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Pentagon Federal Credit Union Login, PenFed Review

Pentagon Federal Credit Union – Pentagon Federal Credit Union Login | Pentagon Federal Credit Union Locations | Pentagon Federal Credit Union Address & Pentagon Federal Credit Union Phone Number

Pentagon Federal Credit Union full fact is what this content is all about. At the end of this article, you will end up get facts on the pentagon federal; credit union, pentagon federal credit union login portal, their address, locations, and the pentagon federal credit union phone number.

Before I begin walking you through the various necessities to know about the Pentagon Federal Credit Union, it would make a lot of sense if you are familiar with the popular abbreviation this wonderful and beneficial organization is always addressed by in these present times.

This well-known credit union — Pentagon Federal Credit Union, is Also Known As or frequently addressed as PenFed. I am telling you this because you shall meet context(s) in which I will use the above abbreviation subsequently.

The Pentagon Federal Credit Union, which has been in existence since time immemorial — since the early decades had and is still paving the way for so many financial needs anxiety among the people of the United state of America and to other places it has extended to around the globe.

During the early decades before the Pentagon Federal Credit Union exists, there were struggles among the American military men who sort for means to make ends meet while waiting for their salary,

Why Was Penfed Established?

Pentagon Federal Credit Union, formerly known as the War Department Federal Credit Union, was established in March 1935.

By who? By ten volunteers who were very concise with the purpose of this firm. And fortunately for them, their purpose was successful and has benefited many individuals today, still benefiting many people today. Some persons are yet to benefit from this organization — they are not aware yet! Since you are reading this, it’s a great thing you are informed already; I’m sure you will be among its beneficiaries soonest!

Undoubtedly, the ten volunteers who founded Pentagon Federal Credit Union in March 1935 have made names for themselves.

Their purpose of establishing this firm was/is to promote thrift among its members by allowing them to accumulate their savings and create a source of credit for loans for provident or productive purposes.

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PenFed exists to assist its members in meeting their financial necessities, which is why they have put in their best to provide the best rates on car loans and home mortgages like no other.

They came into existence to bring out the potential of its members, educate them, and encourage them. In short, PenFed exists to make your dream come true.

Facts And Stories About The Pentagon Federal Credit UnionPentagon Federal Credit Union Login, PenFed Review

Loan Limits

PenFed loan limit is at a minimum lending amount of 7,500$ and a maximum lending amount of 300,000$.

What Some Members Are Saying About Penfed:

Chalmer Barker from Boise, ID — says,

“You’re doing a good job. The vast majority of websites are more difficult to navigate and use – some are impossible. Your website, and the process, are very user-friendly.”

Dennis Willis from Wahiawa, HI — says,

“Customer services were excellent…and I deserve the best service.”

George Ross from Colorado — says,

“I have been with Penfed for over 30 years and they continue to provide outstanding a timely service. Very customer-facing!”

Jennifer Olschefski from Pennsylvania — says,

“The membership process was done quickly and was very easy to complete. Thank you for a wonderful experience, and I would highly recommend it to family and friends.”

Credit: https://www.penfed.org/about-penfed


Pentagon Federal Credit Union Terms


Fixed-Rate Loan Terms: 5 years/60 monthly payments, eight years/96 monthly payments, 12 years/144 monthly payments, or 15 years/180 monthly payments.


Fixed APR: Annual Percentage Rate [APR] is the cost of credit calculating the interest rate, loan amount, repayment term, and the timing of payments. Fixed Rates range from 2.89% to 5.08% (2.89% – 5.08% APR) and will vary based on applicable terms, degree level, and cosigners presence. Rates are subject to change without notice.

The Rate will not change during the term. Repayment examples are for illustrative purposes only. The following Fixed Rate examples are calculated based on a $10,000 loan amount:

Term     |No. Monthly |Lowest   |Est.     

|Payments         |APR.       |& interest

|                            |                |Principal

|                            |                |Payment

5 years | 60 months       | 2.89%    | $179


8 years | 96 months       | 3.14%.   | $118


12 years| 144 months    | 3.20%    | $84


15 years| 180 months    | 3.25%    | $70


Source: https://penfed.purefy.com/eligibility-criteria


I believe that including the table makes it easy to understand to you, for sure.

Be reminded that all estimates obtained by the information you provide are for informational purposes only.

Regarding the estimate, please bear in mind that its stat does not assure you accuracy, nor does it depicts the actual rates or savings, as well as it doesn’t entail an offer of credit because your Rate, savings & payment may be different based on your credit history, interest rate, loan amount, and term, including your referee — if applicable.

PS: if you are applying with a referee, calculate the higher credit score between the lendee and the referee for approval, as every loan is subject to credit approval.

Milestone Events Date

November 1942 – War Department Federal Credit Union moved to Pentagon building.

December 1947 – from War Department Federal Credit Union, changed its name to Pentagon Federal Credit Union.

August 1949 – PenFed reached $1 million in assets.

August 1956 – PenFed membership expanded to include all Army and Air Force Commissioned and Warrant Officers.

September 1971 – PenFed opened Pentagon Federal’s first overseas branch, and the Union reached 100,000 members.

June 1982 – PenFed introduced the PenCheck account.

June 1984 – PenFed reached $1 billion in assets.

December 1984 – PenFed begin issuing credit cards.

March 1987 – was Pentagon Federal Credit Union First Mortgage and HELOC lending is authorized.

October 2001 – In the wake of 9/11, PenFed’s Board authorizes the PenFed Foundation.

January 2007 – PenFed reached $10 billion in assets.

December 2010 – PenFed reached 1 million members.

But fast forward to today, the Pentagon Federal Credit Union has advanced beyond expectations.

The Union expansion to the web deserves a round of a plus. The reason is that they have always wanted to serve individuals worldwide. Pentagon Federal Credit Union’s goal is to help individuals get quality financial products regardless of where they are.

Before I show you how to log in, let’s quickly look at how to sign up if you were not an existing member.

Firstly, you must make sure that you meet up the requirement for eligibility.

Who Is Eligible For Penfed Loan?

Here is a quick one on the eligibility criteria. As an applicant, take note of the following:

  • You ought to be a bonafide citizen of the United States of America. Even if it is dual citizenship you own, make sure you are already a U.S citizen.
  • You should be in the age range of the majority in your state of residence.

For example, if your state of residence consists of a million individuals, and by reliable stats, the age range goes as thus:

0-10 years old — 100,000 individuals.

11-18 years old — 100,000 individuals.

19-30 years old — 300,000 individuals.

31-60 years old — 500,000 individuals.

You should understand that if you follow under the fewer categories, i.e., the category range of a hundred thousand individuals, three hundred thousand individuals, you need not be told that it automatically disqualifies you.

If you happen to be under the five hundred thousand age range as illustrated above, you are qualified, or can I say you are eligible? Lol! Either way, know that you are good to go. Apply asap!

  • You must have borrowed funds from an outstanding and fully-disbursed private education loan, Parent loan, or a federal-backed education loan.

I feel like the reason for this is to assure PenFed that you are trustworthy and will be willing to pay back because the information that they will obtain from any of these loan firms you may have borrowed from shall be used to judge your transparency, as you know, it’s not even an easy task to get a loan federal-backed loaning institutions.

So, if you have borrowed from any of the firms and have a good record with them, be rest assured that you are eligible to borrow from the Pentagon Federal Credit Union.

  • You must be the borrower on the loan application, as well as on the promissory note.
  • If you have a Bachelor’s degree or a higher one, you may be eligible to refinance a student loan. However, PenFed Student Loan Refinance is not getting an endorsement from any college or a university.
  • You must provide a statement of your income as proof.
  • You must be able to meet up with the borrower’s credit requirement.

Referee Or A Consigner Eligibility

We will like to state the referee or what some of you called the consigner eligibility and they are stated below statement:

  • Your witness must be a citizen of the United States of America.
  • Your witness must be in the age range of the majority in your residence as well. Please, revise the illustration in the above — the second bullet point from the subheading of:(Who Is Eligible For Penfed Loan?)
  • Your witness, referee, or consigner, any word you are used to, they must co-sign on these two, which is the loan application and on the promissory note.
  • It is obligatory upon your witness to provide their proof of income.
  • As a witness, they must be able to meet up with the cosigner credit criteria.


How to Sing up For PenFed Online

Kindly make sure you have met up with the previous criteria above, both you and your cosigner.

To sign up for  PenFed Online, visit PenFed.org. Requirements are either your Social Security Number or PenFed Member Number, not the two, plus your date of birth.

You will see this “First-time login in?,” on the login page, then click on Create an online account text below it.

Here, the sign-up page pops up, and you will see a text that goes like this “At PenFed Credit Union, we take our online security seriously.   This is why we have implemented an innovative Online Banking login solution, we call “two-way, two-step authentication.”

It’s quick, easy, and you will only need to do this just once!” Then, click on Let’s Get Started right beside the cancel button.

The following page is where you type in your Member Number or Social Security Number, and then your Date of Birth.

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Click the Continue button right beside the cancel button.

After it completely loads onto the next page, then verify your identity by completing the one-time-passcode step.

Fill in your Username, password and click Continue.

You will receive a success notification. Click the login button to navigate to the main menu of PenFed Online.

Username and Password Requirements

Your desired Username must be between 6 and 16 characters and must contain no spaces.

Your password must be between 8 and 16 characters should contain no spaces as well.

PS: Your password must contain at least one uppercase letter, at least one lowercase case letter, and at least a digit.

Your password must contain at least one good symbol, i.e. (! @ $ * # _ / ? – %).

Illustration: Waltersamuel22d3@

This illustration shows that the W represents an uppercase letter, while the rest alphabets represent the lower case letters, and the 223 and @ represent numbers/digit & symbol, respectively.


Here is an additional helpful tip for you:

After you complete your sign-up, you should see the Getting Started with PenFed Online page for more tips to simplify your online banking experience with PenFed.

Now, you have completed your enrollment, let me show you how to log in; in case of some other time, you may want to log in afresh.


Pentagon Federal Credit Union Login

Here, you will be guided on the process involve to login Pentagon Federal Credit union official URL page. You should follow the step stated below if you wanna learn how to Log In to your PenFed account from a computer.


  • To log in to your PenFed account from a computer, first, go to its homepage. The login button is in the upper right corner of the page. Here’s what you’ll need to do:
  • Click the “LOG IN” button.
  • Enter your Username.
  • It will take you to a new landing page, where you’ll enter your password.

To create an online account, you’ll need to enter either your member number or your Social Security number along with other personal information, like your date of birth.

Steps To Log In to Your PenFed Account With a Mobile Phone or a Tablet

You can log in to your PenFed account on a mobile browser or via the PenFed app, available via the Apple Store and Google PlayStore. As soon as you log in with your username and password, you can employ the same process by setting up an alternative security measure to log in through facial recognition on the Apple application.

A Quick One On How To Retrieve a Forgotten Username or Password

If you have forgotten or might have misplaced your Username wherever you wrote it, here is how to retrieve it on PenFed’s homepage:

  • Step 1. Click the “I need help logging in” text below the login button beneath the username area.
  • Step 2. Click “Forgot Username.”
  • Step 3. Type in your Social Security number when prompted.
  •  Step 4. PenFed will automatically send your Username will be sent to the email address on file.

If you forgot your password, here is the process:

  • Click the “I need help logging in” text below the login button under the username area.
  • Click “Forgot Password.”
  • When prompted, type in your Username and the personal information required.
  • Follow the instructions to reset your password.

Suppose you’ve forgotten both your Username and password. In that case, you’ll need to enter your Social Security number on the retrieval page after clicking “Forgot Username and Password” to get the ball rolling on retrieving them.

Pentagon Federal Credit Union Locations

PenFed various locations, as seen in the following, are located in many states.

To mention a few, do not be amazed that the Pentagon Federal Credit Union is available in all the fifty states in the United States of America; awesome? Isn’t it?

It has also extended its services to the districts of Columbia as well as Guam, Puerto Rico, and Okinawa.

Let’s start with its headquarters which is:

Tyson, Virginia, United States.

Then, followed by others which are:



San Diego

San Diego – Miramar Branch

9494 Miramar Road


Washington, D.C.


DC VA Medical Center Branch

50 Irving Street NW


Independence Avenue Branch

1000 Independence Avenue SW


Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling Branch

Chappie James Boulevard


Pentagon Branch

1400 Defense Pentagon




Fort Walton Beach Branch

1199 Eglin Parkway




Augusta GA – Davis Road Branch

205 Davis Road


Augusta GA – Waynesboro Branch

255 Hopkins Corner Drive


Fort Gordon GA Branch

201 3rd Avenue




Hagatna Guam Branch

414 W Soledad Avenue



Guam – Anderson Air Force Base Branch

Anderson Air Force Base



Fort Shafter

Fort Shafter Branch

Building 553



Honolulu NAVFAC Branch

4250 Radford Drive


Tripler Army Medical Center Branch

1 Jarrett White Road




King Farm Branch

805 King Farm Boulevard

North Carolina



Pope Air Force Base Branch

803 Armistead Street




Fremont Branch

1715 N Bell Street



Nebraska – Papillion Branch

312 Olson Drive


New Jersey

East Windsor Township

East Windsor NJ Branch

120 Windsor Center Drive



New Mexico


New Mexico – Clovis North Branch

101 W Llano Estacado Boulevard


New York City

NY – Water Street Branch

55 Water Street


West Point

AAFES Branch

1204 Stony Lonesome Road

Cadet Financial Center Branch

Taylor Hall



East Stroudsburg

East Stroudsburg PA Branch

110 Progress Street



Scranton PA Branch

315 Franklin Avenue



Tobyhanna PA Branch

11 Hap Arnold Boulevard

Puerto Rico



Fort Buchanan Branch

673 S Terminal Road

San Patricio Branch

7 Tabonuco Street



Hatillo Puerto Rico Branch

Calle 3



Copperas Cove

Copperas Cove TX Branch

809 S Main Street


Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi TX – Staples Branch

4401 S Staples Street



Dallas TX Branch

3911 S Walton Walker Boulevard


Fort Hood

Fort Hood Branch

761 Tank Battalion Avenue


Harker Heights

Killeen Harker Heights Branch

701 W Central Texas Expressway


San Antonio

City Base West Branch

2603 SE Military Drive

San Antonio Branch

14603 Huebner Road



Temple Branch

6935 W Adams Avenue




Corporate Office

2930 Eisenhower Avenue


Kingstowne Branch

5775 Barclay Drive



Pentagon City Branch

701 12th Street South


Fort Belvoir

Fort Belvoir Branch

9651 Gunston Road


Fort Myer

Fort Myer Branch

101 McNair Road



NGA Branch

7500 Geoint Drive



Tysons Corner Branch

7940 Jones Branch Drive



Woodbridge Branch

14040 Central Loop



Madison Branch

151 W Corporate Drive

If your location is not among the ones I have listed, kindly let me know in the comment section.


Can anyone join Pentagon federal credit union?

Yes. Anybody can join PenFed. PenFed membership is free for everyone now, except PenFed was initially made to serve U.S. military members and veterans, everything being equal, just as federal employees and retired folks.

PenFed formerly required non-government and non-military candidates to give to a military charity to be qualified for membership, however, they presently don’t need this. However as long you’re a U.S. citizen or a lasting inhabitant of the United States, you can join Pentagon Federal Credit Union by just funding a savings account with basically $5.

Is Pentagon Federal credit union safe?

Yes. PenFed is safe. Since it’s a credit union, it is covered by NCUA insurance, and not FDIC insured.

Does Pentagon Federal credit union use Zelle?

As for now, the answer is NO. Most clients have been asking PenFed to add Zelle to their addon companies but are yet to be implemented.

How To Join Pentagon Federal credit union?

It is a simple process, you can check the above step-by-step guideline that we have stated for a better solution. You can also use the Pentagon Federal Credit Union login page to access your portal.

Is Pentagon Federal credit union FDIC insured?

No. PenFed credit union is only insured by NCUA.



You can get lots of facilities if you become a member of the Pentagon federal credit union. You need not bother with a different bank or other monetary organizations, essentially apply or join the PenFed and exploit or service that PenFed gives to its users.

To follow your PenFed statement or transfer your funds effectively or access your money anytime or anyplace you need, you can likewise download the PenFed credit union mobile application.

Please, make sure you review your finances or your income consistency before taking a loan.

If you have any questions identified with the PenFed union then, do not hesitate, use the comment box below and ask your question in the comment section.

Thanks for reading.

Remember, sharing is caring.

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