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TikTok Video Under Review – See Why & Steps to Solve it

TikTok Video Under Review – Why is My TikTok Video Under Review | See Reason & Best Steps to Get it Solved

TikTok Video Under Review? You didn’t know why? Many times when we uploaded our TikTok Videos and eventually it got stocked under review and you keep asking why would your Tiktok videos be under review, never bother anymore as you will see some reasons why and some facts you need to know to be sure if your Titok videos are copyrighted or not.

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Moreso, in case you are a famous creator on the TikTok platform, don’t be surprised to be faced with a ‘‘video under review” issue.

This issue usually comes up on any platform with a large number of users and for the platform to be well kept under its policy, they have to check and balance the activities of its users otherwise, the platform will be a mess.

Keeping branding and sanity won’t be possible.


In addition, as have earlier mentioned, TikTok has a lot of young folks some are even below the age of 16years, and also those popular folks are good creators of videos.

However, the TikTok video under review is quite common and has become the norm. Those famous video creators will continue to see their videos being reviewed more often before they get approved to be uploaded successfully.


This is a normal norm on the TikTok platform just a clear way of guaranteeing parents that their kids won’t see offensive and abusive child disturbing content. This method also cut off or minimizes plagiarism that most popular creators have faced in the past.

We realize that TikTok’s BOT or AI is answerable for holding your video under review.

Yet, why precisely is your TikTok video under review? if you might be asked?

It’s on the grounds that TikTok doesn’t need users to present unsafe content on their platform. Thus, to guarantee your post doesn’t disregard TikTok’s community rules. However, TikTok sometimes audits your content before it’s shared on their platform.

  • To guarantee yours doesn’t get under review, consistently follow their rules.
  • Try not to post grown-up/obscene content,
  • Never post videos that reflect Violence (crime),
  • Try not to upload content that has a place with another creator,
  • Never perform spam activities,
  • Never disregard any of TikTok’s community rules.

Presently, we will be looking at why your video is under review exhaustively and how would you be able to respond. I will talk about the potential solutions and furthermore some essential preventive measures that will be useful over the long haul. So we should get started.

What Does “Video Under Review” Stand for?

TikTok Video Under Review - See Why & Steps to Solve it

The “video under review” is TikTok’s method of locking your video or keeping it from getting any more traffic.

TikTok has a definitive authority to bring down and forever remove any video that abuses the community rules. Yet, when any of your posts simply moves toward the limits of community rules without disregarding them then TikTok holds your videos under review.

TikTok’s BOT or AI is responsible for keeping your video under review. When the AI detects lots of skin, any weapons, abusive words in a video, caption, or hashtags then it will put your video under review. This doesn’t necessarily happen just after uploading a video.

An old video with lots of traffic can also suddenly go under review if lots of people start reporting it. So we can say that putting your video under review is a way of shadow-banning or ghost-banning your video.

Next to Do When TikTok Video Is Under Review

This is apparently the question that is running through your mind now. It will be what next to do since my TikTok video is under review? Whenever you uploaded a video and it eventually got stocked under review decision, you won’t get notified.

If you have posted the video quite a while past then you will certainly never think about it. Yet, if the video is as of late uploaded, then, at that point you may see some surprising changes.

Let us see what will happen to your uploaded video immediately after it is under review on TikTok. What will happen is listed below:

  1. TikTok video view count stop
  2. You won’t be able to share it
  3. It will not appear on other FYP

Surprised? yes, these are what will happen whenever your TikTok video is under review?. You will need to understand these loops one by one.

1. TikTok Viewing Count Stop

Regardless of how mainstream the video is, and the point at which it goes under review, the view check will stop immediately.

If you have quite recently uploaded the video and the AI identifies something incorrectly then it gets stuck on zero count perspectives.

This is presumably the main sign numerous individuals will take note of after you have uploaded hard work video on TikTok and what you noticed was zero counts within a few minutes/seconds. This incredibly affects numerous creators particularly if the video is promoted.

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You put all your persistent effort into a video and due to a small mix-up, nobody will see it any longer. Regardless of whether you keep watching your video yourself, the view count check actually will not go up.

Yet, this doesn’t generally mean that your video is under review. Sometimes this issue can emerge in view of low supporter tally and idle devotees too.

2. Video will be incapable of Share

At the point when you click on the “three specks” choice on your video and try replicating the link or sharing the video to different platforms, you will confront a blunder.

It will show a message “Your video is under review and cant be shared at this moment”.

This is the most exact sign showing that your video is under review. At the point when your video is under review, you will not have the option to share it with anybody. This is justTikTok’s alternate method of forestalling approaching traffic in the video.

3. Video Won’tAppear On Other FYP

If your video is under review then clearly it disregards some guidelines and may be unappealing to some users. So to keep different users from seeing such substance, your under-review video won’t feature on other users’ For You page.

It won’t show up on the post-feed of the users that are following you. The solitary individual who will actually want to see your under-reviewed video is yourself. Yet at the same time, the view check will not go up.

Even in the wake of dealing with this load of issues, sometimes your video won’t ever get deleted nor be reviewed. Even after the AI has distinguished some regrettable perspectives in the video, the video won’t ever arrive at the authorities and the shadow boycott may never be uplifted. In any case, normally, your video will be reviewed in less than two days or 48 hours.

Top Reasons Why TikTok Video Under Review

There can be different purposes for the video under review on TikTok. Some can be serious and even lead to video cancellation and account boycott. Though sometimes this may very well be a blunder from TikTok.

How about we view some of the normal reasons? Before we begin to talk about each of the reasons, it will be advisable to list those Top Reasons Why TikTok Video Under Review. Thus;

  1. Grown-up/Pornographic Content
  2. Brutality Shown In Videos
  3. Video Violates Other Community Guidelines
  4. Video Belongs To Another Creator
  5. Spamming Activities

Having stated those possible violations, let us pick them one by one to expatiate on them in a better way for our own understanding…

Grown-up/Pornographic Content

This is one of the top reasons why your video is under review. Is either You upload Grown-up/Pornographic Content. However, TikTok’s AI checks your video prior to uploading and making it public.

While checking, if it identifies a great deal of skin then it straightforwardly finds that the video has grown-up content.

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This may sound senseless however this is the manner by which AI works. Sometimes TikTok can even hold your video under review if it has a kissing scene or clasp.

In all honesty, this may come in truly helpful if you have children on TikTok and don’t need their post-feed loaded up with grown-up content.

Brutality Shown In Videos

This is the second reason why your video is under review. Is either of you upload a brutality action that is shown in the uploaded videos. See, if your video contains or promotes brutality and self-mischief or suicides then it is destined to go under review.

Since there are many users that are under 16 years old, this can have quite an awful impact. Sometimes the utilization of firearms and blades in a video can likewise put it under review. Videos containing or advancing slaughter, creature remorselessness, criminal associations, and so forth

Video Violates Other Community Guidelines

Yes, don’t be surprised. Is either your video violates other community guidelines or rules. However, prior to uploading any video, go through the community guidelines at least once.

This is a bunch of rules containing what not to post on TikTok. If any of your videos disregard these community rules then they may be held under review if not forever brought down.

Video Belongs To Another Creator

You know clearly for sure that your video will bounce back to the review department if it was found to belong to Another famous creator. Nevertheless, numerous TikTok creators see re-uploading as a simple method to gain more perspectives. Some of them basically download mainstream videos promotion re-upload them.

This is a reasonable instance of copyright infringement. Along these lines, the proprietor of the IP(Intellectual Property) has the option to put the video down. This normally goes undetected in TikTok. In any case, if the re-uploaded video gains more popularity than the first one then the first creator may report your video and it may go under review.

Spamming Activities

You know very quite well that spamming isn’t a good act at all… If you are found to be spamming the system, the TikTok AI will notice your Spamming Activities and that will lead your Video to be under review.

Moreso, some individuals utilize superfluous and unessential hashtags in their posts. This is mainly accomplished for publicizing purposes and to expand popularity.

Likewise, any videos showing methods of artificially expanding sees, likes, supporters, shares, or comments are viewed as spam.

Tiktok additionally confines any endeavors to exploit stage mechanisms to build an association. Consequently, if your video has any of this stuff, it is more similar to be put under review.

The Possible WayOuts

Falling into nan issue on TikTok can be annoying at times and some of us can’t be too patient to wait for our Video to be under review. For any of us not to be in this mess, there are possible way-outs you will need to put into cognizance otherwise, you will always fall victim to the ”TikTok Video Under review” issue.

At times, you get confused whenever you wanted to upload a lovely video that you want your fans to see and in that process, you could not even remember your TikTok password again, in this scenario, you have to reset your TikTok password to be able to access your account.

Fortunately, there are two things that you can do after your video goes under review. The first is to wait quietly for close to 7 days.

Generally, TikTok just requires 48 hours to review your video and informs you if it is brought down or unveiled. Be that as it may, sometimes it may take a little more and you can wait for seven days.

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Then again, numerous individuals never get a reaction from TikTok. Their video remains under review always and neither gets reviewed nor removed.

For this situation, you can write a report to TikTok with respect to the issue. Therefore, follow these steps to report the issue of “video under review” to TikTok:

  • Click on the profile icon at the lower right corner of your screen.
  • Subsequent to tapping on the 3-dabs at the top right corner, you will be diverted to “settings and security”.
  • Look down and under the “support” button section tap on “Report an issue”.
  • In the top right corner, you will see a pen-cushion icon that permits you to type your specific issue.
  • Type your concern with respect to this topic and furthermore incorporate pictures if fundamental.
  • At last, hit the “report” button option and let the TikTok support group handle the rest for you.
  • If you don’t have the right approach to the application, you can likewise report the issue using their email address, infocontact@tiktok.com.

After your report has been submitted and if TikTok recognizes it then the further process will be brought out through email.

Fast WayOut

Looking at the best and fast way out, to avoid any of the listed errors or violations, this is good news for you because there is certainly something fast you can do to avoid having video stocks under review.

However, there are certain things to be done to avoid this but yet I can not guarantee you if it will work 100%. Surely this will work for you.

The arrangement is straightforward; if you realize what got you into difficulty in any case then, at that point get freed of that thing.

For instance, if you think the pointless hashtags or inscription in your post/video is the thing holding your video under review then, at that point change it.

If you think a piece of your video disregards the rules then, at that point delete the video, edit the part out, and re-upload it. This may tackle your concern. Yet, if things are more confounded then follow the steps that I have mentioned previously.

What To Do To Prevent This

A fundamental standard that applies to nearly anything is “avoidance is superior to fix“. You can apply this to your method of uploading content via web-based media platforms including TikTok. If ought to consistently keep certain principles to take no chances.

Utilize TikTok’s Editor More Often

At the point when individuals depend on the “upload” choice instead of recording a video in the application itself then things turn out badly.

You should consistently prioritize TikTok’s inbuilt editor and recorder to make videos. Yet, if you need to incorporate complex names, edits, and transitions then TikTok’s editor probably won’t be a decent choice. There are better applications and software for that. Just consider these outsider applications in extreme situations.

Utilize Your Own Content

TikTok is a fair stage and surprisingly your lipsyncing ability can make you turn into a web sensation. While some individuals have seen a positive outcome with re-uploading, some have confronted substantial results too.

So there is no reason for re-uploading viral content. Take as much time as necessary and utilize better devices for sounds and lights. Try to be just about as unique as could really be expected. This may keep your video from being under review.

Try Not No Violate The Community Guidelines

TikTok is a huge community and the number of dynamic users is expanding step by step. To keep these users intrigued and unoffended,

TikTok can take any measures. Sometimes these measures can be pretty much as light as putting your video under review however sometimes your account may get restricted. Thus, it is critical to guarantee that your video doesn’t disregard any of TikTok’s community rules.

Ending Part

You have seen all the norms and loopholes that are at stake whenever you are using the TikTok platform. However, with everything taken into account, by putting your video under review, TikTok is fundamentally shadow-forbidding you and it is not a problem.

TikTok as a rule will uplift the boycott in 2 to 3 days and your video will be back. You can likewise keep this from occurring by making sure that your TikTok video doesn’t annoy anybody. In spite of the fact that there is no precise method of recuperating your video if it simply remains under review perpetually, you can generally report the issue.

I think I have included all that you require to think about a TikTok video under review. I trust you will follow all the community rules and try to forestall this issue. Any criticism or recommendations will be generously welcomed in the comment sections below.

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