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Wedding Ring Vs Engagement Ring Which You Wear?

Do you wear your engagement ring when you get married?

An engagement ring commemorates love and commitment. It is also a subtle announcement that your big day is about to come. Till that day’s arrival, you must have grown fond of that ring on your left hand’s ring finger. It is fun to be asked about the ring and explaining the context with glee. But this ring is going to be replaced soon by the wedding ring. What should you do with the engagement ring then?

Engagement vs. Wedding Ring

Both engagement and wedding rings have the same purpose, i.e., to symbolize love and commitment. However, they are given on different occasions. An engagement ring is given, traditionally by a man, when proposing to one’s significant other. It is an announcement of a couple getting married. Whereas, a wedding ring is exchanged by the couple at the ceremony.

An engagement ring comes in diverse styles including simple designs like solitaire and intricate style like vintage rings. Whereas, a wedding ring is mostly simple, including a metal band with one or multiple small diamonds. It is a matter of preference though. Some wedding rings may feature large diamonds with intricate designs.

Many women try to get custom-designed wedding and engagement rings to complement each other while some wear their engagement ring as the wedding band also. If the latter is the case, it will remove any confusion about wearing the engagement ring while getting married.

Wearing your engagement ring while getting Married

Wedding Ring Vs Engagement Ring Which You Wear?
Wedding Ring Vs Engagement Ring Which You Wear?

These days, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to ring etiquettes or other wedding traditions. Many brides prefer to follow the traditions, but mostly it is up to one’s preference and convenience. The traditional ring etiquette for the bride is to vacate the left hand’s ring finger and wear the engagement ring on the right hand on the wedding day. The wedding ring is to go on the left hand’s fourth finger.

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This tradition dates back to the Ancient Egyptians who believed that this finger contains the vein that runs directly to the heart. After the ceremony, the bride can wear the engagement ring on the left hand’s fourth finger on top of the wedding ring. That is why many brides get their wedding ring designed to match the engagement ring to make sure that it looks good as a pair.

If you want to opt for the traditional way, but your ring does not fit on the right hand’s fourth finger, you can wear it on any other finger.

Non-Traditional Options

If you are not much concerned about following the traditions, you have multiple options.

Keep It As Is

You can keep wearing your engagement ring on the left hand. The groom will put the wedding ring on top of your engagement ring. You can change the order of the rings after the ceremony (or not, as per your preference since you are already going the non-traditional way).

If it is a religious ceremony, you might not be able to pull that off since these ceremonies do have hard and fast rules. Moreover, if you opt for this way, your wedding ring will not get its due spotlight since there is already a beautiful ring sparkling there. The same will happen in the photographs as well.

Do Not Wear It At All

You can also opt not to wear your engagement ring altogether. It will remove all the confusion. Hand over your engagement ring to a reliable bridesmaid, any friend, or a family member during the ceremony. Put it back after the ceremony—now on top of the wedding ring as it is supposed to be according to the tradition. Some brides put it in a locked box or another place to keep it safe.

If you are wearing gloves during the ceremony, not wearing the engagement ring is the way to go. The ring can snag the fabric or even rip it. Putting on the ring over the gloves is also a bad idea, as the ring can get stuck on it.

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Another option is to solder your wedding and engagement ring together. If you are going for it, get it done at least two weeks before the big day. That will ensure that the ring is shining and sparkling at its best, as it will be freshly cleaned.

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