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PrimeWire 2021 | PrimeWire Movie Site | Primewire alternatives.

PrimeWire 2021 | PrimeWire Movie Site | Primewire Movie Streaming | Primewire alternatives | Stream Movies Live @ Primewire Ag

PrimeWire is a free movie site that streams movies live. It’s a great way to watch your favorite movies and TV shows without paying for subscriptions.

Thousands of movies are released every year. Yet we feel that we can’t grab a hold of them all. And you keep asking yourself this, can I actually see all movies? Funny! Thanks to the film industry, they keep us company all the time. The demand for movies is becoming so high that everyday people surf the internet looking for where to download movies.

Going to see a movie at the cinema or creating family time in the sitting room is not that often. People living in the city get busy with their big-city busy life.

Sometimes they want to take a break, watch a movie to cool the tension off. Thanks to the digital world we are in today. It’s just so easy that you can carry film anywhere you go, on your phones or laptops. Watch any movie at the tip of your finger.

Stay with me as I take you around one of the oldest sites to get interesting movies that will take you down memory lane. Today I will be discussing PrimeWire movies, how you can download movies from PrimeWire, the best PrimeWire alternative sites, and much more. Here we go!

What is PrimeWire?

PrimeWire is one of the oldest movie streaming sites. They have been changing their domain for the last few years due to a Government ban on illegal sites. They were once known as 1Channel, LetMeWatch, among others, and now PrimeWire.

This site houses the largest free movies and Tv series you can ever think of. PrimeWire is a free illegal site where you do not need to pay to watch a movie. Provided you have data, the site is opened every time to get newly released movies, including movies that are released today.

This site has grown so big that it attracted a large number of users. The site initially did not contain pop-up ads. Being a free site, users exploit it for their use and now you can always see pop-up ads when watching your movie.

One of the interesting parts of using PrimeWire is that they display newly released films and films that are only in the cinemas.

These are movies you could have watched for a fee. Wondering how they do this? Well, that is why it is one of the most searched illegal movie streaming sites. All their movies are in HD, to make their users search-worthy, there is a search handle to find a movie of your choice or pick from the genre of movies listed on the homepage.

The movie genre includes Action, Historical, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Thriller, Musical, Adventure, Comedy, Romance, Mythological, and more!

Why PrimeWire Is Most Sought For

It’s Free

There is no charge whatsoever to watch a movie on this site. What you need is your data. You can watch as many movies or series that you want till you run out of data!

Best Movies

When browsing on the PrimeWire site, you just have to have in mind that you are about to watch the best movie collection. This includes trending most-watched, new releases, and recommended films for you.

HD Movies

Watch movies that give you a smooth and clear picture. You capture every moment without missing a bit and enjoy the high-quality motion pictures


All of their movies come with a storyline that gives you a glimpse of what the movie is all about. This draws the attention of their users as to which film they wish to see

Works On All Devices

PrimeWire movies can be streamed for free on android, iPhone, PC, tablet, etc


You can sign up for free to join the PrimeWire community if you wish. There you can comment on a movie, get the latest and trending information on a movie, and view reactions.

User Interface

The site is just too straightforward. The command buttons are well explanatory. The movies are displayed in pictures. Just a click on it and it is straight to playing

Primewire ag | PrimeWire Movie CategoriesPrimeWire 2021 | PrimeWire Movie Site | Stream Movies Live

Below are the lists of movies you definitely going to find when searching for a movie on PrimeWire :

  1. Action – Action films in full movies and series packed with actions, violence, fight, and rebels. Available in HD
  2. Adventure – Watch Adventure movies, TV series and see the suspense, wonders, magic, and a mission to fulfill. Available in HD
  3. Animation – Use of cartoons, images, and drawings of your favorite actors, watch them in HD quality
  4. BiographyDownload the best of films based on the true-life story of an individual in high quality
  5. Comedy – Movies and TV shows featuring, funny scenes and laughter for a light mood. Movies are available in HD
  6. Costume – Displays different clothing designs for different characters in a movie or series. Watch HD quality
  7. Crime – Movies and Series containing intriguing scenes, crime, and its detection. Available in HD
  8. Drama – Watch movies and TV series drama about life situations, agony, joy, endurance, and everything in between. Available in HD quality
  9. Documentary – Watch full movies and TV shows on educational films on new ideas on animals, culture food, religion, etc. Videos are available in HD
  10. Family – Episodes and TV series of family drama and family life in movies and series. Available in high quality
  11. Fantasy – Watch the best of magical events, supernatural powers, and folklore movies and series, available in HD quality only
  12. HistoryWatch films based on old events and happenings that have been recorded over time. Available in HD
  13. Horror – Catch all the thrilling and scary pictures and scenes featuring cannibals, vampires, etc in one movie or TV series. Available in HD only
  14. Kung-fu – Stream the latest movies from China martial art from combats and entertainments. Available in HD quality
  15. Musical – Watch high school music shows and movies featuring high school girls, boys, social lives, and musical performances. Videos are available in HD quality only
  16. Mystery – Unbelievable happenings, tragedy, excitement, anxiety, and fury all in one movie and series. Watch the video in HD
  17. MythologicalFull movies, your favorite TV series on heroes and heroines, warriors, and magical events from past events. Available in HD
  18. Psychological – Movies based on fiction, action-filled package,s, and thrilling performances. Watch in very high quality
  19. Romance – Love stories and more, drama, heartbreaks, tragedy, and happy ending all in a movie and your favorite TV series. Watch free, videos are available in HD
  1. Sci-fi – Movies based on scientific evolution, fiction, thrilling and exciting scientific innovation. Stream all videos, available in HD
  2. Sit-Com – Television series including comedy and laughter. Watch movies in HD
  3. Sport – Based on sport activity, thrilling and exciting scenes
  4. Thriller – A movie, TV shows compilation of suspense, excitement, anxiety, and more. Watch freely, available in HD only
  5. TV shows – Stream free HD Episodes, series, seasons action, romance, thriller-horror stories
  6. WarFull movies in HD quality featuring violence, rebels, suspense, weapons, actions, and more…

Malicious pop-up ads and government prohibition of illegal sites like PrimeWire often force them to change their domain names. If you are getting it difficult to locate PrimeWire, below are the provided list of addresses to locate PrimeWire movies online

PrimeWire Addresses

PrimeWire Movies is a popular online streaming platform that offers a wide range of movies and TV shows. It has an extensive collection of content and is constantly adding new titles to its catalog.

The PrimeWire Movies URL addresses are:

  • https://www.primewiremovies.eu/
  • https://www.primewiremovies.eu/
  • https://www.primewire.site/
  • https://www.primewire.li/
  • https://www.primewire.ag/
  • https://www.primewire.vc/
  • https://www.primewire.to/
  • https://www.primewire.es/

How To Use PrimeWire Without An Account

PrimeWire is a website that offers movies, TV shows, and live TV. There are two ways to use it without an account. The first way is to use it as someone who is not from the US or UK. In this case, you need to sign up using a different country’s IP address.

The second way is to download a movie from PrimeWire without being logged in by using an Android device and a VPN app like iTop VPN or 911 VPN.

PrimeWire can be used to stream a movie online, you can also use it to download a movie without opening an account with the site. Here are the simple tricks involved :

Good Internet Connection

To Stream, a movie, ensure you have a good internet connection to access the Internet. Get a browsing phone or a PC and open your Web browser e.g. Chrome, Opera Mini, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc

Use The Search Engine

Use the search engine on your Web browser and log onto www.primewire.es and allow the page to fully load

Explore the movies

The movies are well arranged in displayed pictures. Scroll through any movie of your choice. You can also use the Search button to find a movie or click on the GENRE of movies to watch.

Watch Now

Just a click on the movie, and it is straight to playing.

Select HD Quality

There is a list of options to select which HD quality you want the movie to play. The play quality default is myCloud HD. You may switch to my Stream tape HD or DoodstreamHD by clicking on it.


How To Download Movie From PrimeWire

Anyone who has ever wanted to download a video from PrimeWire knows how frustrating it is. There are many websites that offer these downloads for free or for a fee, but they are always unreliable and the quality is never what you want. Luckily, there is a way to get around this problem by using Dovideo downloader instead.

This part of the article will show you how to download movies from PrimeWire using a simple and reliable website called Dovideo downloader. This article will not only show you the basics of downloading but also how to use some of the more advanced features that this site offers.

Good Internet Connection

Once you have established a good internet connection, open the Web browser on your PC or android, e.g Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc

Search Engine

On your Search engine, go to www.primewire.es and allow the page to fully load

Copy URL

Click on the video of your choice and allow to play and copy the URL from the address bar

DoVideo Online Downloader

Once you have copied the URL, close the tab and visit www.download-video.com and allow the page to load

Launch URL

Once the page is fully loaded, click on the address column and paste the video URL, then click the download button.

Select Format Size

A list of format sizes will be displayed for you. E.g. 480p,720p or 1080p, select your choice

Download Now

Click the download button and choose storage location if you are using a PC, once you choose a storage location, the download starts immediately. If you are using android, download starts and saves your video directly to your phone.

Download Primewire Movies With iTube HD Video Downloader

If you already have this app on your browsing device, if not download the iTube HD video downloader app from the Google play store. The following steps are for you.

Good Internet Connection

Once you have a good internet connection, open the Web browser on your PC or android, e.g Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc

Search Engine

On your Search engine, go to www.primewire.es and allow the page to fully load

Copy URL

Click on the video of your choice and allow to play and copy the URL from the address bar. Once you have copied the URL, close the tab and open your iTube HD video downloader.

Launch URL

Click on the address column and paste the video URL, then click the download button.

Select Format Size

A list of format sizes will be displayed for you. E.g. 480p,720p or 1080p, select your choice

Download Now

Click the download button and choose storage location if you are using a PC, once you choose a storage location, the download starts immediately. If you are using android, download starts and saves your video directly to your phone.

Primewire Movies | Is Primewire ag Legal?

Yes, just like most other free movie streaming sites, PrimeWire is also an illegal site that has been banned by the government in many countries.

Primewire Alternatives

PrimeWire is the best site to find alternatives to popular movies, music, TV shows, and more. They offer free downloading of all the latest movies, music, and TV shows in high-quality formats for offline viewing. Primewire domain has been on and off in recent times. In light of this, I have helped you gather the best PrimeWire alternative sites for your pleasure. Check out the Top 21 best PrimeWire alternatives sites!

1. 123movies

This is a popular free movie streaming site. It is known for its large collection of Hollywood movies, Korean movies, Chinese movies, and more. TV shows and series, movies are regularly updated. Using the genre of the movie helps users to get their choices. All videos are available in HD. Due to all these features, we have added 123movies as one of the Primewire alternatives.

Website – www.123movies.com

2. Hulu

This is a great alternative to PrimeWire. This site also hosts the newest and latest movies and series. There is a free live TV, you can watch and record TV shows and more. The videos are available in HD quality. As a result of these features, we have added 123movies as one of the Primewire alternatives.

Website – www.hulu.com

3. Yesmovies

This is another illegal free movie streaming site like Primewire movies. So, Yesmovies is picked as one of the Primewire alternatives that allow you to watch movies from all around the world 4. You can subscribe free to the site and get updates on new and trending movies. All the movies are available in HD.

Website – www.yesmovies.to

4. Netflix

This is a legal movie site to watch and download unlimited films from around the world. Netflix gives you the very best of movies, series, and more of any movie of your choice. But attract a fee and requires users to first subscribe and open an account for free. All the videos on Netflix are HD quality.

Website – www.netflix.com

5. IMDb TV

IMDb TV is one of the very popular free streaming services that is powered by Amazon. Before you can watch a movie, you need to first open an account with them first for free. They have a large movie and series collection from drama, comedy, action, and more. Streaming of movies is in HD quality alone.

Website – https://imdb.com/

6. Tubitv

Tubi tv is an online free movie streaming website that allows you to search for your favorite movies in HD quality. The site is an illegal site to watch all movies genre from across the world freely. No registration is needed. You can even download and install the app to have access to unlimited free videos. Videos are of very high quality.

Website – www.tubitv.com

7. Popcornflix

This is illegal fee movie site has been serving its users for a long time with the best and trending movies in HD. You can watch viral, leaked, and newly released movies here. There is also a search tool to find and watch movies or series of your choice.

Website – (www.popcornflix.com)

8. Moviejoy

This is another best alternative for PrimeWire. It is a free movie site to watch unlimited new releases and trending movies and series in HD quality. There is a search button to find movies of your choice, list of genres from Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Comedy, and more are available for their user’s satisfaction. The site is ads-free and very easy to use.

Website – www.moviejoy.net

9. Vudu

Vudu is a Chromecast app that offers a library of blockbuster movies and series to watch in HD, Blu Ray, and MKV. It is a legal site that is only accessible in the USA. You need to pay first before watching a movie on this site. free content so that you can watch without any Signup. The best thing about this app is that you only need to pay for what you are watching. This movie streaming service is only accessible in the US.

Website – www.vudu.com

10. Cineb

Cineb.net is a free movie streaming site for thousands of movies. The site offers free movies to its users and no pop-up ads at all. The search button helps you find your movie from anywhere around the world. All videos are available in HD quality.

Website – www.cineb.net

11. Bmovies

Bmovies is another free movie streaming site. It is currently supported in 13 countries. They offer a collection of movies from Korea, Hollywood, Bollywood, Chinese movies, and TV series. Action, Fantasy, Mythological, Romance among the rest are the genre you should look out for. Videos are available in HD quality.

Website – www.bmovies.cloud


Pluto.tv is a free movie streaming site for Hollywood movies, TV series, and trending movies from other countries. Not only do they offer movies streaming for free but their videos are also in HD. When you are on pluto tv, you also get to read the latest and breaking news.

Website – (www.plutotv./welcome)

13. Ymovies

Ymovie is another alternative to PrimeWire. It provides free movies to its users. You can watch movies and series without paying or registering. To ease your search, you can find a movie by year, trending, latest released, recommended, and more. This site offers HD-quality videos.

Website – www.ymovies.tv

14. Vmovee

This is another free site to watch movies and series for free. No payment, registration, or subscription is needed. They have a large number of movies collection from across the world that will impress you in series, episodes, and full movies. Videos are available in Mp4.

Website – www.vmovee.watch

15. Youtube

YouTube is a popular video-sharing platform. It is a legal site where you get to watch a movie from anywhere in the world. You can search for any movie, series, show, TV news, sports, documentary, fashion, music video, and more from YouTube. It is free to watch as long as you have a Gmail account. You have access to videos in 3gp and MP4.

Website – www.youtube.com

16. Crackle

Crackle is a free movie streaming site. You can also create an account with them to manage your playlist. Like PrimeWire, you also have access to movies and series trending across the world. Videos are of very high quality.

Website – www.crackle.com

17. NiterTv

This is another free movie streaming site. It has no pop-up ads, this allows users to watch a great number of movies and TV series for trending movies, latest, action, sci-fi, and more without stress. Streaming of videos is free and videos are available in HD quality.

Website – www.nitertv.webnode.es

18. VexMovies

This website is another perfect alternative to PrimeWire. Videos are available for online streaming for free. No registration or subscription is needed. Users have access to stream movies from different genres, TV series and shows, actions, comedies, thrillers, and more from Hollywood, Bollywood, or any part of the country. Videos are available in HD quality formats.

Website – www.vexmovie.watch

19. Showbox

Showbox is another platform to watch movies for free. They give regular uploads of the newest, latest, and trending movies or series from across the world. You get all the videos you get to watch in cinemas here. You can stream free videos in different quality formats i.e. 480p, 720p, 1080p.

Website – www.showboxmovies.net

20. GoStream

Gostream movie is a legal site to watch high-quality copyrighted movies only. You need to register and subscribe to get access to any movies or TV series from across the world. Just like Netflix, they also charge a reasonable fee for streaming movies from the Internet.

Website – www.gostream.site

21. WatchFree

This is a free and illegal movie site where you can watch movies for free. They have a large collection of movies which are categorized into popular movies, latest movies, HD movies, top 100 movies, and the genre of Action, Mythological, Fantasy, Thriller, Romance, and more. Their videos are of very high quality.

Website – www.1watch-free.cc

Primewire Movies Frequently Asked Questions

What is Primewire alternative?

Primewire alternative is a site or set of websites that offer similar services that Primewire movies offer. You can use the list of Primewire alternatives that are mentioned in the above paragraph. In case any of those Primewire sites stop functioning, you can easily navigate and pick from the Primewire alternatives that we have listed above.

Is it illegal to use Primewire?

PrimeWire is an illegal site that hosts pirated movies. This is why they are banned from being used in many countries.

Is Primewire Down?

Yes, some domains of Primewire are down in many countries due to safety and government issues. However, users can still watch their favorite movies and TV shows using any of the Primewire alternatives listed above.

What happens if you get caught using sites like PrimeWire?

If you are caught using sites like PrimeWire to watch copyrighted movies by the cyber-crime authority, then you may get into serious legal trouble. So it is advisable to only use legal sites to carry out any action.



Do not be left out of this vital information provided in the article. PrimeWire is a veteran site for free movie streaming. Thereabout, they are often changing domains and shutting down. Provided in my article are the best alternatives sites to watch movies. I do hope you find it interesting and useful guys. Warms Regards!


The article provided here is only for the purpose of educating readers and not in any way supporting piracy. We are not in any way linked to PrimeWire and its associates. We strongly advise users to only make use of legal sites to watch movies.

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