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Smile 4G LTE APN Settings On ZTE, Spectranet 4G Devices

Smile 4G LTE APN Settings On ZTE, Spectranet 4G Devices

Smile 4G LTE APN Settings On ZTE, Spectranet 4G Devices – If you all have 4G LTE Devices like ZTE, Spectranet 4G LTE Device, MTN 4G LTE Device, SWIFT 4G LTE device, etc that are already UNLOCKED and peradventure your other 4G LTE devices is faulty especially Smile Faulty devices and you still have Data on the Smile Sim which you would like to use in case of expiring date.

However, the good newsSmile 4G LTE APN Settings On ZTE, Spectranet 4G Devices here is for those that already have other unlocked 4G LTE devices and need to use their Smile Sim on it. We will give Smile 4G LTE APN Setting On ZTE, Spectranet 4G Devices in this article. Read on!

Smile 4G LTE APN Settings On ZTE, Spectranet 4G Devices

What prompted this article is because of my Smile faulty device that had swollen and whenever I switch it on; it’s standing still indicating ”Smile” and it will remain freeze until the battery becomes empty.

Meanwhile, we already have Huawei ZTE 4G LTE device that we have been using our Ntel Sim in with Ntel 4G LTE APN Setting and had been working perfectly.

We also have Spectranet 4G LTE device but the Spectranet device we have, Smile Sim can not work on it. So, we decided to use the Huawei ZTE 4G LTE device to insert our Smile Sim.

Below is the Smile 4G LTE APN Setting that works Perfectly well on it:

  • Insert the Smile Sim in the 4G LTE Device
  • Switch the device on
  • Connect your PC Wifi to the device
  • Visit in the browser and;
  • Insert your Admin Password
  • Go to Wifi Setting and click on ”Add New”
  • Use Smile Nigeria as your Profile name
  • APN name, use ”internet”
  • User name and Password ”leave blank
  • Protocol type choose ”CHAP”
  • Click on ”Set As Default”

Congratulation! Smile Network just appeared and you can now browse speedily.

Before you go; let us look at Smile APN Settings on Android

Smile 4G LTE APN Settings On Android iPhone

Smile Nigeria 4G LTE Internet setting and MMS APN Settings for any USB Device SMiFi Android, iPhone, HTC & Windows phones that are 4G enable devices. Follow Smile APN Settings below for those devices:

  • Go to Tools->>Options->>new
  • Add a new profile and enter the following
  • APN: internet (small letters)
  • Access Number : *99#
  • Username: leave blank
  • Password: Leave blank


Smile 4G LTE APN Settings for Android

On any of your 4G Android Smart Phone, to setup smile 4G LTE apn settings, follow:

  • Go to – Settings -> More ->>Mobile Network ->> Access point Names ->> + ( to add)
  • Name: Smile Telecom
  • APN: internet
  • Proxy: Not Set
  • Port: Not Set
  • Username: Not Set
  • Password: Not Set
  • Server: Not Set
  • MMSC: Not Set
  • MMS Proxy: Not Set
  • MMS Port: Not Set
  • MCC: 621
  • MNC: 27
  • Authentication Type: Not Set
  • APN type: default
  • APN protocol: Ipv4


Smile APN Settings for iPhone Device

To go about Smile APN Settings on your iPhones you have to follow the guide here! In your Apple iPhone go to Settings ->> Cellular ->> Cellular Data Network ->> APN and enter the following:

  • APN: internet
  • Username: Blank
  • Password: Blank
  • MMS: empty
  • APN: blank
  • Username: blank
  • Password: blank
  • MMSC: blank
  • MMS Proxy: empty
  • MMS Message Size: blank
  • MMS UA Prof URL: blank

Try to connect to the internet. I’m sure by now you are already enjoying the speed light of Smile Nigeria Internet. If you find this article useful, do share it below!

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