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Top Crypto Referral Programs you can Promote on your Blog FinanceUsNews
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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Top Crypto Referral Programs you can Promote on your Blog

Crypto Referral Programs – Top Crypto Referral Programs you can Promote on your Blog…

Crypto Referral Programs – Lots of individuals are longing to saddle the cryptocurrency website building wave. With such a large number of individuals looking to find out about the different coins and contribute it’s an incredible opportunity to snatch one of your favorite cryptocurrency WordPress themes and build your own blog. In any case, an amazing number of individuals who have already manufactured a website or blog devoted to cryptocurrencies do not understand how or for what reason to adapt to your cryptocurrency WordPress site.

Do we know that the Cryptocurrency industry now worth $237.1 billion as of 2019? Since the number is not surprising based on the scale of the industry, the exciting part is that the industry knows the worth was $128.78 billion in 2018.

The worth is approximate twice a year and will further increase rapidly with a CAGR of 32% till 2024.

Here I’m going to share with you some ideas to monetize your cryptocurrency WordPress site or blog. Please note! If you don’t have a cryptocurrency website, yet, you can easily build one using the Crypton WordPress theme. It has everything you could possibly need to build your site.

I will recommend you go through these recurring affiliate Networks you could monetize your blog with.

This template comes pressed with a lot of skins for cryptocurrency blog, diary, mentor, and a store. Each skin is decisively created to fit a miniaturized scale specialty, so you won’t need to make lots of additional structure or functionalities adjustments to make them work for you.

Before we proceed, you may want to check-out – List of Best 10 Cryptocurrency Affiliate Programs for Monetization. Let us go ahead into today’s article cryptos affiliate networks.


Crypto Referral Programs in 2020.

You are about to get the top lists of cryptocurrency affiliate programs that will work best for you this year. You may also be interested to know that there are affiliate programs that pay you a recurring commission every month – [ you can check out these Best 6 Recurring Affiliate Programs You should Market!].

Top Crypto Referral Programs you can Promote on your Blog
Top Crypto Referral Programs you can Promote on your Blog

Below the list of crypto affiliates programs pays more as well. You can make some cool money from promoting them.


#01 Wirex Referral Program

The principle purpose for the increment of cryptocurrencies is on the grounds that it filled the need for decentralized monetary forms.

Wirex overcomes any issues between decentralized monetary standards and the reality of fiat money. Users can arrange Wirex cards to work with different cryptocurrencies, and utilize the card anyplace they acknowledge Visa.

Action Commission
The user buys $100 worth of crypto $5
The user uses Wirex card in-store $5


#02 eToro Referral Network

Since consumers may know eToro through its viral advertising campaigns, in the affiliate world, it is well known for its high commissions.

Though the platform allows CFD trading, it is a decision for skilled traders.

While affiliates can allow large commissions, the commission plans depend on CPA and differ from partner to partner.

Sales Tier Commission
All sales CPA-based


 #03 Exmo Affiliate Network

Exmo is also one of the industry’s best crypto affiliate programs, it’s not only because it gives high commissions, but also because it makes trading super easy.

Affiliates get open to attractive ad banners, and their news blog supplies marketing material regularly.

Trades Commission
All exchange transactions 25% of Exmo fees


#04 Indacoin Referral Program

Indacoin is also a global platform that allows users to make payment of any of the hundreds of cryptocurrencies they render through their debit or credit card.

The organization promises the best commission rates in the company, but after their affiliate network is completed, there are no details about how much money you think can make.

Referrals Commission
All referrals Undisclosed



 #05 KeepKey Affiliate Network

Crypto traders feel to require in having a protective cold-storage wallet for their cryptocurrencies. KeepKey renders the main solution they need.

KeepKey operates with a lot of cryptocurrencies, and traders are not limited to keep crypto of one kind.

The protective wallet software and the easy-going recovery process are excellent selling points, and the reasonable price only allows it easier to sell.

Sales Tier Commission
All sales 25%



#06 Ledger Referral Program

Ledger lets some of the most premium hardware security wallets present. The products’ reconsideration and the company’s position are often the only things you require to make sales.

The wallets work with a total of about 100 crypto applications, and marketers can make use of it on the move by linking it to their phones.

Also with giving decent commissions, the company aims to grow conversion rates by offering access to striking banners and informative links and videos.

Product Commission
All products 10%


#07 LocalBitcoins Affiliate Program

LocalBitcoins allows users from all over 248 countries to purchase and sell Bitcoins for cash.

The website does not act as an exchange; it seems like local Bitcoins are traded, and the website is only a portal that allows joining in these transactions.

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LocalBitcoins explains that P2P Bitcoin transactions give a small amount of risk to carry out, and the company structure out the danger making use of an escrow wallet.

The balance portal supplies make it an easy sell. Meanwhile, the affiliate program allows you to earn high commissions based on location, the program is the best in my book.

Referrals Commission
All referred users 20% share of fees for 12 months


 #08 Paxful Affiliate Program

Marketing one of the top peer-to-peer cryptocurrency marketplace is a better hit way of making profits.

Though the platform only let the purchase and sale of Bitcoin, it bases out due to the fact that it offers its users over 300 ways to make payment for it.

Connecting the cryptocurrency affiliate program is lucrative. You get paid when your referrals make transactions, and also when the referrals make transactions.

Purchases Commission
Purchases from direct referrals 50% of the escrow fee
Purchases from referrals of referrals 10% of the escrow fee


 #09 Plus500 Affiliate Network

CFDs is one of the risky, but skill traders use them the entire time. Plus500 is a portal that allows users to trade CFDs on cryptocurrencies.

if you need to make a commission, a guest must deposit funds to their Plus500 account.

The company gives its affiliates a host of trading tools, such as the Smart Link tool that serves up a suitable landing page to the user through your link automatically.

Also if you need to display creativity, users can get access to banners, buttons, and widgets that make it grows in conversion on all devices.

Accounts Commission
All accounts Up to $800 (set by the company)


 #10 Trezor Affiliate Network

The hardware wallet maintains over 1300 different cryptocurrencies and allows users to go through their balance and authorize purchases immediately.

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The wallets are pricey, but they actually sell extremely well, mainly in the EU. The cost prices, compared with the perfect commission rates, allow their program a must-join.

Product Commission
All products 12% – 15%


#11 xCoins

While different platforms can assume days to praise Bitcoins to wallets, xCoins makes it workable for users to purchase Bitcoins in a flash.

Users can pay for Bitcoin by means of PayPal, and furthermore get their hands on it using credit cards.

70% of the organization’s customers constantly utilize their platform to purchase Bitcoins. Since the platform pays lifetime repeating commissions, you can make a steady stream of income if you showcase forcefully.

Action Commission
Purchase 50% of transaction fees


#12 Coindirect Affiliate

Coindirect flaunts competitive estimating and guarantees the absence of concealed charges. Users can trade over 4o different cryptocurrencies and can pay for transactions through bank transfer, SEPA transfer, credit card, and even mobile money.

Despite if you allude a purchaser or a dealer, you will get paid a similar commission. Be that as it may, since merchants have a superior trading volume, joining dealers is a great thought.

The platform pays its subsidiaries daily, and members win lifetime commissions. Joining the Coindirect cryptocurrency associate program empowers you to wake up additional in your account every morning.

Referral type Commission
Buyer 20% lifetime recurring
Seller 20% lifetime recurring


#13 KuCoin Affiliate

KuCoin is generally adopted. To such an extent that one of every four cryptocurrency holders globally utilize the service.

Users can trade progress using mobile applications, and the portal has a few request types for traders with a wide range of hazard appetites.

Users can purchase and hold their money, put resources into fates, and furthermore loan out their cryptocurrency for enthusiasm using KuCoin.

In the same way as other different programs on the list, KuCoin’s partner program additionally pays out lifetime repeating commissions.

Referral Tier Commission
A-level invitee 20% of transaction fees
B-level invitee 12% of transaction fees
C-level invitee 8% of transaction fees


#14 HashFlare Referral Program

Cloud mining is a generally new service that empowers users to make profits without needing to put resources into and keep up costly hardware.

The service offers different plans, and the plans interface users to mining pools. Profits from pool mining are shared relying upon the mining power the users paid for.

HashFlare has a conversion pace of 26%, and it offers great limited time material that helps support conversion rates further.

While commission rates are low, the high conversion rate and lifetime repeating commissions more than makeup for it.

Sales Tier Commission
All purchases 10%

Furthermore, with that, you’re familiar with the top crypto referral programs in the industry.

You should simply set commission objectives and advertising inclinations before looking over the list once again.

You will find the ideal programs to participate in minutes.

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