subject with Facebook-owned applications. Then again, it is Battery draining apps you should avoid because is a typical Facebook application that will lessen your everyday battery life by 1 hour 20 minutes, Your battery will be a wreck if care is not taken,

6. Google Hangouts

Google Hangout turns out to be an application that s generally used by a great many individuals across the globe. This app is also tagged as one of the Battery draining apps you should avoid. Be assured alone with full confidence that having the application alone murders your iPhone’s battery life. Have it at the top of the priority list that when you make use of Hangouts, your battery life will decrease by 1 hour 09 minutes.

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7Whatsapp App


This is the most used app by all. In fact, WhatsApp is nearly used by all on earth left out just a few. This app is also tagged ”Battery draining apps you should avoid.” It’s a medium by which individuals converse with companions, express, talk, and do this in their way during the discussion. If it’s not too much trouble note that Whatsapp only devours 57 minutes of my battery life daily.

8. YouTube App

This app is the most used app in the world. In fact, it’s rank the No. 2 apps used in the world. Nevertheless, the YouTube app is a huge company that is been owned by Google, It’s where you can easily transfer any video of your choice in as much as you so want. When you download the Youtube application, it burns-through heaps of battery from your mobile device because it chiefly works with the web.

9. H&M

It’s a joy we make it known to you all that this application truly draining up the battery life of any mobile device. In any event, when I don’t open the application, It actually eats as long as 1 hour a little ways from my day by day battery life. That is extremely irritating, kindly do everything you can to reduce the usage or if you can, avoid to use it.

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10. Viber App

Viber might be an app useful to you in one way or the others. But is it true that you are actually searching for that application that murders your battery even without your consent?  I can boldly tell you that the Viber app does that apparently. In any case, when you make use of the application once every week, It was all the while eating up over 45 minutes of gadgets battery life daily.


Above are the separate applications that will run down your battery. In the event that you do not install these apps, you will be glad again you didn’t. I strongly advise you all to make use of the apps that won’t deplete your battery life, otherwise, you will be frustrated and disappointed that you used those apps at the end of the day.

I strongly believed that you find this article very useful. In case, you want to share the articles with friends and families, use the share button links we have on our page.

If any apps come up with battery-draining app issues, I will surely add them up to this article so that you can be aware of the ones you should and you shouldn’t.

Do you have any inquiries with respect to this post? do well to impart it to us through the comment box below. Stay with us as we do everything we can to keep you refreshed.


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