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Tinder Instagram Link – How to Link Tinder and Instagram

Tinder Instagram Link – Link Tinder & Instagram Together  – Tinder and Instagram – How to Link Tinder and Instagram

Tinder Instagram Link? Yes, it is very well possible to link both Tinder and Instagram together. You may be wondering how to link Tinder and Instagram together but doing this process could be cumbersome.

Tinder Instagram Link - How to Link Tinder and Instagram
Tinder Instagram Link – How to Link Tinder and Instagram

However, when Tinder came out, users can just share their photos from Facebook. In any case, presently with Tinder Instagram, users can interface their accounts and share photos simply like Facebook. So how would I connect my Instagram with Tinder? Wondering how, right. Then read on to discover more about this process.

Tinder Instagram

A new update on Tinder application has made it possible to interface Instagram to it. Connecting your Instagram account to Tinder helps your matches look through the latest images you have on Instagram. If the profile is set to private, up to 35 photos can be shared with the Tinder app. While when made open, all your Instagram content can be viewed. Before Linking these two accounts, what are they?

What is Tinder?

Tinder is a location-based social search app and web. The service is often used as a dating service. Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps or sites you can use to discover dates for the two hookups and long term relationships. It adopts the swiping movement which involves swiping directly for like and left for dislike.

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What is Instagram?

Instagram is just an American video and photo sharing social platform which is owned by Facebook. Users create profiles to share pictures and videos from their lives, add up filters, captions, etc. Users can also discover what’s trending on the platform. It is free to use and simple to understand.


How to Link Tinder and Instagram

The process is simple. That is to say, connecting and unlinking your Tinder with Instagram is simple and fast. In any case, it isn’t really necessary. I will be talking about how to connect it, however, you would need to have an Instagram account alongside Tinder account too. Then you can interface the account by doing the below;

  • • Open the Tinder application to your device.
  • • Then tap on the icon located at the upper left side of your profile.
  • • Tap on your image to view the profile.
  • • Then hit on “Edit Info”.
  • • From the page loaded, look to the “Instagram Photos” and hit “Connect”.
  • • You would be requested to login to Instagram.
  • • Accept the permission requested by Tinder to access by hitting on “Authorize”.

If the Instagram account has been linked before to a Tinder account, an error would happen.

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How would I Unlink or Disconnect Tinder from Instagram?

If you never again feel secure about the whole connecting process, you can essentially unlink or disconnect the account. As you most likely are aware Tinder is a dating service while Instagram isn’t. So to unlike, follow the directions below;

  • Open the app.
  • Hit on the upper left side icon to access your profile on the platform.
  • Tap on your image to load your full profile.
  • Then “Edit Info”
  • Scroll down from that point to the “Instagram Photos” option and then hit on “Disconnect”.
  • To confirm the process, tap on “alright”.

Much the same as the profile would be unlinked and you would never again feel spied upon or unsecured about your privacy.

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