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Weebly.com offers Weebly website that is a platform for e-commerce, website4s and integrated marketing for creative entrepreneurs and small business owners. It is one of the most flexible website builders which is easy to use. Weebly allows anybody to build their own website quickly with ease within a short period of time.

With Weebly Website blog; You can create business website, blogs, e-commere website or just general interest websites. It is also a “Drag and Drop” website like Wix, It also makes it easy for entrepreneurs to go from idea to success, to build beautiful, mobile optimized sites and makes users sell their products and manage e-commerce and even make them grow their business with integrated marketing tools.

Weebly has tools, templates, pre-designed layout, Apps and Weebly Price – pricing option for any kind of business. On weebly, pages are built by dropping elements (images, text, maps) into the body of a page. Each elements comes with lots of customization options. Weebly is also running an App store which they call App Center.

Some of the features of Weebly website are:

  • Good Blogging: on Weebly, you can create a post by dragging and dropping the elements (galleries, maps, text, videos, quotes and many more).
  • Ecommerce: Weebly has moved into ecommerce aggressively over the few years and the results are highly impressive. Weebly has a long list of ecommerce such as improved shipping rules and estimates, automatic tax calculation, gift cards, abandoned cart recovery system, custom emails and many more.
  • Form Builder: Weebly is a great form builder. There are tons of field options: file uploads, checkboxes, text boxes, addresses, dropdowns and lots more.
  • IOS and Android Apps: Webbly has iphone, ipad, Android and Apple watch apps. You can design your entire website using the tablet and phones because they are fully featured. The apple watch is mostly for stats and store notifications (new form entries, new orders etc.).
  • News letter: Weebly is building out its own email marketing software called PROMOTE. It is a big part of weebly’s vision: ecommerce, websites and email marketing. Promote cover things like: news letter design, marketing automation and many more.
  • Membership System: Weebly is the best membership features of any website builder. You can create a private page that requires people to register with your site.
  • Multi-lingual: the multi-lingual app in the App center adds a floating icon to your website which enables visitors to change language on your website.
  • Audio Player: Weebly has provided a basic audio player with two different skins (light and dark).


Weebly Website App Store

Weebly App enables user to build and edit websites on their mobile phones, it is the highest rated website-building app in the Google Play and App Store. With Weebly App you can create, launch and grow online business or website directly from your tablet or phone. You can do a great job with weebly to create and design a website, but you can do even greater job if you know how to access weebly apps.

Weebly apps can do everything that weebly lacks.

Weebly App Store Category

weebly app store has different categories to make it easier for users:

  1. Communication

To communicate with customers and potential buyers is the next most important thing after making a sale. You need tools like polls, live chat options, comments form etc. some of the apps available here are Comments, Form Builder, PureChat, etc.


This is designed for ecommerce stores or any website trying to make money online. If you which to add payment method, online store features, order management app and store statistics, this is where you will get it. Some of the apps available under this category include PayPal Button, Order Desk, StoreMetrics, etc.

  1. Marketing

Marketing comes next for the online business after sales and communication. The amazing apps under this category that can help weebly websites with tie marketing strategy are: SEO, Advertising, Email Marketing and Professional Services.

  1. Site Tools and Features

There are more than 80 different apps to choose from this category. From adding Video/Audio apps to exciting scrolling features, you can find almost everything you may have not found under other categories. Some of the popular apps include Boo Slider, Call to Action, FAQ, Social Media, Price Chart, etc.

  1. Social

To get yourself noticed on social media platforms, get all the help under this category. Add apps like Social Sharing, Facebook Like, Testimonials, Reviews and many more to help you boost your website with social media shares and user generated content.



If you have decided to add some app from Weebly App Center, the next question is how to connect it with your weebly website. All you need is just few clicks and it is done.

  1. Go to Weebly Editor > Build > Apps > Apps Center. App center will open up on Weebly Editor
  2. You can now access App Center with different categories on the homepage like “Spikes Sales”, “Get Social”, Made by Weebly” and “Traffic”. You can sort apps by popularity, new, highest rated and free.
  3. Choose an app by clicking on the app image to go to the app page.
  4. The new page shows the details and the app description provided by the developer. There is a CTA button at the right side of the page, click “Add” in blue color.
  5. A new pop-up message will appear on the screen. Tap on “Connect” and the app will be connected to weebly site. The next thing that will pop-up is the homepage of our website in Weebly editor
  6. Go to Build > Elements > Third party to view the app that has just been added. You can now drag and drop the app anywhere on your web page.
  7. Another way to view the app is to go to Build > Apps > My Apps or Go to Settings > My Apps.

You can also disconnect any app from “My Apps” by clicking on the drop-down menu and selecting “Delete App”.

Enjoy this Amazing Weebly Website.

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