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Renew Driving Licence UK – Driving Licence Renewal Online

Renew Driving Licence UK – Driving Licence Renewal Online  | Apply For UK Driving Licence | How Renew your UK Driving licence 2020

Renew Driving Licence UK – We recently wrote an article on how to renew Ohio plate number USA and the article was so helpful to many of our readers. As we all know, renewing a driving licence is as important to getting yourself a daily meal. Because without you having a valid drivers licence could lead to a government penalty or fine. So we need to always have a valid licence if we must go out there using our cars. However, in this article, we will all learn how to Renew Driving Licence in the not only that, we will learn to do Driving Licence Renewal Online all by ourselves and all the general guidelines on how to renew your UK dring Licence in 2020 COVID 19.

Nevertheless, below is the recent government legislation, the renewal will be needed for your photocard driving licence immediately in every 10 years. Maybe you don’t understand what expiry date is you can view the photocard also the paper component if you’re around the Northern Ireland for date of driving licence expires.Renew Driving Licence UK – Driving Licence Renewal Online  | Apply For UK Driving Licence | How Renew your UK Driving licence 2020

DVSA might let the entire strength to get through mainly through posting to give information that you will have to renew your driving licence. Reasons like this allow the agency is so accurate in giving out notifications of any changes to address of licence owner well in advance.

Guidelines On How To Renew Driving Licence in the UK

As we had mentioned earlier above that will be giving the licence UK licence renewal guidelines, here are the important guidelines to follow in other for driving licence renewal to be possible: (You Should get a new card immediately)

Filling the application online

Recently changes to the driving licence also with renewals can be done easily on the government website by clicking https://www.gov.uk/renew-driving-licence

Through the application platform given, you just have to input your addresses over the past three years, national insurance number also your passport in formations. This cost about £14 also the new licence will be posted to you around seven days.  Payment can be done through debit card or credit card making use of protective service.

Immediately all this has been authorized, you will be given along with an address where you will get an old driving licence can be sent. When the application is been done the DVSA will send a confirmation to your email address.

To get this done you will need to hurry up with what you processing if your passport has been tendered not quite long, the photograph also signature will be given when passport application will be replicated to your new photocard driving licence.

Moreover, you will need to apply by post if you need attempt of renewing a driving licence for huge vehicles like Lorries and buses maybe if your full name changed, maybe by marriage or civil partnership.

Applying at the Post Office

Maybe you decide on using the post office that gets attach with photocard renewals rather. All you need to do is to get on research since the entire post offices don’t get this done. This is not up to £21.50 precisely. You will need to tender your previous driving licence also reminder letter sent by DVSA along with you. Also using this method can be used if you change your name on your next photocard.

When applying for the post, getting a D1 is compulsory from most post offices. When you applying at a post office, driving licence can be up to 3 weeks to arrive. When it gets to where medical or personal details need to be approved it might take a long way.

Applying For a Driving Licence Through the Post

Immediately you have gotten the D1 forms, maybe by supplying online or visiting your post office, ensure you fill out the necessary part also point them in an envelope. Then you can add the photo chosen to the exact standard as passport pictures, your old license also cheque for £17 that can be paid to DVSA.

When your name has been changed, you will need to tender identity documents that will help approve this if you did not get the biometric passport. The original marriage or civil partnership certificate, decree in the event of divorce or maybe a deed poll along will be perfect.

Ensure you understand that the photocopies are not received; since you have been given rest of mind about the documents will be directed back to you in a better period of time. As known, if you need to get the documents in question between a month period, maybe you need to allow an alternative or delaying the application if necessary.

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In cases, like DVSA won’t check your identity by Her majesty passport office, you can get an individual to sign your form also a photograph. However it allows being an individual that has been known to you in a personal aspect for about two years, it can’t be similar to you or stay with you in the same address.

Just like an individual to request for a police officer, vicar, teacher, local business person or civil servant, importantly someone that will be a high standard of the community. DVSA can supply further step if requested by an individual.

Address for forwarding postal applications is shown below



SA99 1DH

Renewing Driver Licence for over 70

No cost attached to the renewing of driving licence if you are British pensioner that is 70 and above. At this point, you are asked to renew your licence beyond every three years rather than every 10. Along with this step, you will need to explain that you are comfortable with the little eyesight requirements for driving safely on the UK’s roads.

Requirements To Renew Driving Licence 70 Above

For those that are already at age 70yrs and above, must always meet up with Licence renewal requirements. Thus;

  • You should be able to READ a Plate Number with either your Glasses or contact lense from 20m
  • Must have visual acuity of at least 0.5 (6/12) which is eyesight standard for driving measured (with glasses or contact lenses, if necessary) or if you can see either using both eyes together or, if you have sight in one eye only, in that eye.
  • At this age, You be able to have an adequate field of vision (Contact your optician to run a test for confirmation)


Renewing your driving licence in Northern Ireland

Along with other affairs similar to driving licences, no other way to apply online in Northern Ireland, due to the fact that you will need to fill the DL1R form then return your licence, you will need to supply a new photograph that will be signed also stated date by a local professional.

Cost is about £ and can be up to four weeks before the new licence can be sent to you. Though backlogs can be present that refers to advance delays before new documents are delivered.


Address for the sending renewal applications in Northern Ireland is shown below

Driving licensing Enquiries

County Hall

Castlerock Road



BT51 3TB

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