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PSD file | How to Open PSD File without Photoshop

Open PSD file without Photoshop | PSD file, Photoshop App – How to Open PSD file without Photoshop

Open PSD file without Photoshop – This file can save the entire complex part of your image editing step which is still in progress. This PSD refers to as a saving of photo or picture which you are editing also picking the right one which you have a left off also the layers, effects also applied filters will be the same way which is been created.

PSD file | How to Open PSD File without Photoshop

The PSD files are that they are not many programs in which you can open them. It possible you can access the JPGs, BMPs also PNG files which are on the entire photo viewing or editing program though photoshop documents are not the same. Nowadays we need to check the way of opening and editing PSD like GIMP files if you don’t have photoshop.

GIMPPSD file | How to Open PSD File without Photoshop

It is known that the PSD file is a photo-editing file, which is very useful to open PSD images files without photoshop is now starting to be other photo editing programs. The full meaning of GIMP is Gnu Image Manipulation Program is a perfect also free image editor different from photoshop. This software works on Linux, Microsoft windows also Mac OS powered devices also is accessible to source software, just to let you know it is developed by choice through the developers in the entire globe.

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This software gives professional level characters, also together with accessing edit PSD files. A lot of skilled photographers also graphic designers make use of GIMP for their jobs also a lot of contribution towards creating new characters, maybe you decide to have full control over the photoshop files which you are trying to access without photoshop, now GIMP is your help now. You can go to your browser and download GIMP, now you have got it installed you can now access a PSD file which you can also open it with any other file.


PSD file | How to Open PSD File without Photoshop

This is also a perfect photo editing tool which you can download for free also it will allow you to open and edit PSD files in your Paint.Net, though this software does not require a wide characters set which is like GIMP, you can get some cool tools for any newbies looking for a photo editor to have on their PC. This software renders users the privileged to download add-ons, along with additional characters to the program. A single add-on is the PSD plugin which helps you to access PSD like Paint.net files making use of Paint.Net

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If you need to access files on Paint.Net, you will need to download the PSD plugin by clicking on this link for the direct page. Now you will need to extract the downloaded file also copy the phtoshop.dll file. Then you are done you will need to access the paint.Net folder in windows explorer, which will be placed in C:/programFiles/paint.net. Also, try to paste this copied file into the File Types subfolder. Then you have done, you will need to open the paint.Net also open your PSD file which you can do the same to any other file.

PSD File? – Photopea Online Will Help Edit


It is just like GIMP also Paint.Net which gives you a perfect free difference from photoshop and also renders you the capacity to open and edit PSD files. This software is somehow the same as photoshop layout, that is, you can get tools so easily if you are a photoshop guru. What is different about these two programs is that Photopea is a browser-based photo editor.

If you need to access this file on Photopea online you will need to access the Photopea online also open the PSD file as you can use this to access any other file. I bet you it is very easy and simple.

Google Drive


If you are accessing this PSD file is somehow unusual also do not give the ability to edit the PSD file as stated with the above three steps. If you are making use of google drive to open your PSD like a Google Drive file, though, you will have a better way to view the content of the PSD file. Accessing this is possible, check the work and access it to edit making use of the other options which have been stated in this article if you really want to make any changes.

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If you need to access PSD file making use of google drive which you need to access your google drive, you will need to tap on My Drive also upload files. Now you will be able to upload your PSD file. Immediately you have uploaded this PSD file, you can now view this easily by tapping your PSD file which is on your google drive page.

PSD File | Convertio Software will Help

PSD file | How to Open PSD File without Photoshop

This software will give you an alternative to the above listed in this article. This is a website that will allow you to convert your PSD file to another file type which seems easier to access you in using a program which you have already gotten, as windows photos or maybe Apple photos. This software renders free conversions for files which is up to 100mb in size also convert your PSD files to image formats along with JPG, BMG, GIF, PNG also lot more. But you can get your file converted to PDF.

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If you need to access your PSD file making use of convertio, you will need to tap on this link the pick your PSD file also drop it on the page. Now you will be given various file type which you need to convert the PSD file to. Choose the file type which you need to convert to and click on convert. This will help you convert your PSD file.  Tap on download then you will be given the access to launch the downloaded file making use of the default image viewer.

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