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Sling TV App | Sling TV Review, Sling TV Packages

Sling TV App | Sling TV Review, Sling TV Packages

Sling TV App | Sling TV Review, Sling TV Packages  –  Sling Tv is a TV streaming service and also very cheap. It allows you or better still provides you with your favourite channels. Sling TV allows you to watch anywhere, anytime on your mobile device.

Sling TV App | Sling TV Review, Sling TV Packages
Sling TV App | Sling TV Review, Sling TV Packages

Here Are Some Of The Packages On Sling Tv: Price, Channels, A Nd The Streaming

For the sling orange package;

The price is $25 monthly and it has more than25 channels

For the sling blue package;

It is also $25 monthly and also has more than 42 channels

While for the sling orange + sling blue, you have access to 48 channels. This package goes for $40.

How To Download And Install Sling Tv App On Your Mobile Device

For those of us that our mobile devices are compatible with GOOGLE PLAYSTORE Read More; Best Buy TV | Home Theater and TV –  www.bestbuy.com

Firstly, open google playstore

In the search section, type the name of the app “SLING TV”

Click on the download section

After downloading, google automatically installs the app for us

Lunch the programme and get started

For those of us with no GOOGLE PLAYSTORE on our mobile device,

Go to www.google.com

Google will direct you on how to download the app. After downloading the app, launch the app and get started.

There is a package on Sling TV known as Roku Express. Somethings you need to know about this plan. Read More related; Hulu TV Channel Review | How does Hulu TV Works

  • For two months, you must make a pre-pay right from where you start.
  • You will definitely be charged after the two moths you put in for is due unless you cancel. Once your account is charged, no funds are issued
  • You definitely need a different device for every TV only if you have a smart TV is when you don’t need that.

Sling TV App  Channels

Sling blue gives you additional channels more than you get on sling orange and they are for the same price. Some of the difference between the channel they provide is, sling orange gives you channels like Disney and ESPN while for the Sling blue you will be provided with channels like the FOX and also the USA. READ MORE: Trackable Google Map | Track Your Android Phone

For the sling orange + sling blue, just as the name it gives you the addition of both the sling orange and sling blue channel and they function the same way they do on their own. The sling blue can also give you local options like FOX if they are available in your community.

There are lots of sports channels which sling TV offers. Some of the channels are

Motorsports.tv, stadium, outside television, ESPN bases loaded, ESPN goal line, NBA TV, SEC Network, PAC 12 and so on.

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