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WhatsApps Dark Mode 2019 Is Just Around the Corner

WhatsApps Dark Mode Is Just around the corner- Feature Soon Be Released

WhatsApps Dark Mode will be an amazing feature that users are long waiting for. The Dark Mode feature was introduced to the Twitter Platform and the developers of Whatsapp are working tirelessly to release the Whatsapps Dark Mode feature to its Users.

WhatsApp Dark Mode Is Just Around the Corner

Importance of Whatsapp Dark Mode Feature

The Whatsapp dark mode feature will really help WhatsApp users who are lovers of this amazing app. Since an adage said too much brightness of light that travels to a user’s eye, will lead to an issue of Eye problems.

In addition to the above-mentioned facts, you all will notice that the latest android devices or other iOS have implemented the use of Dark Mode called ”Night Mode”.

Also, individuals will be pleased with Whatsapp’s dark mode since it helps the eyes a ton. As of late, WhatsApp Dark Mode has had numerous discussions yet we are as yet sitting tight for WhatsApp to actualize the feature to fulfill its shoppers.

Which Version of iOS and Android will Enjoy this Feature?

At present, the latest update in the Beta version of Android and iOS is guaranteed the Whatsapp Dark Mode feature. If you have turned it on your smartphone, the application begins to show signs of Dark Mode.

Unquestionably, this shows the Beta responds as per your smartphone. So, if you have Dark Mode empowered, WhatsApp will execute Dark Mode in the application.

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We at Howtologintech uncover that the Dark Mode usage isn’t yet finished. They also uncover that Dark Mode just shows on the application sprinkle screen, in the discussions and the backdrop will change from white to dark.

In Calls and Settings, the application still shows white which implies the Whatsapp Dark mode version isn’t yet all over the place. At any rate, this shows that WhatsApp engineers are working to make the feature come to reality very soon. It’s very enough proof.

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However, WhatsApp has also redesigned the sprinkle screen, adding references to Facebook. The old footer in WhatsApp Settings has been redesigned to reference Facebook also.


Q: Is WhatsApp Dark-Mode available for all?

No, at the moment the WhatsApp dark mode is not available for all. Only those with the latest update in Beta version of Android and iOS are guaranteed to enjoy this feature.

Q: When will WhatsApp release the Dark Mode feature to everyone?

This has not been disclosed by WhatsApp as they are still working on perfecting the feature. However, we can expect it to be released soon considering the amount of work that has gone into it already.

Q: How do I enable WhatsApp-Dark Mode?

If you have turned on your smartphone’s Dark Mode, then the application should automatically start showing signs of Dark Mode. If not, you can try updating your WhatsApp to the latest Beta version which is said to contain the Dark Mode feature.

We hope this article was of help to you. Stay tuned for more updates on WhatsApps Dark Mode! Thank you for reading.

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