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PayPal Scams – Get your Money Back in 60Days

PayPal Scams – Avoid Been Scam By Paypal Scammers – How to Report PayPal Scams | How to Get Money Back

In this article, we will be discussing on how to report Paypal Scams and also, how to get money back from Paypal Scammers.

What Do you Understand by Scams/Scammers

PayPal Scams - How to Report Paypal Scams to Get your Money Back in 60Days
PayPal Scams – How to Report Paypal Scams to Get your Money Back in 60Days

Scams are in every way a form of dishonesty and scheme that is performed by a set of dishonest people, groups of people, or companies in an attempt to obtain money in a deceiving way or it could be something else with high value.

PayPal generally utilizes email to contact their customers. There is a great deal of PayPal scams you ought to know about particularly when you see something comparable on another site. Keep reading this article to the end. Facts will be revealed.

What is PayPal Scams

Scammers are always focusing on PayPal’s money and their customers. PayPal scams can come through phishing sites, phishing emails, malevolent advertisements, suspicious link connections and many more. These scams are designed to look official so as to fool Paypal users/Customers into giving them private information. There are various PayPal scams that exist and there are a few you may run into.

Before we dive deeply into the article, let us hit you guys on the scam that we felt into some time ago.

”We have a business Paypal which we used for business purposes. We option some items on Craiglist. Suddenly a buyer contacted us asking for the price of those items. Without bargaining, the Buyer agreed to buy certain exact prices that were on those Items. The invoice was generated and money was wired directly to our PayPal, not knowing it was from a Hacked Paypal Account.

In a few days, a chargeback was made by Miss JULIANA and when resolving the charged back at Paypal Resolution Center, She Claimed that her account was hacked because she clicked on a link Paypal sent for verification telling her there’s a problem with her account.”’ You see why clicking on the links not verify by Paypal is dangerous?

Let us dive into details we were on before.

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Some PayPal Scams Messages You Should Avoid

Below are some PayPal Scames Messages collected by us to avoid been Scam by these Paypal Scammers. Do not be like MISS JULIANA. However, here are some common PayPal scams Messages to Avoid.

  • Fake investments and charity opportunities.
  • Advanced fee scam.
  • Scammer email – telling you there’s a problem with your account.
  • Phishing websites (fake PayPal websites [like www.1paypal.com]or social media).
  • Fake Paypal Hyperlink scam like ……..[ Claim your Paypal Reward Now! ] <<<<<<< DO NOT CLICK on something Like this. Login to Paypal directly through the official website [https://www.paypal.com]
  • Avoid fake investments and charity opportunities sent to your email.
  • overpayment scam [ Any overpayment is, as a result of Hacked PayPal account because Hard eaned money cant be spent without any bargain or discounts.

Steps on How to Avoid Common PayPal Scams.

The best way to avoid PayPal scams is by avoiding the doubtful transactions. Any transactions you are not sure of, do not complete such transaction. Some Fabricated rules you should always bear in mind are:

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  • Make sure to ignore spam emails and don’t click suspicious-looking email links.
  • Always keep away from offers that look too great to be valid.
  • Always monitor your PayPal account for suspicious activity.
  • Utilize dependable anti-phishing software.
  • Try not to disclose your PayPal accreditations to anybody.
  • Investigate the sender’s email address to ensure it not from a faker.
  • Make yourself acquainted with PayPal Sellers’ and buyers’ insurance policies and be updated with Paypal Policies.

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PayPal is aware of those dishonest people who are out there to steal away User’s hard-earned money. Therefore, thy have prepared some offers policies that protect both the seller and buyer in order to avoid Scams.

How to Identify PayPal Emails

Having noted down above hits lets us not forget to enlighten you on the way to identify PayPal emails.

Any Paypal email comes from:

  • Comes from paypal.com. Any name different from this name is not from a friendly PayPal official.
  • The email will address you by your first and last name or your business name.

Also, Email from PayPal will not ask or include the following:

  • Will not ask for your sensitive information like your bank account, password or credit card details.
  • It will not contain attachments or ask you to download software.

Paypal Money Back

Have you fall victim of PayPal scams. Or Have you been scammed on PayPal transactions? Here we will explain how to Get Paypal Money Back.

However, in case you have been scammed on PayPal and you want your Paypal money back ASAP. Customers are meant to report any phishing or scammed payment within 60 days and PayPal will investigate. You are already covered by PayPal Liability for eligible unauthorized transaction programs. So? Yea! if fall victim, all you have to do is log into your Paypal account and open a Paypal dispute to get the refund process started.

How to Report a PayPal Scammer

You have been scammed or you notice unauthorized or suspicious activity, these easy steps is how to report it.

  • In your PayPal account, go to the resolution page at the bottom of the page
  • Click on a report on an issue.
  • Select the transaction you need to dispute and click on proceed
  • Select the, I need to report unapproved or unauthorized activity.
  • Click on proceed.
  • Presently follow the directions to wrap up your dispute.

Is PayPal Safe?

Paypal is safe and all your information is secure. The only way or scenario why safety is questioned is when users failed to comply with the Paypal policies. These policies give you a clue on what is phishing on the WEB. What you need to avoid to be safe or any time you want to use your PayPal, make sure to look closely at the website URL.

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However, for the most part, PayPal is safe when you use it to send money because your card is not revealed to any third party. Also, payment can only be made within Paypal Users. therefore, not – Paypal users can not receive money with Paypal and after the resolution period, if you fall Paypal Scam Victim, the claim may end up to be your claimed.
Above all, PayPal is a reputable company with enough security and customer protection in place to keep you safe online.
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