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TaxiGoAfrica – Register Vehicle & Ride With TaxiGo App

TaxiGo Africa App – You Can Register Vehicle Or Ride With TaxiGo Africa Drivers

TaxiGoAfrica also is known as TaxiGo Nigeria – Register Vehicle & Ride With TaxiGo Nigeria  –  This is great news to all TaxiGo Nigerian Entrepreneurs who own personal vehicle(s) and for those that already a taxi driver that want to grab the special cake offer that was brought to the country by Taxigo official called Taxigo Nigeria and GoAfrik Ltd. However, with the help of taxigo, personal vehicle owners and already owned taxi drivers can register for TaxiGoAfrica App to enjoy assign free customers on the go.

TaxiGoAfrica - Register Vehicle & Ride With TaxiGo App
                                               TaxiGo Africa – Register Vehicle & Ride With TaxiGo App

TaxigoNigeria and GoAfrik Ltd are here to help all business-oriented clients to get daily stable income as much as they are willing to achieve their desire needs.

TaxiGoAfrica had promised all her passengers that when you ride with TaxiGo Drivers you get the following qualities services such as:

  • Passengers will be connected with only legal and professional taxi-drivers with their tested, friendly, reliable and trusted application.
  • You can get your taxi even without internet
  • TaxiGo apps are the only app in Nigeria where passengers can still order a taxi with 2 – Options; either by calling or by choosing in-app.
  • TaxiGo Africa drivers are indigenous
  • Co-owned and brought to you by God-fearing and patriotic Nigerians, thereby TaxiGo will serve to protect Nigerian culture.

TaxiGo App Download

Passengers can easily download the Taxigo app to get all promised features as they book a taxi. Users should visit their Play store to download the Taxigo Africa App or VISIT HERE to download in other to book for the taxi.

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Why You Should Register For TaxiGo App  As A Partner

  • Individual driver or companies will have Freedom to choose your pricing model.
  • Also Freedom to work with your brand and identity.
  • There will be competitive and transparent commission. However, statistics and fare prices are accessible from the Driver’s app.
  • Prompt weekly payment to Drivers.
  • Access to 24 hrs. Technical support via mail/Text or Call.
  • After you or your company (could be company contract) have taken 100 rides in Taxigo network, this will give you chance of getting European e-residence ID card. It will help you ta start business in Europe. If interested please feel free to write to Taxigoafrica @ goafrik@goafrik.com
  • Drivers or companies will be require to tell their business ideas with Europe to Taxigo.After which you will be contacted personally by email or phone for details needed to apply for European E-residence (technically Estonian e-residence, because it’s the only country in EU that offers E-residency).

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How To Register And Partner With TaxigoAfrica

Having made up your decision in registering for Taxigo App, the following steps are to be follow when so sign up for TaxiGo App as a partner:

  • Visit TaxiGo Nigeria official page Here
  • Scroll down to where you see Sign up as a driver or Click HERE
  • Supply necessary driver details such as: Full name, Phone number, E-mail, Residential address, drivers’s licence number, Bank Account number, Bank name etc
  • Click Next, submit and
  • Wait for Approval.
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