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Showbox APK



Showbox-The most general and operative streaming platforms for smartphones are Showbox. This is the most well organized and free tool which is for android users to acquire their video. Though, phones and mobile devices have a single limited in-built storage also downloaded video stream that absorbs a large amount of space: 1 or 2 GB for a movie which is of high resolution is somehow common also most people like some leftover space for the file rather than shows and movies. Upgrading of the phone can be done so you can increase the in-built space of your storage, actually, this includes buying a whole new phone also paying expensive price premiums for an extra few gigabytes.

How to download Showbox | Showbox APK

This app is not available on Google play, due to the fact that this app can be mishandled to watch copyrighted material. As stated by Showbox, you can get this on your device with the help of sideloading it. Showbox APK file is meant to bounce through the internet, recently, you can now find the APK by clicking on this link here  Showbox, actually, this might change. A perfect spot where you can get this approved publicly is Reddit, mainly this link here subreddit.
Where do download manager to save files on android

Let check how to download manager

 You will need to access the Showbox application after you will find the movie which you need to download.
 If you need to download a movie, select the video quality which you need below the film description


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 Immediately you get your movie and choose the quality, click on the download button also the movie will start downloading.



 Now you will need to locate then Showbox menu, this is by the horizontal lines at the upper left corner of your android device screen then click on it.



 Then you are in the menu, scroll down to downloads and click on it. This where you see the movies which you have saved to your device through Showbox. Through default, is where your download manager kept new files that arrive from your phone.

Now you have known how to download Showbox movies also where they move to by default.



How to download movies from Showbox

Download “advanced download manager”, you will be given the option to do direct downloads to your SD card. You will need to create a folder for your Showbox goodies then locate them to ADM, which will straightly be attached to your SD card. If you need to check and ensure you have downloaded Showbox movies or shows to your SD card, you can check the location on the SD card through the download application on your android device.

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