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Sell on Mercari -See Step-by-Step Guidelines 2022

Do You Want to Sell on Mercari? – See Step-by-Step Guideline on How to Sell on Mercari. Selling on Mercari could be a bit challenging. Why did I say challenging? This is the fact because some of the Mercari users, especially newbies looking for ways to sell on Mercari.

If you are a newbie or just a folk that is looking for a way to sell stuff on Mercari, this post is the best suited for your search.

Gone are the days when we were limited to simply Gumtree, Redsquare, and eBay when choosing to sell an unused family item or track down a less expensive intention to buy family items. There are presently so numerous online buying and selling portals like Mercari, OfferUp, Facebook, or Vinted. In this article, we will zero in on how to sell on Mercari.

I will cover all you require to think about how to sell on Mercari. This will incorporate how selling on Mercari works, transporting with Mercari, how to get paid on Mercari, and significantly more.

Before we proceed further, you will also discover some frequently asked questions concerning selling on Mercari platform such as:

  • How does selling on Mercari work?
  • How much does it cost to sell on Mercari?
  • What to sell on Mercari?
  • How to find a seller on Mercari and more of the questions you might have that are bothering your mind.

in spite of all these, let us dive into the main purpose of this post.

How Does Selling on Mercari Work?Sell on Mercari -See Step-by-Step Guidelines 2021

As I had mentioned earlier, you will discover full reports or details of how selling on Mercari works. You will just have to sit back and read this article carefully.

However, there are 3 stages that are involved whenever you want to sell stuff on Mercari, these stages include;

  1. Selling Stage
  2. Shipping Stage and;
  3. Getting Paid Stage

It will interest you the reader to note these stages and we will be discussing deeply each of the stages in the below paragraphs

Selling Stage

As the name is called, it is the stage where you already set with all your items and they are already listed to be discovered and for selling… Before you key to this stage, you must first create a Mercari account in case you do not have an account created yet.

Shipping Stage

As the name is called, it is the shipping stage where you will have received an order, and the items sold are already arranged and ready to be shipped.

At this stage, a seller does not need to meet the buyer, what it requires is for you to buy shipping through the Mercari shopping platform for s safe delivery.

You didn’t expect anything different from this. You are using this platform and for the platform to be sustainable, they have to be the agent to handle the shipping to retain branding.

The Getting Paid Stage

Since you have made the shipment to Mercari and items are confirmed as it is on the order form, You will then get paid as a Seller immediately after the buyer has left you a rating. This act will tell Mercari that the item is already been delivered and received by the Buyer.

Not cleared yet? Just don’t worry, we will get into the detail in full in this post.

What to sell on Mercari

If you are among the folks that have been asking this question on What to sell on Mercari, you have your answer here.

Do you know you can sell most house appliances you own? Yes, those used appliances that you wanna dispose of to the public. There are people out there that can afford what you are enjoying presently. Below is the list of items that you can sell at Mercari online shopping mall. Thus;

  • Women wear
  • Men wear
  • Toys
  • Kids
  • Electronics
  • Home Appliances
  • Beauty Cosmetics
  • Sports
  • Vintage,
  • Handmade and so much more.

There are so many product categories that Marcari’s online shopping marketplace offers, that suit any items you have. These items can either be New items or Used items.

How to Sell on Mercari

Before we go into how to sell on Mercari, you need to do a couple of things first; they are quite direct, relax!

A. Create an Account

Yes, You will have to create an account with Mercari before you begin venturing into anything sales with Mercari. This is the absolute initial step you need to take towards selling an item on Mercari. You can either make an account by downloading the app on your mobile telephone or you can make it on a web browser either on your mobile telephone or a desktop/laptop PC.

When you have successfully made an account on Mercari and endorsed it into your account go to your profile and view to get yourself acquainted with the tabs on the Mercari application/website.

You’ll discover lots of information on your Mercari profile. You ought to have the option to see any coupons you have, there is additionally a trust and verification bar that Mercari uses to show the amount of Identity approval checks you have imparted to them.

For instance, uploading three sorts of ID verifications, for example, your driver’s license gets you a purple safeguard next to your name on your Mercari profile. The more information you give about yourself the quicker you’ll get your cash delivered subsequent to selling an item to a buyer.

B. Make a Listing on Mercari

This is also part of how Mercari works! Since you have the Mercari application and your Mercari login details, it’s an ideal opportunity to take sufficient clear photos of the items you’d prefer to sell and list them on the website.

If you don’t know the amount to charge for your items, go on the landing page and search for a comparative item on Mercari, this will give you a thought of what to charge it’ll likewise help you sell quicker if you set a competitive cost.

It’s qualified to take note that items with a truck symbol next to the set cost have free conveyance, so put this into thought when setting your list cost. Ensure you add sufficient words to portray the item/s you need to sell, add information, for example, the brand name, the make, and model, and even shading.

To make a listing on Mercari, click the radiant orange Sell tab on the application, it’s at the center top of the landing page.

Upload the unmistakable pictures you’ve taken, enter the title, condition, brand, classification, and a compact depiction of your item, and extra no details, this will furnish expected buyers with each information they need and will sift out time killers.

How Many Items Can I List on Mercari?

Listing on the Mercari platform is free of charge. Yes, you heard me right. You can list any item you have to sell on Mercari for free!

However, you can only list for free if your listed items are more than twelve items. This implies that you can list as many items you have but you will only pay if those items are not up to twelve (12).

You can say how will I pay since you are not sure whether your items will be sold or not. You do not have to worry if you have items that are less than 12. You will only pay for these items if you have sold them and get paid.

Isn’t it amazing? Enjoy listing…

Shipping With Mercari

You can’t figure out how to sell on Mercari without including how to transport your sold items. At the point when you are finished uploading photos of your items and have likewise completely depicted them, your next errand will be to set your shipping inclination for the listed item.

In the wake of entering your ZIP code, Mercari systems automatically make an expected shipping cost depending on the information you have added to your listing. To see a breakdown of the shipping gauge tap the Nationwide Shipping tab simply under the Delivery section.

Next, you will see a suggested shipping name shown at the top of the page. Examine it, it’ll probably figure out what conveyance cost you will set on your listing. Offering free conveyance and adding the conveyance charge to the cost of the item may draw in more buyers.

When you are content with the cost of the item and have considered the conveyance cost, set your list cost. Just beneath the cost, you’ve set, you’ll see a breakdown of the total charges and your expected income.

It’ll likewise show if you have selected the Mercari shipping label. Once you are content with the set value tap List and your item will go live.

How to Ship on Mercari Online Shopping Mall?

When you get a buyer on Mercari and your item sells, Mercari automatically denotes your item as sold. You should send your item within three(3) business days.

If you choose to utilize a prepaid name on Mercari, tap “Make Shipping Label”, once made, print it and stick it on your shipping box/sack. Ensure you buy the right shipping name for your item else you may get charged an additional expense. If you choose to utilize your own postage name, remember to give the shipping name tracking information to Mercari.

When the item is followed as conveyed, the buyer has three days to confirm that they have gotten the item as depicted on the listing. The buyer likewise gets to rate you the seller, It’s essential to get great appraisals as this will help future buyers discover you reliable.

if a buyer neglects to confirm conveyance, leave a rating, or submit a return request following three days, Mercari gives the seller an automatic 5-star survey for the transaction.

If the buyer doesn’t rate you or neglects to submit a return request within those three days, Mercari gives you an automatic five-star audit for the transaction.

How Much Does it Cost to Sell Items on Mercari?

There are not too many expenses to list an item, however when your deal goes through, when you have sold your item and the buyer has confirmed that they got the item, Mercari gathers 10% of the deal cost.

If you are looking to amplify your profit on a listed item, you need to remember that 10% of your list cost goes to Mercari.

How Do I Get Paid

As we have said in the earliest paragraphs, sellers get paid on Mercari when the buyer has left a rating, if they don’t, Mercari support will automatically give a rating for you.

You’ll then, at that point need to rate the buyer. Whenever you have appraised the buyer in return. Your finances will be added to your Mercari account balance. To withdraw the assets go to My Page > Balance and click on withdraw and your money will be processed without any delay.

Need further help on this? use the help article here

Mercari Customer Service Details

All said and done, if in any way you still need to contact Mercari customer service on the phone or through their email, you will need to use the contact info we have provided here:

Mercari Phone Number and Email are:

Call them on: (888) 325-2168.

Email them at contact-us@mercari.com

We have to provide you with this information because, at some points, users ended up finding it not patient enough to wait for any response from support rather, they prefer to just go straight by calling the care support.

We have given you the best frequently asked questions by users especially seller that want to showcase their items on Mercari shopping platform.

Mercari Legitimate

This question shouldn’t be asked by any user at all… But in some scenarios, anything or a platform that has to deal with money usually has skeptical thought by their users.

Nevertheless, Mercari is by all accounts a legitimate online buying and selling stage, their selling charges are reasonable when contrasted with eBay and they set up certain actions to forestall misrepresentation. If you are not happy selling or buying on Mercari you can learn how to erase your Mercari account.

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