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Remove Pop Up Ads Androids Phones | Stop Pop on Tecno, Samsung etc

How to Remove Pop-Up Ads, Remove Full-Screen Pop-Up Ads from Android phones 2020!

Remove Pop up Ads or Stop Pop Up Ads on Android Phones could be challenging. Infact, Removing Pop UP ads from any android phones has been difficult to everyone, even including me.

When I tried to make research on how to Remove Pop up ads and the full screen pop up ads from my android phones, I ended up getting to install Adblocker which has never be effective in any ways.

What Is Android Ads

Android Ads are advertisements paid for by some companies to google and other advertising agents to showcase it on all android phones worldwide.

Some website as I researched said: Android Pop up ads was as a result of virus. other said was because of Malware. So for the Android Ads to be stop or removed, one have to install Ant-Malware Software.

Also, some website said one have to remove Pop Up Ads on Android Phones by installing Ant-Virus. All these methods have failed me. This Pop Up Ads at times freeze my android phones.

However, to remove Pop Up ads on any android phones, the steps below have permanently resolved the issues have been having to remove Pop Up Ads on my Android Phones. Solution below have removed android ads that have been disturbing my android phones.

How To Remove Pop-Up Ads On Android | Full Screen Pop Up Ads On Android

The following steps will Permanently Stop Full Screen Pop Up Ads and all form of Pop Up ads on Your Android Phones. Thus;

  • Open your Android Menu
  • Look for where there is ”Google Settings” or  ”Setting
  • Scroll down – down – down to where you will see Personal Information and;
  • Slide Right to where you will see ”Data & Personalization”
  • You will see that ‘‘Ad Personalization is on”
  • Slide to Left to ”Off”
  • There will be a Pop-up for confirmation asking if you want to turn-off
  • Then ”Click Turn off”

That’s all for How to Stop pop-up Ads On Android Phones (Part One)

You can see the Video below for Proper Understanding!

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