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Tips for renting a Boat – Spend your Vacation Well

Get some tips for renting a boat while on a beautiful vacation.

Renting a Boat can be challenging, but getting some tips for renting a boat while on a beautiful vacation is an amazing and helpful clue to make use of; besides, the standard equipment like taxes and insurance policies are included when renting a boat.

types of boat

When we think about renting a boat to spend our vacations, we must take into account many factors such as:

  • The budget
  • The destination
  • The sailing experience of other people
  • The people who are going to go onboard

Another question that comes to mind that whether we rent with a skipper or without the skipper in this regard.

There are thousands of destinations that allow us to rent a boat to discover the different regions of our interest.

The Norwegian fjords, yacht charter in Greece, the warm waters of the Caribbean, and the Mediterranean give us unlimited possibilities.

Everything depends on the dates you want to sail.

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The North Sea area is the place where you can enjoy better in summer when winter temperatures are very low.

The Mediterranean is a place with warmer temperatures, and it can be enjoyed almost all year round.

In the Caribbean region, the perfect time to sail is from October to May.


Type of Boat for Rent

The choice of boat is very important so that you can fully enjoy your vacation time.

After choosing the place, you have to choose the type of boat with which you will sail and it totally depends on the offer in the area.

Here are the different types of boats:

1.    Motorboat

The motorboat is usually expensive and fuel costs must be added to the rental amount.

It depends on the type of boat’s engine and the distance traveled on the journey.

2.    Catamaran

They are generally the same length as sailboats, but they have a greater beam with less draft.

They are not so deep, so they allow you to get closer to the beach.

Catamarans offer great stability, comfort, and safety in navigation.

3.    Sailboats

It is the most famous boat for rent which provides us with the facility to sail with family or friends.

Up to 12 people can enjoy authentic sailing on a sailboat.

Renting a sailboat is much cheaper than a motorboat as you can save a lot of fuel costs.

4.    Gulets

This kind of wooden sailing boat is the most popular in the regions of Turkey. They are usually larger than a sailboat and can carry up to thirty people.

This type of boat is very comfortable with wide corridors, high ceilings, and cabins with private bathrooms.

They have a large interior lounge, with a bar and kitchen, and plenty of space in the rest zones.

They use the power of the candles and the engine to move on the water. They have a variety of modern navigation systems for a comfortable and safe cruise.

The selection of the boat will be very crucial because you will live onboard for many days and we know that living all day with friends can be tough at times. So, we suggest you select the boat together. Read More: Dating App for the 40s

Rent with a skipper or without a skipper

If you do not have a sailing license, it is better to choose a skipper for a rental boat.

Remember that the skipper counts as an extra cost that you must include in the total of your charter.

Many sailors have sailing experience but they prefer to have a professional and skilled skipper on board when renting in areas they don’t know much.

The skipper is someone who takes all the responsibility and having him on board allows you to enjoy a more peaceful vacation.

Moreover, they know special routes to discover unknown regions of your destination where you want to sail.

It is recommended to consult the licenses essential to navigate in the country of your destination and it all depends on the mode and type of boat you want to rent.

What baggage to bring on board

When you decide to rent a bot to spend your vacation time, remember that the space on board is limited.

It is recommended to carry as little luggage as possible; bring light sleeping bags and shoes with white sole so that it does not scratch the deck.

Moreover, carry comfortable clothes, some towels, swimwear, sunglasses, sunscreen, and medicine for seasickness.

Payments included

Renting a boat to spend your vacations is not very expensive. It is completely affordable to enjoy with family and friends.

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Depending on the area of the destination, renting a boat can be up to half the price of a hotel in the central area.

Besides, the standard equipment, taxes, and insurance policy are included in the rental amount, so you don’t have to worry about them.

Unforgettable memoriesTips for renting a Boat - Spend your Vacation Well

Anyway, this type of adventure is intense, unforgettable, and hilarious.

There is nothing like traveling with your best friends and family in places like the Caribbean, Greece, and the Mediterranean.

You can have a lot of fun without caring about anything and you can enjoy a richly deserved vacation.

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