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Top 5 tips for strategizing your Digital Media Marketing

The Tips for Strategizing your Digital Media Marketing

Digital Media marketing is one of the best ways to promote once businesses or services. One of the leading online fashion and beauty retailers, ASOS had initiated a campaign named #AsSeenOnMe, where the customers and influencers were encouraged to wear outfits by the brand, take pictures of themselves in it, and post them online on Instagram.

Digital Media marketing

This hashtag was being used by a number of their customers, which not only helped the brand in gaining exposure but also in increasing their sales by the incorporation of a special section dedicated to this hashtag on the website that allowed users to find and buy those products easily.

This campaign resulted in the brand and its customers having access to a great deal of content which was generated by the users themselves and displayed their appreciation for the products of ASOS. This is one of the top digital media marketing strategies that cost almost nothing and results in effective outcomes.

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Today there are a number of online marketing businesses and several digital marketing agencies that assist companies with their digital marketing strategies, due to the alarming fact that 45% of organizations still do not have a defined strategy for their digital marketing. Choosing the best-suited online marketing agency for your firm is a really essential part of gaining access to the best digital marketing services. Strategizing your digital media marketing is an extremely crucial process that requires knowledge and information about the latest trends in the industry.

Let us look at the top 5 tips for strategizing your digital media marketing.

  • Accurately Target 

One of the most important things any high-performing digital marketing strategist will advise you to do is to first come down to who do you want to sell your products or services to. Narrow down to the audience that would be interested in buying your products, so that you could approach and get them ready for the purchase cycle. You can target your online marketing strategy to accurate customers, and offer them personalized digital media to help gauge their interests and attention.

2) Utilize Social Media Entirely 

The best digital marketing agencies know how important it is to have a robust social media presence and utilize it to the fullest. Social Media can be extremely powerful when it comes to digital media marketing. There are special social media marketing companies that entirely focus on optimally utilizing specific social media platforms. Sometime back, Starbucks had rolled out special filters on Snapchat that gave users the Starbucks logo on their faces. This helped the coffee company to promote their happy hour.

3) CCC (Constantly Curate Content) 

From all the digital marketing services, the one that actually sends across the message of your firm to your audience is content marketing. Content creation is highly imperative but so is content curation. If you send out routine messages that have the exact same content, regardless of if it is actually working or not, your audience is bound to lose interest. Hence, constantly curating content that is engaging to the audience and holds value to them is the best way to go about it. Like Bill Gates stated that content is where he expects much of the real money to be made on the internet.

4) Optimize Voice Searches 

We have all heard about how search engine optimization is the trending buzz in recent times. But one thing that is only now being realized and utilized is the optimization of voice searches. With an increase in IoT devices and voice assistants, users are now using voice searches more than ever. Local online marketing can be leveraged and optimization of voice searches can be done to ensure that digital media marketing performs to its maximum potential.

5) KPI, Analytics, and Pivot

Now, having discussed the methods and ways to implement effective digital media marketing strategies, let us get into how to measure that effectiveness and what to do when the strategies do not work. So, for measuring the performance metrics, you can establish some key performance indicators and compare them against the reports and analytics derived. When these analytics show that the said strategy is underperforming, you can pivot to either previously used proven strategies or come up with new ones.

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Digital media marketing strategies, when developed and implemented properly can prove to be a boon for the company. These tips can be used when developing these strategies.

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