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YOO Sourcing | free application for international trade

YOO Sourcing | A free application for international trade

Yoo sourcing – Beautiful YOO sourcing is a mobile App of B 2 B social media for the world sourcing.

The YOO Sourcing App has been the best among its likes because this has been the platform where customers come together to buy or sell in a secure medium.YOO Sourcing | free application for international trade

YOO sourcing app was developed long time ago like a year now and many users are not aware of it.  Sourcing will solve your online trading problems though many might have been into an online trading but with this app, it is not limited to a particular locality.

The app has great features to secure you (buyer) and the supplier. The secure features will be discussed below:

Features of YOO Sourcing App

Following are those working features that this app get :

  1. Suppliers geolocation
  2. Suppliers rating system
  3. Verified pictures
  4. Company wall
  5. Instant messaging

Having mentioned the yoo sourcing features above; lets us explain in details what each feature.

The Suppliers Geolocation

What its mean by supplier geolocation in yoo is that:

>>> The locations of suppliers are being verified with their business licenses and GPS positions.

>>> And buyers will be able to search suppliers on a map based on their locations anywhere.

??? The buyer can regroup his suppliers in specific regions or find suppliers nearby their current locations.

The Suppliers rating system

>>>>  The Buyer can rank suppliers based on their previous business deals.

>>>>  Buyers can also leave comments or rank suppliers based on four criterions.

>>>>  And buyers can search suppliers based on their ranking.


The instant messaging Features

>>>>  Both Suppliers and buyers will have only one instant messaging for their daily communications.

>>>>  Those pictures posted in the messages are tagged with their locations for security reason to avoid been  Scammed.

>>>>  Better communication will allow more trust between buyers and suppliers.

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The Verified pictures Features

>>>>  Those Suppliers can only use their phone camera to take pictures.

>>>>  All pictures uploaded  are tagged with the locations where they are taken.

>>>>   The location of each picture is verified with the registered location of the company.


The Company wall Features

>>>>  Those Suppliers can be more transparent by posting their company activities.

>>>>  And also, Supplier can post their new products or certifications to attract new clients.

>>>>  Buyers can post sourcing inquiries of the products they need.


 How Does Yoo Sourcing Works For buyers

The ways at which yoo sourcing works for buyers will be explain ASAP.  The yoo sourcing app works as follows:

For Buyers

  • The buyer finds reliable suppliers with only verified locations
  • Sourcing on Yoo is easier and more reliable
  • Improving communication with suppliers

With the above listed ways, you will see that you are secure as a buyer on Yoo sourcing. This gives the buyer confidence to relax.


How Does Yoo Sourcing Works For Suppliers

Suppliers on Yoo are not left out. They get placed on the platform only if their profile is complete. Suppliers are often feeling more trust worthy if they keep getting clients or customers with rating.

See what Suppliers get on Yoo Sourcing App…………………


For suppliers

  • They get better company image based on performance
  • The suppliers are being more trustworthy by being more transparent to clients
  • Finding new clients after concluded transaction

That is it for this great app. What are you waiting for?

Download this sourcing app HERE to your mobile phone

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