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WonderFox DVD Video Converter | Features, Pros & Cons

A Review of WonderFox DVD Video Converter and How it Compares to the Competition

WonderFox DVD Video Converter is the best software for converting DVDs into any video format. This program can convert DVDs to any video format, at a high speed with excellent output quality.

It has a user-friendly interface and uses advanced compression technology to reduce the file size without losing any quality. WonderFox Video Converter is a great program for anyone who wants to convert video files from DVD to a digital format.

This article will review the WonderFox DVD Video Converter and how it compares to the competition

WonderFox has been an established player in the software development field for many years now, and they have created some high-quality products in that time.

Their latest release, WonderFox DVD Video Converter, is just one example of their quality work. It is not the only one in this range, however, with many other software solutions in their lineup.

What is WonderFox DVD Video Converter?

WonderFox Video Converter is the best program for converting DVDs into any video format. It converts all kinds of DVDs from standard DVD to 3D, from NTSC to PAL, from DVD to AVI, WMV, MPEG, etc.

WonderFox DVD Video Converter is a powerful and multifunctional video converter suite that converts all types of DVDs into a variety of formats, while also providing a number of other helpful features to make your media content more easily accessible.

It supports a variety of input formats such as standard DVD or 3D, NTSC or PAL, and outputs in popular formats such as AVI, WMV, and MPEG with a one-click conversion process. Additionally, it can convert video clips and photos with an easy-to-use interface.

How Does WonderFox Support Various Devices?

WonderFox is a powerful conversion software that supports over 100 devices. WonderFox converts video, audio, photo, and document files to any format you need.

With WonderFox, you can convert between various file formats. It is one of the most powerful converters on the market that supports more than 100 different devices.

You can convert your videos to mp4 or mkv, make an MP3 from an MP4 or AVI; create a GIF from an image with just one click; extract all images out of a video file; make PDFs out of Word documents, etc.

Why WonderFox Support Various Devices?

A lot of people are now switching from PC to smartphones because it offers a better user experience. The convenience of carrying your smartphone with you everywhere is unmatched.

However, not all programs and applications are compatible with all operating systems, which means you might not be able to use them when you need them the most.

In this situation, you have two options: learn a new platform or buy a new device. If you choose the latter, then WonderFox is here to help!

WonderFox offers software for Windows PCs and Macs as well as mobile operating systems such as iOS and Android, so no matter what device you’re using or what kind of content that you’re looking for, WonderFox has got it covered!

Does it Support 3D Videos?

WonderFox DVD Video Converter is a powerful utility that has been designed with the intention of converting video content from DVD, Blu-ray, or any other format into 3D movies.

It can also be used for converting video content into other formats, be it online videos or any other type of media.

WonderFox DVD Video Converter does not currently support 3D movies. However, it is able to convert 2D videos into different 3D formats such as 3D SBS, 3D OU, etc.

What Kind of Output Options Are Available To The User on WonderFox DVD Video Converter?

WonderFox DVD Video Converter offers plenty of output options for users. This includes the option to convert videos into different formats, the option to edit videos, and the option to burn DVDs.

The first output option is converting videos into different formats. The user can change the format of a video to MP4, WMV, AVI, 3GP, MOV or FLV.

What’s more, is that WonderFox DVD Video Converter also gives you the ability to change formats of whole batches of videos at once!

The second output option available on WonderFox DVD Video Converter is editing videos. Users can edit footage like trimming it or cropping it before they convert it into another format.

They can also add a watermark onto a video before they save it as a different file type.

WonderFox DVD Converter Features

WonderFox Video Converter is a powerful tool that allows you to convert any DVD video to the most popular formats, including MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, FLV, and more.

It also lets you extract the audio track from DVDs and save it as an MP3 or AAC file. It can also trim DVD videos to fit your needs.

It is time-saving and easy to use with just a few clicks!

The main features of WonderFox DVD Converter are:

Remove copy protections

Some video files come with copy protection and so you need a DVD Video Converter to help you watch them.

WonderFox DVD Video Converter is one of the top programs that can easily remove such protections and convert videos for playback on different devices.

Back up scratched DVD

WonderFox DVD Video Converter is a powerful and easy-to-use DVD ripping software that can convert any DVD to almost all popular video and audio formats, such as MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, WMV, FLAC etc. You can also use it to burn videos on a DVD disc or backup scratched DVDs.

Rip TV shows and workout and fitness DVDs

WonderFox Video Converter is a user-friendly and easy-to-use program that lets you easily convert DVDs to the best formats for your devices. However, it can help users to Rip TV shows and workout and fitness DVDs.

Solve DVD to Device issues

DVD video converters like WonderFox Video Converter can help you solve any DVD-to-device issue. WonderFox DVD Converter is a powerful and professional DVD converter.

It converts your DVDs into the most popular video formats, such as MP4, 3GP, MOV, WMV, AVI, and MPEG with unmatched speed and quality. You can also use it to edit your videos by clipping.

Intuitive and multilingual user interface

WonderFox DVD Video Converter is a 7-in-1 high-quality video converter. It includes a DVD ripper, a video converter, a digital media player, a screen recorder, etc. The user interface is user-friendly and powerful.

Up to 50X faster conversion with 0% quality loss

WonderFox DVD Converter is a powerful, professional video conversion tool for ripping DVDs and videos of various formats to popular multimedia devices. It converts up to 50X faster with 0% quality loss.

Unique decryption technology

WonderFox DVD Video Converter is a powerful and easy-to-use DVD ripper that can convert your DVDs to any formats you want, such as MP4, AVI, MKV, and more. It’s characterized by its unique decryption technology and provides high video quality and fast conversion speed.

Change aspect ratio and Smart Fit

WonderFox DVD Video Converter is a multifunctional and powerful DVD video converter software, which can convert any DVD to AVI, MPEG, WMV, MOV, MP4, and so on. It provides rich settings for you to adjust video size and aspect ratio. If you want to watch your movie on TV or other devices such as iPad or iPhone, then this software will let you choose the best.

Add or Remove Subtitles

WonderFox DVD Video Converter is a professional video converter, which can help you to convert DVDs to any popular video format. And it also has the function of adding or removing subtitles.

Ringtone maker

WonderFox DVD Converter is an application that has been designed to provide people with an easy way to convert DVDs into MP4 files that can be played on any device. WonderFox is also a Ringtone maker that can be used to turn songs into ringtones for your phone.

Enhance video, rotate video and snapshots

WonderFox DVD Converter is a software application for converting and editing videos. It can convert and edit videos in almost all formats, such as AVI, WMV, MPEG, MP4, MKV, 3GP, and more.

You can also rotate video clips to make them easier to view on your device; take snapshots of the video at any time to capture special moments; add comments to the video and draw out what you want to point out.

Merge video

WonderFox DVD Converter is professional and easy-to-use software that can convert movies or DVDs for playback on smartphones, tablets, or other devices. With this software, users can merge multiple video files into a new one to share with friends.

30-Days Money-back Guarantee

Wondering about a guarantee? With WondFox Video Converter’s 30-day money-back guarantee, you can buy with confidence.

The Bottom Line on WonderFox DVD Video Converter App – Pros and Cons for UsersWonderFox DVD Video Converter | Features, Pros & Cons

WonderFox Video Converter App is one of the best and easiest to use tools for converting video files. It has a simple and intuitive interface and also has a lot of other features including batch conversion, burning to DVD, and conversion to formats like FLV, MP4, AVI, etc.

The CONs:







+ IMPROVED AUDIO QUALITY compared to many other converts.


Conclusion: WonderFox DVD Converter is an overall good software despite some bugs. The only thing that needs to be fixed is the lack of support for converting more video formats.

This software has features that allow you to easily convert videos so you can make your own DVDs out of it. You Buy your license for a year or more here!

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