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Watch Netflix on Android – How to Watch Netflix on Android

Watch Netflix on Android Devices  – How to Watch Netflix on Android Phones

Watch Netflix on Android if it is possible? Yes, it is so easy to watch Netflix movies on an android device. This is one of the most general streaming devices in the world also can be watched as a video from our gadget just like our tables and android devices. Watch Netflix on Android - How to Watch Netflix on AndroidIf you need to subscribe the Netflix, you need a little monthly fee actually you will need to get a free one-month account trial if this account is been created. Immediately you have an account, this requires you on downloading the Netflix app.

Get Netflix app

You will need to create an account on Netflix through your device. When you creating a new account through the app, this is a bit faster to do on a computer, when you are signing up for the first time, you can make use of this privilege to get the free trial a month.

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  • Go to your google play store on your android device, this app is present for any device that operates on Android 2.2 or higher, if you need to operate the updated version of Netflix you will need to have an android 4.4 or higher.
  • If you are making use of Samsung tab 10.1, it requires a manual download of the Netflix app through here also it is not available on the google play store.
  • Find “Netflix”. This must show up as the first result of your search.
  • Tap on install. The app is free if you can get this downloaded also installed without making any payment. This app is fast when downloading it because of its little weight.


How to make use of the Netflix app

  • Access the Netflix app then login with your Netflix account, for users who need to have an account with Netflix you will need to create an account.
  • Select your profile, if you have multiple Netflix account profile similar with your account, you are permitted to choose your profile after you are logged in. your profile is very important when you are sharing your account to your family or friends, it will let you keep your list
  • Look for many titles by clicking the search box, it is located at the right top corner of the Netflix app screen.
  • You can now browse the genres by clicking on the menu button that looks like three lines lying on each other. This will open the navigation menu. Get you to choose your TV shows also various movie genres.

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  • Click on a title to start playing the video. Immediately you find want you are interested in watching, you will click on the streaming device. All you need is a network connection to watch this in good quality. You can only watch HD videos only a few android devices.
  • You can play your video on your TV along with Chromecast. If you have the setup on your TV, you can cast any Netflix video to your TV in full HD by clicking on your Chromecast button that is at the top of your screen choose the Chromecast from the list of the present device also the video will start playing on your TV within some minutes. All you need to do is to get connected to the same wireless network as the Chromecast.
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