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Create A Sales Funnel For Free Part 2 - Create Free Sales Funnel FinanceUsNews
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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Create A Sales Funnel For Free Part 2 – Create Free Sales Funnel

Create A Sales Funnel For Free Part 2 – Create A Free Fully Functional Sales Funnel

Do you want to create a sales funnel for free? If so, this post is for you.


READER, the full article and the images illustration is found in the Fully free Sales Funnel here

Sales funnel build and creation guide you’re going to learn how to set up a fully functional sales funnel for free. Launch your business LIVE or grow your email list and of course make some sales by spending $0 on software. So we’re going to be using three pieces of software that are free forever to build your entire funnel and to grow your email list, and to collect payments.  You can read our previous Sales funnel creation for a Starter. So, in today’s article, we’re not going to do any of those 14 days or 30 days of trial Software.

This software is actually going to be a hundred percent free as long as you’re under 1,000 subscribers but at that point hopefully, you’re already making some cash and you might have more money to invest in some software.

So go ahead and check out the time stamp table of contents in the description along with some other helpful links that’ll walk you through how to do the copywriting for your landing pages and sales pages

You may want to learn how to put together your email sequences the actual writing portion and of course some tutorials on how to drive Facebook and YouTube ads traffic to your new funnel.

So, with that let’s go ahead jump right in the very first piece of software we’re going to be using for our landing page and our sales page and also our email sequences.

Free Software For Sales Funnel For Free With Zero Fee

As I had mentioned above, there is some free software that users or Marketers can use for their Sales Funnel or Businesses. This software is listed below:

  1. MailerLite Software
  2. Vimeo Software
  3. Wave Accounting Software

MailerLite Software

This is amazing software. This is going to be a piece of software called MailerLite.

Now, what’s great about MailerLite? Does this software allow you to pretty much set up the entire front part of your funnel? Anyways, this software doesn’t have the ability to collect payments but there is something that makes it really great is that when you look at the pricing table below as long as you’re under a thousand Subscribers. The usage is free and you will enjoy the use of it been a starter Sales Funnel for free. It is free so checks out the table box below on allowing us to build a sales funnel for freeSales Funnel For Free Part 2 - Create Free Sales Funnel


for Free. I actually recommend MailerLIte software now instead of MailChimp because MailChimp is actually phasing out the ability to have automated email sequences on their free plans so that’s a huge update and difference. For this reason, I recommend using MailerLite instead of something like MailChimp. Even though the MailChimp does have a free plan so you can go ahead and set up a free account and they’ll ask you a couple of onboarding questions.

How To Sign up A Free MailerLite Account

On the page, there is a registration form for new users. You will be asked a few questions before you can set up a free MailerLite account. This question is to make sure you’re not going to be spamming on their servers and you’ll be good to go. More so, even if you’re in the approval process after sign up, users can set everything up while their accounts are getting approved.

How To Use MailerLite To Set Up Landing Page

Now that you have completed your registration. So the very first thing you want to do once you have logged in is actually navigating to FORMS, come over where you will see LANDING PAGES.

And in here, we’re going to put together our landing page. So inside of forms, you’ll be able to create pop-ups, to embed images, and set up promotions form.

But here we want to actually put together a landing page. So, I’m going to come up to the ‘’landing pages’’ option and click on create a landing page for our sales funnel for free.

So, we’ll go ahead and give our landing page a name. This is going to be an internal name so you can use whatever naming conventions you have in order to stay organized.

Then click save and continue’ and then you’ll be asked the subscriber group for this particular landing page.

Now when you first set up your account, they’re automatically going to create a default subscriber group for you. And so that’s the one I recommend you use when you first set up your sales funnel for free. You can always create more groups later.

What next? The next step is to click on the automatic default name that was created for you. Then they’re going to display a bunch of beautifully designed templates that really you might not like to use them. Even though all of these templates look great.

Just go ahead and click on the product template that the sales funnel is about because you don’t want to over complicate the process of your design, you just want to get this up and running as quickly as possible. But in case you just want to set up a FRESH LANDING PAGE, you can use their beautify default template and you just need to edit them to your desire design.Sales Funnel For Free Part 2 - Create Free Sales Funnel

And so for this guide just use the product one TEMPLATE and it’s going to be very simple to modify everything you need to get your landing page done and now that it’s loaded and we’re inside the landing page builder of the Product One Template.landing page

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You can see here from the image above we have on the left-hand side a preview of what the landing page is going to look like and then you have all of these elements that you can easily click and drag over to the design so it’s very basic but remember we’re not paying anything for this so and we don’t need anything fancy for our landing pages.

So from the template, you can delete 99% of the elements that you don’t need because it’s not necessary but the image and headline and then a divider bar and so you click and drag this divider bar up top to any position you want to then give your header a perfect headline and put the headline on the landing page that’s the very first thing you will want to do.

I highly recommended that you write all your landing page copy in your sales page copy before you dive into doing all the technical stuff. It’s just the best to have all the creative done so this is a lot less stressful because trying to build a page and write it at the same time you’re just trying to use two different parts of your brain.

However, it’s not going to work out well. What to do is to have all the copies of the document you want to use for your page, the headlines, the title content, and the copywriting that can capture most customers’ minds.

How to Start a Blog

Did you found yourself capable to begin a blogging business? To learn the most effective method to START A BLOG or you want to begin a new blogging website?

Before I get into first blog entries you ought to write, if you are keen on starting a money-making blog, then Bluehost has a lot! Get a FREE domain name, automatic WordPress install, and a free SSL certificate at a low monthly value (click here to get started).

Note: Make sure you insert all the necessary elements like the header, title page, email subscription page, and your sales copywriting contents.


Setting Up Your Landing Page Pop Up Form

The next thing that we need is our pop-up form. To actually get people to sign up to our email list. So

I’ll go ahead and click the pop-up form element. The Pop-up Form is going to be a YouTube webinar (since you already have a mind catching video), just use the URL link and paste. So you are to click immediately on the next header after the title and check your RIGHT tab, drag the POPUP tab, and drag it to the position.

After you had dragged it, click on it and the edit option will display on the RIGHT tab elements. if you already have all your text done, you will be able to change the default text to give it a title and then a quick sub-headline the button text like ‘’say register now’’ and finally, click Save and of course you can actually change the color and style of this button if you go over to settings option like adding of form fields such as name, email for email list integrations. In doing this, is you can click on hidden segmentation fields. Here, you can get fancy with your email automation. I definitely don’t recommend playing with this option when you first get started but there is the ability to expand and add complexity if you absolutely think it’s necessary.

Are you done with the Popup button? Click Save.

Note: In any event, you mistakenly deleted your work, look up, there is an option to UNDO.

Since you just inserted your Popup form and had done all the customization, you may ask what next to do?

Now so far, we had discussed SETTING UP OUR landing page:

  • POPUP Form

After the title page, and popup form, there will be a section to put your image. Make sure you use a captivating image. I recommend having some sort of image of whatever you’re offering to get people onto your email list and then a couple of bullet points like the image below.

Sales Funnel For Free Part 2 - Create Free Sales Funnel

So, from the image above, you will see that the caption image has captivating words you can’t resist option in. And also, after the image, you will notice some bullet points, there is still a popup button immediately after the image that is another option of setup.

To edit the image, you can just click on the Image tab and the setting will display on the right side. Where you can upload another image or edit the text content in there. When you are done, click Save.

That’s all we need for our landing page.

In case you do have a well-composed sales message if you have a small sales letter or you’re doing a one-time offer or if you’re doing affiliate marketing then this is where that affiliate offers is going to be. So whatever offer is being made, this is the page that you’ll use for it.

We had already known how our LANDING PAGE is going to be setup. What next? Let us go ahead to our next software

Vimeo Software

Vimeo software is going to be our next software to use for our next step in building a successful landing page. The Vimeo software will be used for your THANK YOU PAGE. The thank-you page will be where all clients will be directed to after they have supplied their info on the POPUP form.

At the THANK YOU PAGE, you will copy the Vimeo URL where you have your product webinar and paste it for those clients that option/subscribed in to watch the product webinar.

Vimeo URL is the second piece of software I recommend you to use. You can use it for free. Why Vimeo software? I definitely recommend you to be using Vimeo for your sales messages and presentations, not YouTube because with Vimeo software, even with the basic plan you have up to

500 megabytes upload or 5 gigabytes total and you’re going to be able to put a couple of sales videos in your free Vimeo account and then embed them.

On the THANK YOU PAGE, you can click on the video element at the RIGHT SIDE ELEMENT OF MAILERLITE and drag that to your THANK YOU PAGE as seen in the image below.


And then click on it so that you can edit it to change the source to Vimeo and then drop in your Vimeo URL and click on save now.

Obviously as seen in the image above, this page isn’t looking all that great so go ahead and delete these other elements because they don’t really need to be there like the THANK YOU words and of course, embedded in a button because once someone watches they will need to actually click through the button to purchase the product or go to your affiliate website so we’ll go ahead and click and drag the button.

You can see the BUTTON at the RIGHT side and drag from there and insert it on the page. To edit it from the default write-ups, click on it and a box text box will display on the right side.


For this particular instance, we are selling an information products so I’m just going to have the button text ‘’enroll now’’ and select it to open in a new window and go ahead and click Save.

Setting Up an Affiliate Shopping Cart Using Wave Accounting Software

Setting up an affiliate shopping cart to your landing page thank you page, you may not need to do anything here.

If you are a Click Bank Affiliate marketer, the product you are selling is already made has an embedded affiliate shopping cart that is power by – click bank.

In the case of your own direct PRODUCT, we recommend you to use Wave Accounting Software. And what is wave accounting?

What wave Accounting does is that it allows you to set up a check out cart. There’s not going to upsell and down cells. In this setup, we’re not getting fancy design here but you’re going to be able to collect payments and then set things up so that if you have a membership site or you have content, you can easily deliver it to them via MailerLite or just via a pop-up inside of wave using zapier.

In addition, this software enables you to embed a SECURE payment GATEWAY that your users can use to drop their shipping details.

Such details could be their name, zip code, home address, telephone number, etc. These details are needed in case your sales page involves tangible GOODS, like TV, Shoes, and Gadgets, etc. But in case your PRODUCT is a digital product, then you will only need just the client name and Card PAN detail. To achieve this, you will need WAVE ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE.

How To Setup Shopping Cart Using Wave Accounting Software

We are using this software it allows you to create a free account. The first thing you want to do is once you’ve created your free wave account, to create one, you can just Google search wave accounting and lead one of the first search results.

So to create a new check out, all you have to do is click on create check out tab in the dashboard and then give your product or service a name and the price. If you need someone’s phone number you can ask for that. If you need their physical address just because you’re going to ship them something, you can ask for that as well in the FIELD under CREATE CHECK OUT in the dashboard.

This is the part of the process that’s actually going to have to be manual on your part.

So if you’re delivering some sort of digital content, there is a BOX tagged ‘’After Successful Payment, display the following message’’ as seen in the image below:new checkout

In this box right below tagged message, you’re going to be able to give the clients/customers a direct link in order for them to access the content.

Also, if you have some sort of automated sequence that you want the CUSTOMERS to go through then you can just type up a quick message here letting them know that they need to enter their name and email on this next page, the URL that you’re providing to them in order to receive their content.

Never be bothered, because the wave will actually give you notifications of sales. So, you can manually go and deliver whatever the content is. It’s not automated, it’s not perfect but it is free and free is most important when you’re just getting started online.

Nevertheless, here’s a quick summary of what the shopping cart will actually look like as seen below.shopping cart

And so once you’ve created your shopping cart we need to go back over to MAILERLITE and change our button so that it goes to the Shopping cart wave accounting you just SETUP.


You’ll go back over to Mailerlite landing you PREVIOUSLY created go back into your funnel settings to change that button under the FORMS tab.

  • Visit landing page settings
  • Click on the design and edit the design and
  • Then you’ll go to the SUCCESS PAGE tab
  • Click on your ‘’enroll now button’’ and go ahead and drop in that URL and click Save.

So that way, when someone clicks on the ‘’enroll now’’ button they’ll actually be taken to the checkout page.

That’s all there is to it to get all of your funnel pages set up so you have your landing page, your checkout page, and of course the sales page that connects the two in the middle.

Now your sales funnel for free is ready to go. As we wrap up here there are three keys to success when it comes to making sure that your sales funnels are successful.

What Are The Key to Success?

The first key to success when building your very first sales funnel is making sure that you keep it simple. You really only need three pages.

  • You need your landing page
  • You need a sales page and,
  • You need a way to collect payments.

That is it. There’s a lot of fancy software out there that talks about upsell sequences, down sell sequences automated shopping cart, abandonment sequences that are all great if you have a bunch of traffic coming through but if you’re only making a couple of sales a month, it’s not going to make a whole lot of sense to create advanced automation like that because you’re still trying to figure out how do I get customers in the door.

So really complexity is the enemy of sales funnel success when you’re just starting.

Now the second key to success when it comes to putting together your sales funnel actually has more to do with what happens before your sales funnel and that is where is your traffic coming from something that’s really easy a big trap that new sales funnel builders fall into is they see other larger entrepreneurs creators and influencers, who are already successful.

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They seem to have ads on every platform, they seem to have a content strategy on every platform, but nobody starts out that way. So when you’re just getting started, choose one platform that you want to focus on becoming really good with your advertising or one platform where you really want to focus to become good with your content marketing because when you try and do everything, you spread yourself too thin and you’re not going to be able to build the skills you need to be successful on those platforms. It’s going to be very hard to compete with people who have a much larger budget and team.

Now the third key to success when it comes to putting together your new sales funnel is patience. I know it’s something that nobody wants to hear. The one funnel away mantra just sounds really cool because you just put together one more funnel and everything’s going to work out those sales are magically going to come in and really that’s just not true.

It’s a terrible way to approach your business and funnel building when you put together a sales funnel. All it is a process of taking people who already know like and trust you and say hey I have this really cool thing that I think is going to be valuable to you.

Sales funnels are not a magic pill. They’re just one small piece of the bigger picture of building a business. So definitely don’t go into this thinking that just in a month or two you’re going to be able to quit your job from building one or two sales funnels. Like that’s really not how it works. It’s great in terms of the shiny marketing messages and all those other funnel building software’s that tell you that you just have to use their software and you’ll be super successful but that’s just not the reality of what it is like when you’re actually building a funnel from scratch for the first time.

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