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Create A Sales Funnel For Free – Free StartUp Sales Funnel Creation

How I Created A Sales Funnel For Free | Free Startup Cost Sales Funnel Creation Tutorial

Do you need free sales funnel? And at times you think it’s not possible? What’s up guys PGupdatesBlog here aspiring entrepreneur and in this article, I’m talking on the challenge of showing you how to build a sales funnel is not only 15 minutes but without spending a penny on software and so this article is perfect for you if you are just getting started and you’re still figuring out this whole internet marketing thing you already have kind of an idea you know what’s your passion or skill that you want to share with the world and sell it.

Furthermore, in this article, I’m going to walk you through a very simple quick and easy process that costs nothing out of your pocket for you to essentially put together a super basic funnel so you can start testing and become better at marketing your products and services and growing your audience and your influence online

Therefore, now I know it sounds like a tall order but I promise you it really is

going to be zero out of pocket and this really is designed for people who are just getting started and don’t want to spend a bunch of money upfront and it’s really just a lean mean funnel to setup

to get you started to get you off the ground and get you off the couch into the game if you will and then you can build and scale and eventually move up to a different solution for your sales funnel and in the description, I’ll include links to some other more advanced ways to put together your sales funnel once you’ve kind of got your bearings on this whole internet business thing.

So without further ado let’s go ahead and dive in how we are going to make this happen?

How To Create A Sales Funnel For Free For StartUp Marketing

As had mentioned earlier, this article will be a guideline for startup marketing to get your product and services to the whole world. To begin, it’s going to be a super basic sales funnel that essentially consists of

  • an opt-in page
  • an immediate VSL or video
  • sales letter and then
  • a payment page or payment gateway

And we’re going to do this using, of course, all free software namely

  1. MailChimp
  2. Google Sites and then we’re going to use wave accounting or a PayPal pay me link.

Right and so I’ll get to the difference between wave and PayPal at the end but essentially all we need is a couple of web pages and a way to email to get our funnel off the ground.

MailChimp Software

What’s great about MailChimp? The great and amazing thing about Mailchimp is that you can start for $0 and they allow you to actually send menace amount of emails before they start actually asking you for money.

Google Sites

You will be wondering about Google sites? Yes, Google Sites is always free yes you’re going to be stuck with that made with Google Sites on the bottom but that’s okay because you’re not paying a dime for this whole thing and so let’s go…

We have to go through the steps on how you can literally set this up in 15 minutes.


So step one is to go over to MailChimp and create a free account


Step two is to build a basic landing page. This can be one of two styles you can have a headline with your bullet points and then you’re going to leave a space to put your mail chimp opt-in form or you can just have a headline with a MailChimp opt-in form and a nice image that takes over the entire screen. So the first one is a landing page the second one is a squeeze page.

Using A Free Sales FunnelCreate A Sales Funnel For Free - Free StartUp Sales Funnel Creation

As we mad mentioned that this whole setup will be free. Since we had stated what stuff we are going to be using, then let us explain better on the google site for a Free Sales Funnel

The google site will stand as a funnel free account for us. So we do not need to purchase or buy a monthly Sales Funnel account.

To create a Google site account, you will have to use any of your Gmail accounts. Since Google site is part of Google products, then to access it, you will have to use any of your Gmail accounts.

Steps by Steps To Setup Google Site

  • You first need to visit https://sites.google.com/new
  • Since we are using just TWO or THREE Column Landing page
  • There are ALREADY made template
  • It will be advisable to start a new one
  • Click on + Symbol to create a Free Sales Funnel landing page
  • Input your Heading

On how to successfully set up, continue reading this article to see the tactics to follow.

Sales letter page is like your product or service page this is where you’re going to sell so you’re they’re going to put a video sales letter on this page or your when you type up a sales letter or have a little pricing box. Essentially this page is to educate your prospects on why they should purchase your product or service or work with you.

And at the bottom, you’re going to have a link to either your PayPal account or to a wave accounting invoice page.

I’ll get to that at the end once you have those two pages set up, you’ll go back to MailChimp and you’ll create your opt-in form.

The question will be why do you want to create your opt-in form after you do that is because your opt-in form the Thank You page should be your via cell page so you want to set your via cell page up and have that URL before you make the opt-in form. So once you make the opt-in form you’ll embed it on to your landing page and now you can send traffic to that landing page that you have your bullet points you have your wonderful headline,

It’s not the prettiest thing in the world but especially with most people opting in via mobile it’s not going to be a huge deal, they’ll opt-in they’ll immediately be taken to your sales page and at the bottom of your sales page here’s where the payment gateway comes in.

You either have a PayPal pay me link where you say hey send me X amount of money via PayPal that works best if you’re doing consulting services or you can set up a wave account and create a product inside your wave account and have a static invoice page. So, essentially what happens is at the bottom of the page order now.

And when they click order now they’ll be taken to the wave accounting interface where they can enter their credit card information what’s cool about this is you can actually do recurring billing using wave for free and they’ll enter their credit card information Wade will take a small fee but they’ll handle all that SSL certificate stuff that you don’t want to deal with when you’re just getting started and then it’ll send you an email saying hey person paid you and  then you can use another free Google site to deliver the content now

Obviously there’s a giant asterisk with all of this right you can tell that it’s super basic it’s like a duct-tape model but you know what it gets you up and running fast it costs zero to set up and the only the other part of that big asterisk is you definitely don’t want to have a membership site style using this because whatever you’re using to deliver the content isn’t necessarily going to be protected and that’s it there we go!

So less than ten minutes to explain how you can set all of this fun stuff up in 15 minutes or less let me know in the comments section below what you think of this crazy sales funnel creation idea and if you have any questions about how to create your sales funnel. So again this article was all about how to create a sales funnel for zero dollars in less than 15 minutes and I think we accomplished that here today. So, as always let me know if you have questions in the comments about this particular tactic because I have not seen it talked about or used elsewhere and really it is a duct-tape tactic but hey you create your sales funnel.

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I believe you are up and running and you are in the game and I think that’s the most important part is done definitely better than perfect when you’re first getting off the ground.

So, if you got some value out of this article go and hit that share button below and then subscribe to our Blog because here at PGupdatesBlog, I’m going from A to Z and everything in between on what it takes to put together business from scratch.

You can read the Free Sales Funnel creation part two. It is how to set up a fully functional sales funnel for free with zero cost. You will enjoy it and the guidelines explained in the article are simple and explanatory!

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