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What are pins and how does it works on Pinterest: Build a Pin: Is Pinterest free for users and Businesses How much does Pinterest cost

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What are pins and how does it works on Pinterest?

Pins are the bookmarks that people use to save ideas they have interesting on pointers, if you click through the pin after clicking the pin you will able to visit the website if you see or you discover any pins you like or you have interest on it you can click on it by clicking on the red saver at the button below to save it on your boards.

If you click on Pins it will display all the things you recently pinned, You can also add some images if yours mores as moreover the campfire to the pin, you can also add a note to show people how it works/went, you can also show people or your friend on Pinterest how it works.

You can also chat your friends up by using your Pinterest message box and you can also shearing your pin by sending with your friends truly your message inbox, if you what to see your chats or message on inbox the page on your laptop or computer if your using a mobile phone you can simply click on bell follows.

What are the thing people like to pin on most time popular categories on Pinterest are:

  • Food and drinks
  • Women’s and fashion
  • Crafts and act
  • Home decor and house furnish

    What are pins and how does it works on Pinterest: Build a Pin: Is Pinterest free for users and Businesses How much does Pinterest cost
    How pins and how does it works on Pinterest

Build a Pin

Step: 1 long into your Pinterest app on your mobile device and click on + at the bottom of the page on the first on your mobile phone.

Step: 2 click on the Pin and select any image you like from your gallery that you want to pin and click on Nest.

Step: 3 you will need to add a title, description, and destination website. You can mention up to 2 to 5 accounts on Pinterest in your description by typing “@” and then their username.

Step: 4 Now select a board for your pin and it will automatically save.

To track the performance of your image or your video pin, you need to go to your Analytics from your profile or you check out your pin stats.

Is Pinterest free for users and Businesses?

Pinterest is one of the first things you really need to no probably I will take about. Do you have to pay money to use the website? Well, there are the two types of accounts we have in Pinterest we have personal accounts and business accounts. Let’s make a look at each one of them.

How much does Pinterest cost?

How much Pinterest is free to use for both individual people and businesses. If you have a personal account is free for all user I will not cost you anything if you won too sing up nor does it cost money to use any of the functions of the website. A business account which includes special promotion and analytics functions is free as well.

If you want to know more information on Pinterest read below to learn about the different types of accounts you can sign up for. Pinterest.com

Type of Pinterest accounts

Personal accounts

Personal account is easy to tax if you are just an individual and you want to use or signing up, it free they won’t cost you any money, it’s free for you:

It creates pages of visual bookmarks is called “boards”

  • Sort your boards and pins
  • Send one of your pins to another person’s board, social media account, email, and more.
  • Upload image, videos, links and more to your boards and pins.

Business accounts

Business accounts can be the first, make sure you have a business account. Be curse it free to sing up, and you can all so get access to tools like Analytics and a special in addition to the usual function businesses can:

  • You can see many how many user or people are visiting their website and Pinterest page on Daly
  • Use “rich pins” to let the user do special stuff with the content on your website and the Apps

Place links on their on the website to take people to their page on Pinterest.

What is a Pinterest Profile?

  • If you are following someone all posts will be hone on your profile and if you have Follower if you post the will see it all so.
  • Showcase boards: choose between one and five boards to create a moving slideshow at the top of your profile.
  • Your picture and website URL also appear prominently on your profile page.
  • Pinterest Profile holds all your Boards and Pins and all your settings. Some of the information that appears publicly include:
  • Your username: appears as the words after pinterest.com when you go to your profile.
  • Your first and last optional name and business name: appears in bold letters at the top of your profile page.


How to apply for rich pins

Rich pins you can only use it if you have a validated website. This validation process doesn’t occur automatically. Instead, you will have to apply by following the process and the steps:

Step: 1 you need to add Pinterest code to your website. By using the toast SEO plugin to do it and the app allows you to add a Pinterest Meta tag as well as the option of copying and past for the necessary code from Pinterest. Once you have done that, you have enable Pinterest to review the legitimacy of your website.

Step: 2 validate your website on Pinterest. To do this, head over to Pinterest’s validation tool. Not only does that give you a preview of your pin, but it also gives you the opportunity to apply for rich pins. If the application is successful, you will get an email from Pinterest telling you your Rich Pins have been enabled.

Step; 3 you should note that this can take as long as a week or not up to a week, so don’t you don’t worry March if you have not got an email immediately. It is a pretty simple process and it’s well worth doing. You’re sure to boost engagement when you start using rich pins.

I hope you have lent what is pins and how it works on Pinterest

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If you are doing online business it will bee easy for you to make use of Pinterest form your personal business you can sing up new.

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