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Top 5 ways in which marketing automation increases your client conversions

Top 5 ways in which marketing automation increases your client conversions are explained for you to understand to read for every business to succeed, it is important for it to have a robust marketing strategy in place. But, developing one that works can be a hassle. That is when marketing automation comes into the picture.

Marketing automation is the process that transforms your traditional marketing practices and automates them to build an effective strategy that helps you get more customers and clients.

In fact, the US Marketing Automation software industry was a $6.1 billion market in 2019 and is expected to be doubled to be a $12.3 billion market by 2023, according to an Investor Presentation by SharpSpring Inc.

A marketing automation buyers guide will help you understand how to use marketing automation platforms to increase client conversions.

Client conversion is quite essential, especially in the B2B industry, and that is why the importance of B2B marketing automation has been realized.

Top 5 ways in which marketing automation increases your client conversions.

We present to you the Top 5 ways in which marketing automation increases your client conversions.

  • Nurtures your leads – Every visitor in your sales funnel might not necessarily be ready to be your buyer as of yet. They need nurturing. And that is why you need automation software.

These automation marketing platforms will perform email marketing automation, digital marketing automation, and CRM marketing automation in a seamless manner to nurture your leads.


  • Manages your campaigns effectively – Every company has several marketing campaigns going on, on different channels and platforms to gauge traction and traffic to their organization.

But many a time there is redundancy and friction in these campaigns because they are many in number. This makes them less effective and client conversion becomes a long shot. Marketing automation manages all the campaigns collectively to ensure there is no abrasion.


  • Targets the right audience

You will not be able to convert a client who does not even have the authority to be your client and buy your offerings or someone who has no need for your products and services. Marketing automation helps you in identifying and targeting the correct audience that will be ready to be your clients and utilize what you have to offer.

But for that, you also need to understand your own organizational needs in terms of a client base. A marketing automation buyers’ guide like Martechcube’s buyer’s guide will illuminate that pathway for you and help you in understanding your requirements and measures to meet them.


  • Improves the experience of your clients

Clients or Prospects, when given the best experience will definitely want to venture into your organization and happily transact with you.

An all-in-one marketing platform will not only simplify the processes for you but also ensure that your clients get the best-of-all experience while being in the sales funnel.


  • Integration of cross-selling and up-selling

Client conversion is not just about getting new clients; it is also about getting your existing clients to buy your new products and services. When you have a marketing automation solution in place, you will be able to up-sell and cross-sell your products easily. These solutions are designed in such a way that your organization is in constant touch with your clients even if you are not.

Marketing automation is quite critical when it comes to converting clients and making a brand name for your organization.

And it is equally crucial to identify the best marketing automation solution for your firm and put it in place. A marketing automation Buyer’s Guide will aid you in doing that too. A little investment can take your company a long way. Choose the right guide and the right platform for your firm wisely.

Martechcube’s marketing automation buyer’s guide will help you do just that. It is an all-inclusive guide that covers everything from the basics of marketing automation to help you identify the best solution for your organization.

The buyer’s guide also comes with a ready reckoner of sorts in the form of a comparison chart that will help you zero in on the right solution based on your organizational requirements.

Check it out now!

FAQs related to Top 5 ways in which marketing automation

What is the best marketing automation software?

The answer to this question depends on your organizational needs and requirements. A buyer’s guide like Martechcube’s will help you identify the best solution for your company.

How much does marketing automation cost?

Again, the answer to this question varies based on your organization’s specific needs. You can get a general idea of pricing by checking out Martechcube’s comparison chart.

Is HubSpot marketing automation free?

HubSpot offers a free version of its marketing automation software that includes limited features. For access to the full range of features, you will need to sign up for a paid subscription.


In conclusion to this post, it can be said that marketing automation is a tool that can help you in client conversion and improve the experience of your clients. It is important to choose the right solution for your organization by taking into consideration your organizational needs. A buyer’s guide like Martechcube’s will help you identify the best solution based on your requirements.

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