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Site Speed Test | Check WordPress Site Speed Now

How To Check Your Site Speed Test | Check WordPress Site Speed Now

Site Speed Test is very essential to all that want their website rank well on Google for users to see what they do and what the site offer. It is the duty of website owner to make sure that website speed should have a very encouraging and recommended percent else, low site speed test score will lead drop in site traffic and also lost in sales.

However, it is all about site speed these days online.  Users online want to browse website as fast as possible else they will be fed-up and switch away from your website if the website speed score is poor.  Also Google gives better ranking to site that is very fast.

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How To Check If My Site is Fast or Slow

We will discuss now on how to check your website speed test to see if it’s fast, very fast or slow. In doing that there are some sites with tools to check your site speed ASAP after reading this article. However, we have put together some site you can use to test the speed of your site.

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You can check out few sites below to check the Site speed test of your website.

  1. https://gtmetrix.com
  2. https://tools.pingdom.com
  3. http://www.webpagetest.org
  4. http://www.monitis.com/pageload

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Having check your website speed, you will be wondering on how you can speed up your site to meet standard. There are some tools or plugins you can use without hiring any website developer. Read our next post on how  to speed up your site in  5 simple steps. The article will help website owners to fix any slow site issues especially wordpress sites.

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