I was wondering if Textsheet still works to be a good alternative in the future.

Textsheet.com is a free tool that allows users to create content from nothing. It helps those who have no idea about what to write and just want to get something done.

Many companies use this software as a content writer for their clients as it can generate content at scale.

We are sorry to announce that TextSheet is no longer working. Why? See the reason why the Textsheet site was shutdown:

The website of Textsheet has been taken down and they’re now facing a copyright infringement lawsuit from Chegg.

The Textsheet uses Chegg’s API to find answers & present them to students. It’s highly resourceful, more convenient than ever for students, and many had no idea it was happening right under their noses.

There Are a Number of Best Alternatives For Textsheets that Students Can Use.

There are many students who may not have been able to attend class regularly. This is because they might be working more than one job, they might be taking care of family members, or they might have personal circumstances that make it impossible for them to go to school on a regular basis. As a result, these students may not know what happened in the lectures and will not be able to do well on tests

Thanks to every growing reach of online education providers on the internet, there are multiple alternatives that students can turn to.

To avoid you soaring through acres of unhelpful content, we’re giving you the 411 on 10 of the best Textsheet Alternatives we found online. You’ll get a straight-up breakdown of what to look out for and possible pitfalls that most paid programming platforms are prone to.Textsheet Alternatives 2021 | Textsheet Com Alternative

#1 Course Hero

Course Hero provides over 30 million different high-quality, content-related student resources. You find all of the resources you need for your schoolwork in one place. These are in the form of guides, research, videos, and study notes.

You can also get help with literature titles and textbooks. Course Hero offers extensive course materials in the form of textbooks, online classes, test prep material, and more. They cover numerous subjects including math, biology, English literature & writing prompts.

Course Hero is an app that helps students prepare for exams by providing guides and sample test papers. It can help you understand a subject, plan and monitor your progress, and take mock tests. The Course Hero is among our top best Textsheet Alternatives you can go for.

You can use the Classroom app to get personalized feedback on any homework assignment. This gives your students a more focused, one-on-one approach to learning, no matter what time of day!

Unlike most other sites that charge a monthly fee, Course Hero doesn’t. There is, however, an ‘earn free access’ feature where you can access materials after uploading your own content. This will enable you to make it work if you struggle to pay the subscription cost.

Website: https://www.coursehero.com/

#2 Slader 

Slader is one of the most popular homework assistance platforms for college students. It is free to get help with your homework on their website https://slader.com/

It is great that this company offers all the functions that students are used to at a low cost. It also gives access to thousands of textbooks and walkthroughs for most questions students might have in class. Students can use the search bar to find out where their textbook is in the library. Slader is among our top best Textsheet Alternatives you can go for.

CalcTutor is a free online math tutor that specializes in upper-level math, high school math, science, social sciences, literature and English, and a few foreign languages.

The app is available on both the Android and Apple app stores as well as for desktop computers on Windows.

Website https://slader.com/

#3 PaperHelp

PaperHelp is fundamentally different from Textsheet in the way it functions. Students looking to use the online platform are primarily looking for research papers, not term papers.

This service is primarily for Ph.D. students, but high school & college students are also welcome to use it. They have teams of writers specialized in all different topics, so you can pick one that suits your needs. If you feel writing papers is boring or a waste of time, then this is the perfect gig for you!

Based on your specific needs, PaperHelp can provide you with essays and other writing services. Contact us here and we’ll be happy to discuss those details with you. If the details of your order are unclear, all you need to do is enter them and PaperHelp systems will calculate everything.

All queries or queries about your order can be directed to our customer care and we offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied. PaperHelp is among our top best Textsheet Alternatives you can go for.

If the service you received is not satisfactory, please contact our customer support team. Our customer support team is on hand 24/7 to offer help on any immediate issues you may be encountering.

#4 Chegg

If you liked Textsheet, then you’ll love Chegg. The online platform has the biggest market share of users in the USA and many more features that Textsheet doesn’t have.

The company also took down Textsheet, after it sued the company for copyright infringement in 2019. Just like the previous platform, it has a huge database of student resources and test preparation guides.

If you love reading, check out this bundle of eBooks from Chegg. You can save a bunch of money and they’re stocked with a lot of different titles. Another option you can explore is to sell your old textbooks back once you are done with them. It’s easy to find the books you need and we also offer support 24/7. Chegg is among our top best Textsheet Alternatives you can go for.

Chegg offers a week trial period for their new users, plus a number of student packages are available. Student services include textbooks rentals, homework help, scholarships & more to being with.

The software is available for PC and mobile devices in the respective website or App stores.

Website: https://www.chegg.com/

#5 Crazyforstudy

CrazyforStudy is an app that helps you learn English quickly and easily. It provides an interactive game to help you with your vocabulary, grammar rules, reading, and writing skills. Crazyforstudy is among our top best Textsheet Alternatives you can go for.

CrazyforStudy is an app that helps you learn English quickly and easily. It provides an interactive game to help you with your vocabulary, grammar rules, reading, and writing skills.

CrazyforStudy specializes in work with high school students and can help you find a tutor or recommend a course for any subject. This service is for students. It has more than 50 million books in its database, giving you search options that are easy to navigate through. Text sheet covers all of the major needs students have!

With all different types of prep tests to choose from, the platform offers practice, exams, and course material for students. These include subjects like math, science, engineering, and much more. Studying in Australia? This platform is focused on helping students that are looking to receive higher grades, become more efficient & stay up-to-date with their studies.

Helping get their service off the ground, SmartStudy currently has a number of promotional offers for new customers. For example, first-time users will find that they have a lot of great promos on study material and resources that are not available anywhere else.

Website: https://www.crazyforstudy.com/

#6 Studylib

Studylib is a learning management system that has been developed by Studylib International. It is designed to help teachers and students to manage their courses better. Studylib is among our top best Textsheet Alternatives you can go for.

It can be used as an LMS for small-scale or one-to-one online courses. It also has some features for larger-scale educational institutes, such as corporate training and MOOCs.

What Makes Studylib Different From Other Learning Management Systems?

studylib includes various features that can be used for different purposes. For instance, it provides the ability to create courses, exams, and certificates; track students’ academic performance; manage study groups; provide feedback on students’ achievements; offer on-demand online tutoring sessions; collect assignments and homework tasks; set deadlines on assignments and tasks; assign readings to students at any time during the day or night.

Studylib is a learning management system that is designed specifically for educators. To help you better understand what makes Studylib different from other LMS, we have prepared a list of their key features. Thus;

  • Completely free to use
  • Personalization module
  • Integration with Moodle and WordPress
  • Lessons, quizzes, and surveys
  • Online classroom

Website: https://studylib.net/

# 7 SparkNotes

Sparknotes is a company that offers educational services through its learning management system. The company provides tools to help students learn course material for school and academics.

The Sparknotes Learning Management System (LMS) is an online learning platform that helps students learn course material for school and academics.

Sparknotes has been a popular source of study notes and homework help for students since 1999. Sparknotes LMS gives teachers the opportunity to create courses, assign tasks, and monitor student progress all through a secure website.

This LMS includes interactive study guides, videos, practice exams, and other digital tools to help students better understand the subject matter. SparkNotes is among our top best Textsheet Alternatives you can go for.

Thousands of students and educators around the world use SparkNotes for help with homework, studying, and general education. SparkNotes is a website and mobile app that provides study guides and summaries of various books, movies, TV shows, video games, and other forms of media.

Website: https://www.sparknotes.com/

#8 Coursera

Coursera is an alternative to Textsheet. Coursera is a global online university. It’s an education platform that hosts courses from more than 140 universities, colleges, and other organizations.

Coursera is an online education platform that allows anyone around the world to take courses in subjects like business, psychology, public health, law, data science, and more for free. Courses are taught by professors from the best universities across the globe.

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What Coursera does is provides a learning management system that enables learners to access quality courses from anywhere in the world. Coursera host a wide range of courses including Computer Science, Business, Public Health and Medicine, Law, and Social Sciences. Coursera is among our top best Textsheet Alternatives you can go for.

If you’re a researcher, Coursera is a great place to do your research. They provide access to an enormous range of useful resources right at your fingertips. If you’re a graduate student, this website has a vast amount of study material that you can use to collect research for your paper or find information about a topic.

Coursera is available on both Android and iOS. The best part about their service is that the web version of the platform consists of more than 600 hours of content for any skill level. You can sign up for a user account with Coursera for free, but they also offer premium service packages at different price points.

Website: https://www.coursera.org/

#9 Quizlet

Quizlet is a free educational service that provides a comprehensive learning experience. It allows users to create, study, and share flashcards. The service is available for both desktop and mobile devices, with the mobile app being a leader in the education sector. The platform helps students improve their academic performance by making it easier to retain information from textbooks, lectures, and other course materials.

Quizlet provides educators and learners with the tools they need to make studying more efficient and enjoyable. Quizlet’s study tools help learners prepare for tests, ace homework assignments, and gain mastery of skills through spaced repetition. Quizlet is among our top best Textsheet Alternatives you can go for.

Quizlet is a free study tool that can help students learn more about any subject. It works to make studying more interactive, engaging, and enjoyable. Quizlet offers flashcards for all subjects, practice quizzes for any subject, audio pronunciations to help with foreign language courses, and personalized study plans to help students stay organized.

Quizlet provides a search engine & database for studying and a testing platform. It also has a great range of material to help with syllabus review, exam preparation, and exam cramming.

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Quizlet has one of the most extensive collections of question papers, covering over 150 countries across the globe. Quizlet also has over 50 million active users who can learn with guidance from other tutors online.

The platform has a variety of essay and research writing services – they cost money, but it’s definitely worth it. The writers on the site are professionals and you can also be assigned a writer based on your expertise and requirements.

Quizlet is a platform for studying and teaching, with features such as flashcards and study sets for students and teachers. The app has been downloaded more than 100 million times and there are more than 20 million study sets on the platform.

The service comes with a 15 day trial period which offers all the study material and resources for free. It is advisable to try out the 15-day free trial before committing to a subscription. Owning to the highly specialized nature of our service, other competing services might be more appropriate for your business needs.

Website: https://quizlet.com/

 # 10 Collegeboard

Collegeboard is an organization that offers digital content and services to help students prepare for college and the SAT.

The company was founded in 1900 with the vision of developing a standard test to assess academic proficiency for admission to colleges and universities in the United States. Collegeboard is among our top best Textsheet Alternatives you can go for.

The organization has grown considerably since then, but its core mission is still focused on creating, delivering, and globally sharing with educators, parents, students, counselors, and policymakers the most effective tools for student success at every level—from preschool through graduate school.

We hope this paragraph has provided you with some information about Collegeboard’s history as well as some insight into what they do today.

Collegeboard is an alternative to Textsheet for students appearing for their SAT exams. It provides over 6,000 practice questions in math & reading to prepare them for the exam. You can find courses and lesson notes from top schools. The platform also has quizzes that help you prepare for the SATs.

Alongside is an online education platform, Collegeboard offers discounted texts and a book exchange service. They cover advanced math, physiology, history, and many other subjects.

Collegeboard is available for Android and iOS, has more features than other options on this list, and offers a great learning experience that won’t break the bank.

Website: https://www.collegeboard.org/

Textsheet FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about Textsheet.

What is a Good Alternative for Textsheet.com?

Since Texsheet has shut down, we clearly understand that you might be looking for similar sites like textsheet. You can use any of the alternatives that we have listed from one to ten. Using any of these has no issue or problem. Some of these require you to pay a fee while others ask for a handful of subscription fees.

Is There a Textsheet Alternative Yet?

There is no exact alternative that functions exactly like Texsheet. We advise you should use any of the paid learning system platforms. using what we have mentioned above will serve you well instead of looking around for Textsheet’s new URL.

What Is Textsheet?

Textsheet is a free, online learning management system for schools, colleges, and universities. Textsheet can be used by teachers to design lessons for their students. It is available as an open-source platform so it can be downloaded & installed locally. Textsheet has been built with simplicity in mind so it is easy for educators to use.

Textsheet was an online platform for self-directed learning where students could get answers to their course questions. The website did not provide content for courses but rather hosted information that other people had created (answers to homework, videos explaining concepts).

Students looking for specific answers could enter them on the search bar and look through the results. Alternatively, they could also go to a link for a particular course and see if their answer was there.

This tool proved to be extremely useful for students. It helped them to gain new insights into subjects they struggled with and also gave them access to a wide selection of answers where they could check their answers, so they can improve their learning skills.

Textsheet was created as open-source software and was soon adopted on campuses and in project and homework assignments.

What Happened To Textsheet.com?

Up until now With Textsheet quickly becoming a hit among students, with millions looking to access the platform on a daily basis.

The site faced a lot of problems and eventually fizzled. It was receiving more users every day and that brought attention, which leads to legal issues. A formal complaint has been filed accusing the owner of copyright infringement.

In 2016, a hacker was able to shut down the site and with it, left many students who depended on this site unable to do any work.

Is The Service For Textsheet Alternatives Free? 

Yes, the service is free of charge. Textsheet’s design may have been innovative at the time, but it did not cover all legal needs which led to the closure. This made it the perfect platform for students who are looking to complete their homework free of cost. Copyright infringement is also an issue, which is why you should be careful what you share to avoid any legal problems.

TextSheet, after being brought down by the lawsuits, is no longer good. Gone are the days when it was actually popular. On the other hand, you may find that there are alternatives that offer their service at a price. Some offer better rates than others.

Conclusion on Textsheet Alternatives

The end of Textsheet has been on the horizon for a while now. The company has been struggling with its finances and had to make some tough decisions to stay afloat. Since Textsheet has shut down, but there are many other online education platforms taking its place.

Several of the services on this list come at a small cost. They are not, however, 100% free to use, unlike Textsheet. Keep in mind that many of these services have a free version with limited functionality. It’s then up to you if the service is worth upgrading for or not. So, think carefully