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Xbox series 2019


Xbox series

Xbox series-The next generation for Microsoft is now Xbox which is known as Xbox series X. it has now be stated the name and comfort design on the platform at the game awards today. Its comforts look like a PC which has been seen before by Xbox also Microsoft trailer now gives a brief look at the new design.

This Xbox series X is to show it Hellblade2, the game from ninja theory which is been launched for its next Xbox. Since Microsoft has shown the design here, this industry has not shown how exactly these specs will be.

Xbox series
Xbox series

This Xbox series X is among a custom design of CPU based on AMD’s Zen 2 also Radeon RDNA architecture. Microsoft is now making use of an NVMe SSD on the Xbox series X, which makes sure it boosts the load times. The Xbox series X will manage 8K gaming, inch the frame rates are up to 120 fps in the games. Ray tracing also different renew rate support.

The Xbox One X is 6 teraflops which are of GPU performance, now the Xbox series X will be able to acquire 12 teraflops.

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If we need to talk about the controllers, the company (Microsoft) has shown the new Xbox wireless controller now, it size also shape have to rebuilt to make sure it can occupy a wider range of people also it characters, is of a new share button to make capturing screenshots and game clips easily, this is somehow small, but still, t regains the rumble triggers as said by Gamespot. The controller is working on the existing Xbox One also windows 10 PCs and will transfer it with all Xbox Series X.

Xbox series X will add Auto low latency mode (ALLM) also dynamic latency input (DLI) which will allow Xbox series X the most responsive console always.

Xbox series
Xbox series

Microsoft is now planning two new consoles for series X along with second lower prices also less powerful console scheduled with the more powerful main console. Microsoft has been operating on Xbox series X below the name project Scarlett before, now stepped the confirmation from Sony which is selecting PlayStation 5 for the name of its further console. Now Microsoft is now accepting Xbox series X will be the easiest and most operative, which will be a source of having powerful console along with Sony PlayStation 5. The design of the PlayStation 5 has not been shown by Sony yet.



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