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Wakanda Inu Coin 2021- How to Buy | Token Price & Others

Wakanda Inu Token is the newest cryptocurrency to hit the markets. It is different than other cryptocurrencies because it functions as a pseudo-currency for digital goods. The Wakanda Inu Token’s goal to some folks is to help digital content creators earn more money for their work by making advertising more efficient.

Wakanda crypto coin is what you all will be learning about. If you have doubts and you need some clarifications, this article will expatiate more on the Wakanda Inu token. The process involves buying the Wakanda coin and the Wakanda Inu current price in the market.

Wakanda token is the first AFRICA cryptocurrency that is backed by a physical asset.

What is Wakanda INU? Why Wakanda Token?

Wakanda INU TOKEN is a BEP2 utility token designed for use on the Wakanda platform. It operates on the BINANCE blockchain and can be used for purchasing goods and services in both digital and physical formats.

The Wakanda Inu token is a new blockchain-based community meme project. The project was born out of the deep and warm consciousness of humanity.

The purpose of the [WKD] token is to create a collaborative, interactive, and decentralized environment where people can share their thoughts and ideas with others around the world.

Ubuntu is an African term that translates to “I am because you are.” This concept of unity and interconnectedness has an emphasis on the importance of community. The Ubuntu spirit embodies these principles and is thought to be one of the strongest unifying forces in South Africa.

There is an increase in the adoption of cryptocurrencies in the finance industry. The Wakanda Inu WKD is a new decentralized token on the Ethereum blockchain that will be used to drive growth in this industry. It will be used to fund projects, reward users for their contributions, and more.

Wakanda inu (pronounced wah-kahn-duh ee-new) who derives from the word “inu”, which means “dog” in Swahili. These dogs have been bred by African pastoralists to help with herding, hunting, and guarding. They would be released at night and then loosed by day. The dog would drive the prey towards a predetermined point where the hunter was waiting.

Wakanda Inu is a meme coin that was created to be a joke. It’s not just a funny name – it’s an opportunity for you to have fun investing in a meme coin! Wakanda Inu will outperform all other meme coins in the market with its superior technology and low cost.

Wakanda Inu Token Legit? Or a Bad Investment?Wakanda Inu Coin 2021- How to Buy | Token Price & Others

Cryptocurrencies and ICOs are a hot topic right now. There are a lot of new cryptocurrencies and ICOs popping up and it can be hard to tell which ones are scams and which ones are actually legitimate investments. Wakanda Inu Token is one of the legitimate tokens that many people might not be aware of.

Wakanda Inu Token (WKD) is a cryptocurrency that was created for the sole purpose of liberating people out of poverty. WKD is an actual cryptocurrency, it does have value from now on, and there was never any plan to create any value with this token in the future.

There are controversies about Wakanda Inu Token yet, despite the ongoing controversy between prominent crypto-big guys in Africa, for and against Wakanda Inu.

Wakanda Inu is a community-driven project that has been designed to bring Africans together. It has the features of an online marketplace, classifieds, and social media integrated into one.

Wakanda Inu aims to solve the disadvantages Africans face when conducting online transactions. The platform ensures that users are protected from fraud by using blockchain technology and by verifying identities through verification.

There were many facts that stipulate why Wakanda Inu token:

  1. Transactions are community-driven.
  2. Charity-oriented activities and many more
  3. Mechanism to prevent whale attacks
  4. There is no presale.
  5. No special public sale allocation for team members that makes it LOOK Scammed!
  6. 80% of the public sale proceeds to liquidity
  7. Liquidity is locked

The Wakanda INU token is an unusual cryptocurrency. It’s not based on an established blockchain and so the developers had to create their own. But this has allowed them to design it with African users in mind, from the ground up.

However, the Wakanda token gives African-based projects a much-needed boost.

Wakanda Inu Token Details – Wakanda Inu Tokenomics

Token name: Wakanda Inu Token

Ticker: WKD

Max Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000

Treasury: 750,000,000,000,000 (Monthly Burn for 5 Years)

Total Supply: 250,000,000,000,000

Token Allocation (of Total Supply):

    1. Public Sale: 36%
    2. Liquidity: 30%
    3. Charity: 4%
    4. Marketing – 20%
    5. Development – 10%

Contract address: 0x5344C20FD242545F31723689662AC12b9556fC3d 

Decimals: 15

Wakanda Inu Public Sale

Wakanda Inu Public Sale – which offers an opportunity for people to invest in our ICO and receive dividends from our tokenized currency, Waku Coin. However, details of public sales are:

  • IDO Price: $0.00000001
  • Min: 0.01 BNB
  • Maximum: 1 BNB

Wakanda Token Vesting

The token vesting process enables the ICO to distribute their tokens in an orderly fashion to incentivize long-term holding and discourage short-term speculation.

The token vesting process is a system that allocates a certain amount of the total supply of tokens for public sale and then gradually releases them over time, mainly to incentivize long-term holding and discourage short-term speculation. However, the Wakanda Token Vesting is:

  • Public sale – TGE 100%
  • Marketing/Development/Charity: 5% per quarter for a period of 5 years.

Wakanda Inu SECURITY

Wakanda Inu is a project that tries to find a way to solve the security problems of digital assets.

There are three different types of tokens in Wakanda Inu:

#1. Wakanda Inu tokens – these are tokens that have been distributed to the holders as a reward for their participation in mining, staking, and token sale. They can be used as proof of stake or proof of work and they provide a holder with the right to vote on blockchain proposals.

#2. Security tokens – these are tokens created by an external business entity that represent ownership interests in another asset such as company shares, real estate, art, or other collectibles.

#3. Non-security Tokens – these do not represent anything but the value dependent on demand and supply for it from users who want.

However, Wakanda Inu SECURITY in terms of SAFETY ARE:

  • As soon as possible, there will be an audit report.
  • World-class blockchain developers.
  • There was no presale for the Wakanda Inu token WKD.
  • 80% of the public sales go to liquidity.
  • Liquidity locked

Do You Wanna Buy Wakanda Inu Token? Enjoy!

Wakanda Inu is a token that was created on the BSC (Binance Smart chain) blockchain network. The token can only be bought on DEX, a decentralized exchange platform developed on BSC. Wakanda Inu is used to fund projects and campaigns for social good.

The Wakanda Inu token is a new cryptocurrency that can be used to buy food on the Pancakeswap app. Its innovative design of being able to buy pancakes with a blockchain currency has already had a major impact on the success of this app.

How To Buy Wakanda Crypto Token On Pancakeswap

This section of the article will show you how to use Huobi Wallet’s BSC network to purchase BNB on Huobi Exchange and withdraw it to your Trust Wallet Smartchain account.

Pancakeswap is the first Wakanda crypto trading platform that has incorporated the latest innovations in AI and blockchain technologies.

The Pancakeswap team is dedicated to providing a user-friendly trading environment for novice and experienced traders.


In order to purchase Wakanda crypto on Pancakeswap, users need to have a Trust wallet that has been funded using the Smart chain version BNB token.


By selecting Huobi Wallet’s BSC network, you can purchase BNB on Huobi Exchange and withdraw it to your Trust Wallet Smart chain account. Once you are successfully logged in to your Trust Wallet Smart chain, use the Dapp screen as shown in the below step.


For the best shortcut, you should just use the LINK https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x5344C20FD242545F31723689662AC12b9556fC3d 


Then you should copy the above LINK and PASTE it into your TRUST WALLET search bar and load it as seen in the image below:



Select Network: Smartchain. Please exchange your BNB coin that you bought Into Wakanda through BB SMARTCHAIN EXCHANGE as seen in the image below:

Wakanda Token

Wakanda Crypto Contract Address

The Wakanda Crypto is a new cryptocurrency that is based on the BINANCE smart chain. It has its own smart chain and provides a decentralized and scalable platform for making purchases and transactions.

The Wakanda token contract uses the BEP2 Binance smart chain standard and can be stored in any wallet that supports this protocol.

When a new token is created, there are always initial groups of people who will want to buy it. These people might be misled by a fake token, which may have the same name as the original token.

The fakers will create a new token from scratch, with little to no additional value, and use all of the hype around the original token to trick investors into buying their product instead.

They may do this by sending out emails or other communications that talk about the original token and promote their own token.

NOTE: There are many fake token contracts out there, but Wakanda is the real deal.

Below is the verified Wakanda inu token contract address:


Final Thought on Wakanda Token

Wakanda Inu Token is a new cryptocurrency that is going to be used as a transactional medium for the Wakanda Inu community.

The idea of Wakanda Token was born from the need for a cryptocurrency that provides easy access and affordable transactions for its customers. A lot of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, are expensive and time-consuming to use.

Wakanda Token solves these problems by providing cheaper and more efficient transactions than other cryptocurrencies on the market. It also has an advanced infrastructure and security features that provide greater safety for customers.

In addition, the Wakanda INU token is LEGIT and NOT a SCAM. You should buy some of the WAKANDA Token now so that you can smile later.

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